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Perjanjian Pemberian Jasa Hukum (Konsultan Hukum)

Perjanjian Pemberian Jasa Hukum (Konsultan Hukum)



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Published by Red Borneo
untuk mendapatkan softfile dokumen ini hubungi email : satryawangsa@ymail.com
untuk mendapatkan softfile dokumen ini hubungi email : satryawangsa@ymail.com

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Red Borneo on Jan 12, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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RJTK@GKE@G IJTK@X@L@@G^@T@R^ D`gi Ge`m` ^di njgm`g Iogxzc~`g Fzizl _________
Rjtk`gke`g Ijtk`x`l` ege# nedz`~ n`g ne~`gn`~`gm`ge r`n` f`te I`lex# ~`gmm`c _____# ocjf n`g `g~`t` ;
R^ D`gi Ge`m` ^di# xz`~z d`n`g fzizl u`gm djtijnznzi`gn`g djti`g~ot rzx`~ ne K`i`t~`# n`c`l f`c ege xjh`t` x`f n`g djt}jg`gmne}`iece ocjf _______ n`c`l ijnznzi`ggu` xjc`iz I`tu`}`g Relreg`g R^D`gi Ge`m` ^di# njleie`g x`f n`g djt}jg`gm lj}`iece R^ D`gi Ge`m` ^di &zg~zi xjc`gkz~gu` nexjdz~ kzm` njgm`g –
Ref`i Rjt~`l`
“%9 n`g9
Cjm`c Hogxzc~`g~ 
_________ u`gm djtijnznzi`g ne K`i`t~`#n`c`l f`c ege ne}`iece ocjf __________ n`c`l ijnznzi`ggu` xjc`izL`g`megm R`t~gjt# njleie`g x`f n`g djt}jg`gm lj}`iece
_________ &zg~zi xjc`gkz~gu` nexjdz~ kzm` njgm`g
Ref`i Ijnz`
“%Ref`i Rjt~`l` n`g Ref`i Ijnz` xjh`t` djtx`l`,x`l` zg~zi xjc`gkz~gu` nexjdz~ kzm` –
R`t` Ref`i 
“'R`t` Ref`i ~jtcjdef n`fzcz ljgjt`gmi`g xjd`m`e djteiz~;0'D`f}` Ref`i Rjt~`l` `n`c`f xz`~z rjtzx`f``g u`gm djtmjt`i n`c`lden`gm rjtd`gi`g94'D`f}` Ref`i Ijnz` `n`c`f iogxzc~`g u`gm djtmjt`i n`c`l den`gmrjldjte`g k`x` iogxzc~`xe fzizl98'D`f}` n`c`l t`gmi` rjc`ix`g``g ijme`~`g zx`f` Ref`i Rjt~`l`# Ref`iRjt~`l` djtl`ixzn ljgzgkzi Ref`i Ijnz` zg~zi djt~egn`i xjc`iz iogxzc~`gfzizl Ref`i Rjt~`l`# n`g Ref`i Ijnz` xj~zkz njgm`g rjgzgkzii`g ~jtxjdz~
Djtn`x`ti`g f`c ~jtxjdz~ ne `~`x# R`t` Ref`i xjr`i`~ zg~zi ljgm`n`i`gRjtk`gke`g Ijtk`x`l` ~jg~`gm Rjg`gm`g`g K`x` Fzizl &zg~zi xjc`gkz~gu`Rjtk`gke`g Ijtk`x`l` ~jtxjdz~ djteiz~ njgm`g xjmjg`r c`lret`g# rjtzd`f`gn`g/`~`z rjld`f`tz`g n`ter`n`gu` nexjdz~ kzm` njgm`g
“% njgm`g rjtxu`t`~`g n`g ij~jg~z`g xjd`m`e djteiz~;
R`x`c 0Tz`gm Cegmizr Rjg`gm`g`g K`x` Fzizl
Tz`gm cegmizr rjg`gm`g`g k`x` fzizl u`gm ne~zm`xi`g Ref`i Rjt~`l` ijr`n`Ref`i Ijnz` `n`c`f xjc`iz iogxzc~`g d`me Ref`i Rjt~`l` `n`c`f rjldjte`g k`x`fzizl ne den`gm rjtd`gi`g n`g rtorjt~u `g~`t` c`eg djtzr`
cjm`c orege
cjm`c tjqej}
# d`ei ljc`cze h`t` iogxzc~`xe l`zrzg xjh`t` ~jt~zcex'
R`x`c 4Rjc`ix`g``g Rjg`gm`g`g K`x` Fzizl
0' Ref`i Ijnz` djt~zm`x n`g djt~`gmmzgm k`}`d ljc`izi`g
cjm`c orege
cjm`c tjqej}
n`g rjg`gm`g`g k`x` fzizl c`eg u`gmneleg~` ocjf Ref`i Rjt~`l` n`g ~jc`f nexjr`i`~e djtx`l` `g~`t` Ref`iRjt~`l` njgm`g Ref`i Ijnz`# ~en`i ~jtl`xzi ce~em`xe'4'Rjc`ix`g``g rjg`gm`g`g k`x` fzizl nelzc`e r`n` ~`gmm`c _____fegmm` ~`gmm`c ________ 8'Rjc`ix`g``g Rjtr`gk`gm`g rjg`gm`g`g k`x` fzizl `i`g nec`gkz~i`gijld`ce xj~jc`f nec`izi`g jq`cz`xe ocjf Ref`i Rjt~`l`'
R`x`c 8 K`gmi` ]`i~z
 K`gmi` }`i~z rjc`ix`g``g rjg`gm`g`g k`x` fzizl `n`c`f xjk`i ~`gmm`c _____ x`lr`e njgm`g ~`gmm`c _____ 4'Rjtk`gke`g n`r`~ ne`ifete xjdjczl djt`ifetgu` k`gmi` }`i~z ~jtxjdz~ ne`~`x njgm`g ij~jg~z`g d`f}` ref`i u`gm djtl`ixzn zg~zi ljgm`ifete
`~`z ljlrjtr`gk`gm k`gmi` }`i~z ~jtxjdz~ djtij}`ked`g zg~ziljc`izi`g rjldjte~`fz`g ijr`n` ref`i c`eggu` xjh`t` ~jt~zcex 82 &~em`rzczf% f`te xjdjczlgu` l`ixzn rjgm`ifet`g `~`z rjtr`gk`gm`g ~jtxjdz~'8' Xjfzdzgm`g njgm`g rjgm`ifet`g Rjtk`gke`g# R`t` Ref`i xjr`i`~ljgmjx`lregmi`g ij~jg~z`g R`x`c 0411 n`g 041= Ie~`d Zgn`gm,zgn`gmFzizl Rjtn`~`'
R`x`c >Ij}`ked`g R`t` Ref`i 
0'Ref`i Ijnz` }`ked ljc`izi`g rjg`gm`g`g k`x` fzizl xjxz`e rjtleg~``gn`te Ref`i Rjt~`l`'4'Ref`i Ijnz` xj~e`r dzc`g }`ked ljgmeteli`g c`rot`g rjg`gm`g`g k`x`fzizl u`gm ~jc`f nerjtmzg`i`g ocjf Ref`i Rjt~`l`'8'N`c`l f`c ~jtn`r`~ rjg`gm`g`g k`x` fzizl ~en`i xjxz`e njgm`grjtleg~``g Ref`i Rjt~`l`# l`i` Ref`i Ijnz` djtij}`ked`g zg~ziljgujxz`ei`g ijld`ce f`xec rjg`gm`g`g k`x` fzizl ~jtxjdz~ xjxz`enjgm`g rjtleg~``g Ref`i Rjt~`l`'>'Ref`i Ijnz` djtij}`ked`g ljc`ix`g`i`g ~zm`xgu` njgm`g xjm`c`ijl`lrz`g# ij`fce`g n`g rjgm`c`l`g u`gm neleceiegu`# njgm`gljlrjtf`~ei`g xjmjg`r rjt`~zt`g rjtzgn`gm`g u`gm djtc`iz'
R`x`c :De`u` n`g ^`~` H`t` Rjld`u`t`g
0'R`t` Ref`i xjr`i`~ d`f}` de`u` rjg`gm`g`g k`x` fzizl `n`c`f xjdjx`tTr' _____ &___________% rjt dzc`g# u`gm `i`g ned`u`ti`g ocjf Ref`i Rjt~`l`ijr`n`Ref`i Ijnz` xj~e`r 8 &~em`% dzc`g xji`ce nelzi`'

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