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Communication and Tech Paper

Communication and Tech Paper

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Published by Michele Bradford

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Published by: Michele Bradford on Jan 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Communication and Information Technology 1Communication and Information TechnologyMichele BradfordHCS/32011/28/2010Teresa Shook, MS, RT(R)
Communication and Information Technology 2Communication and Information TechnologyWhat is health care information technology? Health care information technologyexecutes the way health care is delivered. The surgical and examinations procedures, diagnosticequipment utilize in diagnosis and treating patient, and administrative support technology thatassist in documenting transmitting and releasing information. The history of traditional healthcare come along way and health care information technology is important to communicatingeffectively in an integrating health care service. State-of-the-art operating rooms featuringadvanced information technology assist surgeons in surgery to real-time information so that heor she can have increase of success in surgery. Traditional operating rooms are uneconomicaland overcrowd and many faculties are advancing in technology to provide a better outcome for the surgery.Advancement in health care information technology has allowed providers informationin real-time processing like guidance or fluoroscope so that information regarding patients areaccurate, clear, and assist providers in treating the correctly. Children's National Medical Center Opens New Operating Rooms and waiting rooms back in 2009 and the faculty now utilizes highadvance equipment for surgery. The Operating room (OR) are equipped to display images of thesurgical field alongside real-time and static medical imaging, such as CT scans, providing precise, and clear images. The OR includes the capability to transmit the procedure to a nearbyeducation room, further enhancing the hospital’s capability to train future pediatric specialists.Advanced information technology is an integral part of how these operating rooms aresetup. Integration process promote efficient and effective communication between health care professionals and information systems because during the surgical process doctors can obtaininformation immediately with the assistance of electronic medical records (EMR) to knowexactly who to treat. The EMR has any record of images from MRI, X-rays, and CT, etc, which
Communication and Information Technology 3will available right then because of real time. A surgeon works with a team of people, nurses,operating room technicians, and anesthesiologist. This group should like well-oiled machine andwith information like electronic medical records and computer images they can work better as aunit. Performing effective operations is the primary goal and if information technology improvescommunication for a surgeon then the operation is concluded to enhance patient’s success.There are several advantages of communication in information technology. First, informationtechnology helps a surgical patient from different cultures communication to one another.Organization may hire translates or have access to telephonic translators that can talk to patient before and after his or her surgery. Second advantage is information technology industry hascreated new careers. The industry needs people who can program, troubleshoot, maintain andwork with different networking tools so communication in an organization is protected, stored,retrieve, and transmit effectively. Third advantage is of information technology is has bridge thecommunication gaps across the world. Physician can teleconference on a case prior to surgery.One physician my have more experience then another so receiving a second opinion mayinfluence a patient to go forward with the operation.
Information technology has disadvantages as well. First, various doctors may not butreceptive to using new electronic devices. According to Hartswood (2003), “
Informationexchange practices and systems are rooted in local work processes as well as widerpatterns of co-ordination and communication. Attempts to change practices andredefine roles and relationships may lead to resistance, if those involved havedifferent professional commitments, and understandings of organizationalprocesses and service provision.”

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