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KOSAMA Lesson 3 - Changes that Last

KOSAMA Lesson 3 - Changes that Last

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Published by Kosama Ankeny
KOSAMA Lesson 3 - Changes that Last
KOSAMA Lesson 3 - Changes that Last

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Published by: Kosama Ankeny on Jan 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Making any kind of change  including changing eating and exercise behaviors  is hard work! Old comfortable habits die hard! But, strengtheningor reinforcing new healthy behaviors can help you to stick with them and keep you from slipping back to old ways of doing things. And, its veryimportant to find non-food ways to do this!
To help you identify re-enforcers that can work for you, complete the following exercise. All the things you list can be used to reinforce your newbehaviors.
List 3 things you would like to receive as a gift.
 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
List 3 things you would like to do if you had a day to yourself.
 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
List 3 things you would like others to do to show they care for you.
Rather than wait for another person to do these things for you, give thesething to yourself to reinforce a new behavior. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
When you reward yourself (with a re-enforcer) for performing a behavior, youll strengthen that behavior and increase the probability that youllrepeat it. To achieve this goal, follow these basic guidelines.First, re-enforcers must be applied immediately after the desired behavior. For example, lets say one of your re-enforcers is listening to a favoritesong on one of your compact discs. If you want to reinforce your new behavior of walking 20 minutes a day, then you should listen to a favoritesong immediately after walking.Second, you must be aware that the reinforcement is occurring as a result of doing the desired behavior. For example, as you listen to the song,you might say out loud, Im treating myself to listening to a favorite song because I did my 20 minute walk today.Third, when you first begin to strengthen a new behavior, reinforce the behavior each time you do it. For example, initially you would listen to afavorite song each time you completed your 20 minute walk. Once the new behavior becomes part of your routine, switch to reinforcing thebehavior intermittently  reinforcing it sometimes but not all of the time. For example, once the walk becomes part of your routine, you would play afavorite song afterwards sometimes, but not always.
Identify a behavior you want to re-enforce: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ List a re-enforcer from your above list that you can use: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Lesson 3.AChanges That Last

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