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Published by upkpki

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Published by: upkpki on Jan 12, 2011
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1.This callsign could be allocated to an amateur operator in Malaysia:a)HSIb)9VI
d)9M12The callsign of an amateur radio class a licenseewho address is in Sarawak must use the prefix:
b)9M7c)9M6d)9M23Define radio communicationsa)the art of talking to another stationb)the art of communication by means of telephonesc)all communication by radio telephone
d)all communication by means of radio waves
4Malaysia views on international regulatory mattersare coordinated by the:a)Malaysian Amateur Radio TransmittersSociety (MARTS)
b)Malaysian Communications and MultimediaCommission (MCMC)
c)International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)d)Prime Minister’s Department5The prime document for the administration of theamateur service in Malaysia is the:a)Radio Regulations, 1985b)Broadcasting Actc)Radio Amateur’s Handbook
d)Multimedia Commission Act, 1998
6How soon after you pass the Radio Amateur Examination (RAE) for class B amateur radio licensemay you transmit:a)Immediatelyb)30 days after the test date
c)as soon as the MCMC grants you a license
d)as soon as you receive your license from theCMC7Administration of the amateur service in Malaysia isby:a)Malaysian Amateur Radio TransmittersSociety
b)Malaysian Communications and MultimediaCommission (MCMC)
c)Jabatan Telekom Malaysiad)Syarikat Telekom Malaysia8If an amateur radio licensee is absent overseas, thebase station may be used by:a)Any member of the immediate family to maintaincontact with only the licensee
b)Any amateur radio licensee but with consent
c)The immediate family to communicate with anyamateur radio licenseed)None of the above9An amateur station must be supervised by anamateur radio licensee:a)Only when training another amateur b)Whenever the station receiver is operated
c)Whenever the station used for transmitting
d)At all times when operating10Amateur radio repeater frequencies in Malaysia arecoordinated by:a)The Malaysian Frequency Spectrum AdvisoryGroupb)Malaysian Amateur Radio TransmittersSocietyc)Repeater committee
d)Malaysian Communications and MultimediaCommission (MCMC)
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11A person whose amateur radio class A license (9M2)has expired and which has not been renewed for more than 2 years, shall be required to:a)Rewrite the Radio Amateur OperatorsCertificate examinationb)Rewrite the Regulation exam
c)Take a Morse Code test at 12 wpm
d)Take a Morse Code test at 5 wpm12The regulatory authority in Malaysia on amateur radiois the:a)Malaysian Amateur Radio TransmittersSociety
b)Malaysian Communications and MultimediaCommission (MCMC)
c)International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)d)Prime Minister’s Department13Which education qualification exempts the holder from the radio amateur examination:a)Four credits in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysiasubjectsb)Four passes in a University undergraduatesubjectsc)A principle in Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran MalaysiaPhysics and Mathematics
d)There is no exemption for any educationqualification
142 Malaysian amateur radio license classes are:
General, Advances
c)Class A, Class B
b)Novice, Techniciand)Class M, Class W15To whom may an amateur radio station licensee sellamateur radio equipment:a)To any person interested in amateur radio
b)To any person who is possession of aRadio Dealers License or to a person who isin possession of a Amateur Radio License
c)To any person who is possession of a radiobroadcast station licensed)To a person who has a foreign Citizen BandLicense16The Morse code qualifying requirements for a class Aamateur radio license isa)20 words per minutec)10 words per minute
12 words per minute
d)5 words per minute2Power supplies to RF power amplifiers should:a)be open wiresb)be AF filtered
c)be RF filtered
d)be inductively coupled17The value of a resistor to drop 100 volt with a currentof 0.8 miliampere is:a)125 ohmc)1250 ohm
125 kilohm
d)1.25 kilohm18If a current of 2 amperes flows through a 50-ohmresistor, what is the voltage across the resistor?
25 volts
c)100 volts
b)52 voltsd)200 volts3The effective resistance of three 24 Ohm resistorsconnected in parallel is:
a)8 ohms
b)12 ohmsc)36 ohmsd)72 ohms19An electric current passing through a wire willproduce around the conductor:a)An electric fieldc)a superconducto
A magnetic field
d)a semiconducto20The unit of impedance is the:a)amperec)Henry
21One kilohm is:a)10 ohmc)0.001 ohm
0.01 ohm
d)1000 ohm
22The watt is the unit of :
c)electromagnetic fieldstrengthb)magnetic fluxd)breakdown voltage23The unit of resistance is the:
b)wattd)resisto4Radio wave polarization is defined by the orientationof the radiated:a)magnetic field
b)electric field
c)inductive fieldd)capacitive field5The voltage drop across a germanium diode whenconducting is about:
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24A 50 hertz current in a wire means that:a)A potential difference of 50 volts exists acrossthe wireb)The current flowing in the wire is 50 amperesc)The power dissipated in the wire is 50 watts
d)A cycle is completed 50 times in eachsecond
25Starting at a positive peak, how many times does asine wave cross the zero axis in one complete cycle:
180 times
c)2 times
b)4 timesd)360 times26What is a wave called that abruptly changes backand forth between two voltage levels and remains anequal time at each level?
A sine wave
c)a square wave
b)A cosine waved)a sawtooth wave27What would be the most accurate way of determiningthe RMS voltage of a complex waveform?a)By using a grid dip meter b)By measuring the voltage with a D’Arsonvalmeter c)By using an absorption wavemeter 
d)By measuring the heating effect in a knownresistor 
28What are three good electrical conductorsa)Copper, gold, micab)Gold, silver, wood
c)gold, silver, aluminium
d)copper, aluminium, paper 29An isolating transformer is used toa)Ensure that faulty equipment connected to itwill blow a fuse in the distribution board
b)Ensure that no voltage is developedbetween either output lead and ground
c)Ensure that no voltage is developed betweenthe output leadsd)Step down the mains voltage to a safe value30What device is used to store electrical energy in anelectrostatic field:
A battery
c)a capacito
b)A transformerd)an inducto31What dies a variable resistor or potentiometer do:a)Its resistance changes when AC is applied to itb)It transforms a variable voltage into a constantvoltage
c)Its resistance changes when its slide or contact is moved
d)To create an open circuit when there is toomuch current in a circuit32Which component can amplify a small signal usinglow voltages:
a)PNP transistor 
b)an electrolytic capacitor c)A variable resistor d)a multiple-cell battery
33In figure N6-1, which symbol represents a fixedresistor:a)Symbol 2c)Symbol 4
Symbol 3
d)Symbol 56In figure N6-1, which symbol represents a fuse
Symbol 1
c)Symbol 5b)Symbol 3d)Symbol 77In figure N6-1, which symbol represents a single-cellbatterya)Symbol 7b)Symbol 5
Symbol 1
d)Symbol 4
40In figure N6-1, which symbol represents an earthground:a)Symbol 2b)Symbol 5
Symbol 6
d)Symbol 8
41In figure N6-1, which symbol represents an antennaa)Symbol 2b)Symbol 3
Symbol 6
d)Symbol 7
42In figure N6-2, which symbol represents a single-pole,single-throw switch
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