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Spring Power

Spring Power

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Published by: A-1 Printing Inc on Jan 12, 2011
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Annual Bucyrus Redmen Spring Power Lifting Meet
www.bucyrusredmen.comThe Official Website of Bucyrus Redmen Football
Dear Coach,
Bucyrus High School would like to take this opportunity to invite your student athletes tocomplete in our
2nd Annual Power Lifting meet Saturday, April, 30, 2011
.! Our meet willinclude
Bench Press, Power Cleans or Hang Cleans, and Dead-Lift.
The rules are enclosed.Please have your athletes bring their own belt or chalk if they would like to use them. There willbe no lifting aids permitted (Wraps, shirts, suits etc…) Competitors will be allowed to tape withathletic tape if approved by a judge. Locker rooms and concessions will be available. This meetis for
graders up to 12
graders. Girls are also welcome to compete, and there will be aseparate girls division. Girls weight divisions will be decided the day of the meet.Weigh-ins will be
from 8:00 a.m -9:00 a.m
., and competition will start at
10:00 a.m.
Acoaches’ meeting will take place at
9:30 a.m
to discuss competition rules and answer anyquestions. The registration for each lifter will be
$10.00 per lifter.
Student admission will beone dollar and adult admission two dollars. Awards will be given to the top 5 lifters in eachweight class, and trophies will be given to the top 3 teams. The meet will be held at the BucyrusHigh School Gymnasium at
900 West Perry Street, Bucyrus, Ohio 44820.
 If you are interested in participating in our meet, please let me know by filling out theenclosed form by calling me at Bucyrus High School (419) 562-7721, or by emailing me at
Individuals are welcome, a team is not mandatory. Please feel freeto call with any questions. We are looking forward to seeing you here.
Go Big Red!
Jake D. Bruner Rick Keller
Bucyrus Head Football Coach Strength and Conditioning Coordinator419-562-0825 Home 419-561-0067 Cell419-562-7819 School FaxEmail:jbruner@bucyrusschools.org
3rd Annual Bucyrus Redmen Spring Power Lifting Meet
www.bucyrusredmen.comThe Official Website of Bucyrus Redmen Football
Saturday, April 30, 2011
Middle school and high school athletes
Bucyrus High School gym
8:00-9:00 a.m.
Meet begins at 10:00 a.m.
Lightweight, Middle Weight, and Heavyweight
Weight Classes:
125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 210, 225, 250, Unlimited (Girls to be decided)
: Bench/Power or Hang Cleans/Deadlight
Entry Fee:
Ohio High School Power Lifting Rules
Permission Slip Signed by Parents
Awards will be given to the top five weightlifters in each weight class. Awards will also be givento the top lifters in each Wt. Division. Light, Middle, Heavy
Team Awards:
The top three teams will receive a trophy
$1.00 for Students, $2.00 for adults
: Will be available throughout the meet
Meet Directors:
Jake Bruner,
Home 419-562-0825, (Cell)
419-569-2037, Athletic Director:
Athletic Office
School Phone:
419-562-7721 Ext. 228
School Fax:
 1. Lifters will wear t-shirt, shorts, and athletic shoes. No sweat pants or loose fittingshorts are permitted.2. The use of profanity or disrespect toward officials or workers will result indisqualification.3. Lifters must provide their own belts and chalk. No lifting aids of any kind (wraps,body suits, etc.) are permitted. Also, no pads, towels, or any other devices may be placedon the bar.4. At the time of weigh-ins, each contestant will declare their opening lifts in all threeevents. Once lifting begins, the weight on the bar will never decrease. If a lifter missesthe opening lift, he cannot go lighter.5. Athletes will be given time to warm up before each event. Also, a lifter may warm upduring the competition after all of the lifters attempting that weight have finished.6. A lifter must attempt his lift within one minute of his name being called or he will becredited with a miss.After a lifter completes his lift, he must tell the recorder what his next attempt will be.The lifter cannot pass.7. A team will be made up of 12 lifters, although you can bring as many lifters as youwant. The four best totals in each the lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweightdivisions will be combined to determine the team scores. Individual totals can be movedup to a higher division, but they cannot be moved down.8. Only the winner of each individual lift may have a fourth lift to tie or break the record.The fourth lift will not count toward the lifter’s overall total.9. Lifters must use clips at all times.
1. The lifter must raise the bar to an upright position.2. The knees must be locked and shoulder’s back.3. The bar must not stop moving, but may not start back down. No hitching is permittedas determined by the judge.4. The lifter must wear soled shoes.5. The lifter must wait for the judges’ command before lower the weight. The weightmust be lowered with both hands on the bar and in a controlling manner.
NOTE: These rules are set up for football players who clean. They may not correlatewith rules governing the power clean in Olympic style competitions. Athletes can useeither the power or the hang clean.1. Once the lifter begins the clean, the weight can never again touch the floor. Thisprohibits lifters from picking the weight up and then banging it on the floor to gainmomentum. The lifter may stand up with the weight, and then lower it again in order tocorrectly perform the hang clean.2. Once the weight is lifted above the athlete’s waist, it will be counted as either a miss ora good lift. The athlete cannot try repeatedly to clean the weight.

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