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OFPC 2010 Plan for Action FINAL

OFPC 2010 Plan for Action FINAL

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Published by Ryan Van Lenning

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Published by: Ryan Van Lenning on Jan 12, 2011
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Tasomg theOakad Food System:
A PlAn or Action
Tasomg theOakad Food System:
A PlAn or Action
oAklAnd ood Policy council - november 2010
Oakad Food Pocy Couc :: Tasomg the Oakad Food System: A PlAn FOr ACTiOn
Tasomg the Oakad Food System: A Pa o Acto s the esut o yeas o study, ogazg, coabo-ato, ad ceatve thkg by may payes  the Oakad ood system. Ths eot woud ot have beepossbe wthout the dedcato o each membe o the Oakad Food Pocy Couc ad may voved Oak-ad esdets ad commuty-based ogazatos; Coema-Smth, ou actato team; PUEBlO: PeopeUted o a Bette le  Oakad, ou commuty outeach pate; ad the devoted Food Fst tes whoasssted each o the Oakad Food Pocy Couc’s seve wok goups  eveythg om coductg ogaeseach to takg meetg mutes.Fudg o the Oakad Food Pocy Couc has bee povded by the Cty o Oakad; the Aameda CoutyPubc Heath Depatmet; The Sa Facsco Foudato; the Fedma Famy Foudato; the HOPE Coab-oatve; ad the Y & H Soda Foudato. i-kd suppot has bee povded by Food Fst / isttute o Foodad Deveopmet Pocy.
oaa  P c m:
Ta BatoSuza BatesoBad BugeMke ChuchSheee D’SouzaMke HeebeyHak Heea Jey HustoDae Kame Jee leBaeAao lehmenatha McCtockrob PutchokMagot ledee PadoAbe ramseyAe Appe rattoSusa ShetoChstophe WatesSaa WehmaDae WooshHeathe Woote
oaa  P c sa:
Aethea HapeAsya Wadud 
oaa  P c i:
Aeada FsheKate GaceDwght HobbsAeada HudsoCoee lych Jame nashEva O’DoeBeay ruzBeth Sades
 :
Ec Hot-Gméez, Eecutve DectoMay Bochadt, Deveopmet DectoAe Shattuck, Pocy AaystMatha Katgbak-Feadez,Opeatos Ocerowea Gaca, Admstatve Assstat
Aa c:
Copyedtg, Jody ZatMay Bochadtlayout ad Desg, Just KaaaksCatogaphy, Matt BeyesPhotogaphy, Joseph ScheAmy K. Seese (whee oted)

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