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Published by one.martian
Want to kill yourself? Have fun!
Want to kill yourself? Have fun!

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Published by: one.martian on Aug 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Suicides – kill myself Probably right now many of you thinking about ending your life, committing suicides. Many people, well I would say 99.99%, would say don’t because of many different reasons. One of myfavorite reasons is suicides go to eternal hell, provided there is such a thing like eternal hell.What you might hear from me might be shocking. I would say do it, go ahead. Do it in a way youthink it is the “tastiest” way, just like when you add pepper, salt or sauce into your dish. If youthink jump of a building will suffice than do it; if you think bringing other people with you, likethe Virginia tech incident, is your way than do it without hesitation.Why am I suggesting such of thing? The easy answer is because I am crazy. Speaking of crazy,how would you define crazy? From what I see the society will sentence you crazy or “mentallyill” if you behave or think significantly different from other people. Don’t you agree?Let’s look back at our history. Columbus, Galileo, and even Jesus were considered crazy.Columbus is the lucky one, he was proven to be right in his lifetime. Galileo was not sofortunate, he was imprisoned for the rest of his life. Jesus is the most unfortunate, well you allknow the detail so I will skip that, even though there are so many versions to this particular detail but I am not going to go over it right now.Then you will probably think that I am really undoubtedly indisputably crazy; this person thinksshe/he is Jesus. This is blasphemy. Well if you think that is the case then so be it. But I do notthink this is blasphemy. I think Jesus and I and all of you are made from the same substance…GOD or whatever you want to name it.I think the real issue is perspective. Everyone has different perspective; there is no doubt aboutthat. Everything is “right” according to ones perspective. Even Hitler thinks he is right and so beit he is “right”. You, who are trying to kill yourself, think you are right given to the condition onhand, so be it, you are right. I think the only inappropriate thing here is forcing other people toaccept our “truth”, especially when you use your power to do that. That is what Hitler did; butwait, Genghis Khan, Mao Tze Dong, Lyndon Johnson, George W Bush ALSO did it; all of us dothis once in a while. The only difference is the impact that is caused by it.One more notion, Columbus, Galileo, and Jesus did NOT force their “truth” and look whathappened to them. We have a funny way of treating people.Back to the suicide topic. Why do I think it is okay to do it? According to my “relative” perspective there can be only one outcome in all possibilities of life; that is a happy ending withthe ONE and MANY. Whatever you do in life you will “go to heaven”, and yes Hitler goes toheaven! He is probably in heaven right now drinking champagne with all the saints. All the possible scenario of the universe had been written. We are just playing the entire possiblescenarios. To put it in a simple way think of life as a computer game, you can have manydifferent ending based on your actions during the game. And once you have finished the gameyou can start all over again. You may die during the game, which is what happened when you killyourself, but it doesn’t matter because you can always redo it from any save point or the

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