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Winter '11 Newsletter

Winter '11 Newsletter

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Categories:Types, Letters
Published by: College Republican National Committee on Jan 11, 2011
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Fighting for Our Future
 The 2010 elections presented a huge challengeto our organization. In 2008, we received aterrible drubbing from President Obamaamong young voters. A perception wasbeginning to take hold that this generation of young people leaned irreversibly to the left.In order to provide the Republican Party withthe ground troops it needed, and to win thebattle of ideas on campus we knew we wouldneed to get creative. We knew we would haveto try new ways of reaching young people onthe important issues of today, and new ways of showing them why their futures depended onresponsible, sustainable government policy that only a Conservative government couldensure. To respond to these challenges, we shook up the way the CRNC ran itsoperations and the way it communicated with people of our generation. We changed the way we ran our field programs and targeted only themost competitive states and races rather than spreading field staff thinly across the nation. We launched a major debt-awareness initiative called“Don’t Put It On Our Tab” which has contextualized the vital issue of the national debt, and reached millions of people across the nationthrough paid and earned media. We overhauled our organization’s webpresence and launched a new communications strategy.I can say with confidence that the CRNC is starting this new year, andnew election cycle, stronger than it has ever been—but there is so muchmore to do. The CRNC’s mission of engaging young conservatives in thepolitical process, and winning young people over to our hopefulConservative vision for America is not over. It wouldn’t even be properto say that it has begun. That mission is perpetual. It will be important inevery future election, and 2012 will be another huge test for all of us.2011 is not a time to rest on our laurels—it is a time to be stirred andspurred to action. Over the next year, we will need to build up ourorganization greatly. We will need more members, more resources andjust as much energy and creativity as we saw in 2010. Thank you, as always, for your support of our efforts.
- Zach 
Chairman’s Corner
Zach HowellNational Chairman
CommunicationsDirector Rob Lockwooddiscusses our media presence in 2010Page 3Finance Director Tierra Warren asksfor your supportPage 11 Jeremy Hagen recapsOperation RedNovemberPage 2
Brandon Greifebreaks down theCensus reultsPages 4
5State SpotlightsPages 9
10Updates from ourRegional Vice ChairsPages 6
Operation Red November was a grassroots movement by College Republicansnationwide to recruit and mobilize college students to take back our future by  voting and volunteering for Republican candidates in the 2010 mid-term election. We did just that, and we did it BIG! The below numbers quantify several goals of the program, which includedtraining twenty-three paid field representatives and our College Republican stateleaders to recruit students to join the College Republicans, set up volunteeropportunities for them and then encourage them to volunteer, as well as vote for,the Republican Party and its message of eliminating the federal budget deficit,eradicating the national debt and returning government spending back tosustainable, responsible levels. The numbers below speak for themselves, but I will say this: these numbersstrongly suggest that in the more than fifty "toss up" Gubernatorial, Senatorialand Congressional races, of which the Republican Party won more than twenty-five, the College Republican efforts were the difference between the Republican candidate winning andlosing. Without College Republicans and Operation Red November, there would, without question, be fewerRepublican Governors, Senators and Congressman waiting to be officially sworn in January 2011. The College Republicans were indispensable to the Republican victories on Tuesday, November 2.
  The numbers prove it.
Operation Red November Field Representatives and state leaders recruited
college studentsto join College Republicans and pledge to vote and volunteer for the Republican Party in the 2010mid-term elections.
 The number of College Republican volunteer hours that Operation Red November FieldRepresentatives and state leaders recruited was
 The Operation Red November Field Representatives themselves personally invested
hourspent recruiting, phone banking, precinct walking, sign waving and more. This means that the totalhours given by college students to the Republican cause this election cycle tops
80,000 hours.
Of the students recruited to join the College Republicans and Operation Red November, the fieldrepresentatives recruited
as volunteers who called, door-knocked and rallied Republicancandidates to victory all over the country.
Operation Red November Field Representatives were responsible for setting up
get-out-the- vote phone banks,
campus recruitment events,
Red November rallies,
get-out-the-voteprecinct walks,
Red November sign waves and
absentee ballot drives. This comes to a total of 
separate political events that young people participated in this election season directly attributable to Operation Red November and it's College Republican Field Representatives. What we saw this election was that the Democrats' reckless policies got students paying attention. TheRepublicans' message of job creation, lower taxes and less spending got them thinking, and, as the numbersabove show, Operation Red November got them to the polls and Republican volunteer centers. This was aRed November, but make no mistake, without the College Republicans, this November would have been alot less red.
- Jeremy can be reaached via email at  jhagen@crnc.org .
 Jeremy HagenExecutive Director
 This November, the Republican Party made remarkable gains. From a recordsetting 60+ seat swing in the House of Representatives, to earning back seatsin the Senate, capturing key gubernatorial victories in virtually all battlegroundstates, and even claiming a majority of the state houses, we have a lot to show for our efforts.No greater gain was seen amongst any demographic than the shift thatoccurred amongst young adults, specifically college students. PresidentObama’s approval amongst 18-29 year old voters dropped from 66% to ameager 44%, an average decline of 10% a year. While there is no one singlereason for this faltering, there are some programs and efforts that played asignificant role. Through “Operation Red November” and “Don’t Put It On Our Tab”, theCollege Republican National Committee led the charge for young people toget engaged in the political process. While our two initiatives wereprofessionally designed, it was the marketing and promotion that led to recordresults for our committee.For the first time ever, the College Republican National Committee hired a Communications Director whose job was to promote a narrative that young people would play a decisive role in electing Republicans,and our programs were featured on major news outlets nationwide. We executed a strategy that was heavily reliant upon “earned media”, coverage that we don’t pay to receive. We built a website (  www.ourtab.org  ),produced critically acclaimed television commercials, built an online grassroots network, and mostimportantly we got out the vote in November.In this past election College Republicans made 2.4 million voter contacts. In our targeted battleground states we recruited more than 27,000 new College Republicans alone. More than 3 million people have seen ourcommercials through “earned coverage” alone. The favorable press and compelling narrative we builtallowed us to expand the volume of our message, and reach out to college students in ways never done by the CRNC before.Investing in the training of college students is essential for the future of the party. The foot soldiers of today are the generals of tomorrow. By winning their allegiance at a young age, we lay the foundation forthe future success of conservative ideals and Republican majorities.
-Rob can be reached via email at rlockwood@crnc.org .
Rob LockwoodCommunications Director
Left: CommunicationsDirector Rob Lockwoodfeatured on Neil Cavutotalking about the CRNC’sdebt video, “I am Debt”Right: CRNC Chairman ZachHowell on CSPAN discussing College Republicans roles inthe 2010 elections.

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