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Colin Buchanan Economics Review 2010

Colin Buchanan Economics Review 2010



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Published by John Siraut

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Published by: John Siraut on Jan 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Transport economics
We continue to lead the innovation and practical application oassessing the wider economic and social impacts o transportschemes. During 2010, we progressed the case or the DARTUnderground programme in Dublin where we were able todemonstrate signifcant wider economic benefts which weincorporated into our update o the scheme business case.
is presently giving evidence at the Public Inquiry intothe scheme. Also ollowing on rom last year, our development othe case and justifcation or seeking £300m in S106 contributionstowards Crossrail rom developers was accepted by the PlanningInspector ollowing the evidence we presented at an Examinationin Public. This led, earlier in the year, to the frst contribution bydevelopers towards Crossrail under the new policy. Moving aroundthe capitals,
 John Siraut
led a study in Edinburgh assessing theeconomic potential o urther extensions to the present tramsystem which is under construction. Whilst in Cardi,
Kieran Arter
 is working on a study or the Welsh Assembly Government on thewider economic impacts o rail investment.We have been very active in issues relating to High Speed 2 (HS2).This has included some high level economic advice or the RDAsas to prioritising options beyond Birmingham based on their widereconomic impacts. For HS2 itsel we have commenced work onassessing the socio-economic impacts o the London to Birminghamroute, starting with the impact around the proposed HS2 stationsand those locations on the ‘classic’ network which will see a materialchange in the requency and speed o rail services available. Forthe Birmingham to Leeds and Manchester sections, similar socio-economic assessments are being undertaken which will inorm routeand station selection. This builds on our experience o undertakingsimilar work or Crossrail covering route selection and assisting intaking the scheme through Parliament via a Hybrid Bill. On behal oBAA we provided evidence on the economic impact o HS2 servingHeathrow airport as part o the recent Mawhinney review.This year we have also undertaken some more standard transporteconomic appraisals, but perhaps or less conventional projects,including the possible extension o London Underground’s CentralLine to Harlow, new River Thames pedestrian and cycle crossings, andthe case or the new Cable Car crossing between Greenwich Peninsulaand the Royal Docks.Our work on valuing enhancements to the public realm and theeconomic appraisal o walking and cycling continues to break newground. The year saw
Chelsea Dosad
evaluate the urban realmimprovements o the high profle London Piccadilly Two Way Scheme.As 2010 drew to a close, Transport or London partnered with theGreater London Authority to launch a Valuing Urban Realm Toolkit; anonline appraisal tool developed by us that allows practitioners romacross the feld to consistently quantiy and value the impact o theirschemes.
Richard Harris
has been leading our work in Manchester on theprocurement strategy or Manchester Metrolink’s Smart Card whileat the same time managing our input into a major strategic multi-modal transport study “Access to Birmingham” or the Departmentor Transport. This reviewed and prioritised hundreds o options orimproving transport in the Birmingham area which would help topromote economic growth in the region.Our work on car parking - besides being covered by the BBC - rangedin size rom a major strategic review or Stoke on Trent to advice onpricing and strategies or individual NHS Trusts. These are aced withthe difcult task o balancing revenue generation with aordableaccess to inpatients’ visitors or outpatients who require on-goingcourses o treatment.Colin Buchanan’s Economics team continues to provide innovative and cutting edge advice to its clients in both the private and public sectors.We are delighted to provide our latest review o the year which highlights a small sample o the variety o projects we work on.

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