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KOSAMA Lesson 11 - Improving Your Self-Esteem & Body

KOSAMA Lesson 11 - Improving Your Self-Esteem & Body

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Published by Kosama Ankeny
KOSAMA Lesson 11 - Improving Your Self-Esteem & Body
KOSAMA Lesson 11 - Improving Your Self-Esteem & Body

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Published by: Kosama Ankeny on Jan 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Self concept and self-esteem are closely connected. Your self concept includes what you identify as your talents, capabilities, etc. Your self -esteem is made up of how much you value these components. A positive self-esteem is important to your weight management efforts over thelong term.
 Achieving a positive self-esteem doesnt happen overnight. Most people who value themselves have spent a substantial amount of timedeveloping, respecting and valuing their own personal qualities. Complete the following activity to begin cultivating your positive self-esteem.In the space provided below, list as many words and phrases that you can to describe yourself in the following areas:
Performance at Work
Personal Appearance
  ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________  ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________  ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________  ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________ 
Performance at Daily Tasks of Life
  ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________  ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________  ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________  ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Review your list. Place a + next to items that are strengths and that you like about yourself. Put a - next to items that are weaknesses and thatyou would like to change.
To improve your self-esteem, identify strategies to improve the - qualities and CELEBRATE the + ones.In the space provided below, list your - items. Next to each item, note how you could improve this quality.
- Items Ways I Can Improve These Qualities
  __________________________________________ ____________________________________________  __________________________________________ ____________________________________________  __________________________________________ ____________________________________________  __________________________________________ ____________________________________________ List your + qualities. For two of these items, create self-affirmations and repeat these affirmations ten times a day for the next two weeks.
+ Items Self Affirmations
  __________________________________________ ____________________________________________  __________________________________________ ____________________________________________  __________________________________________ ____________________________________________  __________________________________________ ____________________________________________ 
Lesson 11.AImproving Your Self-Esteem

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