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Klaus Joehle MONEY is LOVE Book1of3

Klaus Joehle MONEY is LOVE Book1of3

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Published by: anon-655809 on Aug 11, 2008
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“Money Is love”Some Things are Worth Believing In
Back cover  
Do you think it is possible for a book to be so….. (I don’t have the word for it) that even by the simple act of readingit, something happens and the things you have been asking for all your life start falling from the sky likesnowflakes?
If you have read my books you know I don’t fool around, I want what I want and that’s that. What I wanted was away to create the life experience we want to experience and I wanted it in a way that works very easily without allthe running around on the full moon with one foot stuck in your ear on that special day. I wanted this for myself andfor everyone else.I wanted it so that as someone reads it; it would already start working. After 4 years of hard work I thought I hadfailed and wasted my time; I decided to take the summer off to reflect and redirect my life. Without realizing it I was being directed to do what was required for the book to become a reality, I became the observer not the director.It achieved what I had dreamed of, a book that already starts to create your dreams while you’re still reading it.Is that possible? Of course it is! A universe that can create all that is, can do anything! I think it was just waiting for someone to ask for it.It’s not magic (I think?) it opens the flow of Love, source energy, the power that resides within you that flows thruus, whatever you want to call it, and all you need to do is direct it to what you want to experience.Maybe that is magic! It’s definitely a gift.Things are about to get good!
My wife is still a punk.
 First of all, since I’ve put out the book “Living on Love”, I’ve received thousands of letters fromall over the world, I received all kinds of mail on how well it works for people, “it’s the missing link, that is how people referred to it”, people realized very quickly that it makes sense to them. If you come across some information and the information rings true, something in youautomatically clicks and that tells you that this is correct, this is a part of life in a way it’s supposed to be. You can instantly feel it when you hear it... People have written me and explained how their life has changed, how much it’s improved … all kinds of wonderful things. At the same time, though, I do get a lot of emails from people that find themselves blocked. They’ve worked very hard all their lives to… be good, to do to be what theycall “spiritual”, be fair to other people and just try to create a more joyful and wonderful world  for everybody. They have worked hard at improving their lives, to making their life filled withmore joy. But at the certain point they find they are blocked. Now, once they come across theinformation on Living on Love, people began to work with sending love and so forth, radiating it out and immediately things began to improve. But for many people, they find again, they get to acertain point and that’s where it sort of stops. It’s almost like there is a resistance there, they just can’t get past it.Guess, what the biggest issue is? It’s abundance, it’s financial, and it’s money. That’s where thebiggest problem comes from. There is a certain point and it just doesn’t seem to go any further 
 for people. Abundance is necessary to expand, to go further. Money is important because that’swhat we use as trade here, we just exchange it. The money has no value, as far as the Universe isconcerned, it’s just a piece of paper like any other paper, but to us we use it to trade and it represents an abundance, something we need.
Even if you want to be an artist, you have to beable to buy paint -- and the more paints, and the more canvas you can afford to buy, and the placeto put all these canvas – the more artistic, the more freedom you have to create from the inside.
The more you are forced to live in a financial restrictive way, the more restrictive your art becomes we all know this.The abundance is extremely important. At certain point in your life it becomes as necessary asair, but, you know, when you do all this work, and make all this effort, and you read the books,and you do the visualization, the meditation, and it just doesn’t go any further… What happensnext? Well you get feelings of depression, feelings of anger, because you are upset, you areangry, you see someone else, perhaps, who doesn’t seem to do that much and the money seems tobe flowing into their pockets quite nicely. That’s because the Universe doesn’t care who asks or what you ask for – the Universe that we live in will supply you with whatever you ask, no matter what your behavior is, it doesn’t discriminate. It is an unconditional loving machine, in a sense. I said “loving machine” – excuse that saying please, but I’m just using it, because it just unconditionally loves and unconditionally gives. But the issue is – we are incapable of receiving.That’s where the block is!Other people, as an example, they receive money and abundance and it just drops into their lapwith very little effort and not even working very hard. Most of the time they are just playing and through the progress of just living and enjoying life they are just following into thecircumstances and all the events that need to take place for them to become even more financially wealthy, so they have even more resources to enjoy life. Well, on the other token,another person who is working very, very hard is not achieving that. I realized early along this path that the problem lays in allowing. Over the years many peoplehave worked at solving this issue. The Universe is giving it, but we are not allowing ourselves toreceive it – that’s where the problem is. It’s right there, but we are not allowing it. Many times weare resisting the very thing we want, it’s just mind-boggling. Anyway, there are so many people that try to teach people to allow! They’ve written books, do seminars, do all kinds of things, and these things do help for a time and then they get all blocked up again…Oh, one of the books that I really like is Abraham-Hicks (www.Abraham-Hicks.com). You can find their web pages on the Internet, and they write some wonderful books and all their writing and talking is about allowing. To open that allowing in a person it’s very difficult to do that,because you have to change almost the whole thinking pattern, many times that’s what isrequired to allow the allowing, in a sense, to change how we think about things. Because we arethinking in a certain way, and the thinking pattern that we’ve learned is: “there is not enough of this, there is not enough of that…”and “if that person has a whole bunch, he has it all and noone else can have it”.
And fortunately,
these things are all untrue. For 4 years I’ve been at this, trying to figure out a way to by-pass this block, finding a way toengage the allowing. Finally I came to the conclusion that, perhaps, I’m not doing this right myself. You see, I’m in a sense asking for something and I’m not receiving it. Now, I know: if I’m asking for it, theUniverse is already trying to give it to me – so I’m not in a receiving mode. I ask for someinformation that I can give to people that somehow opens up their allowing and allows thingsthat they are asking for, that the Universe is trying to give to them, so it just flows in. I realized… What I was doing was resisting the answer somehow. I don’t need to look at how I’mresisting it so much, as how am I going to open it. I realized what I’m asking for most people
would consider impossible, but maybe I need to do things a little differently. So what I did, I used my creating process to create a book. A Book that someone picks up, and just by reading it  something changes in them, and the allowing begins to open up. And that resistance to receiving lets go.You know, it’s like a… it’s like something plugging a hose. All the juice that we want is trying to flow to us but there is that rag, that’s stuck in the hose… I just wanted a book very simple, that a person just reads and maybe does a little something here and there, but basically just fromreading it, the resistance is let loose. That clog, that’s plugging the allowing to receive, just lets go, and the things we’ve been asking for start to flow in. Because once it starts to flow in, then people get very excited and start having good feelings and start sending out and radiating out more love, which then brings more to them.So all we need to do is get it started. It’s like an engine you know, once you get the thing running it’ll just purr like a kitten. So that’s the point of this book. Well, these 3 books! Now I realized what I wanted. I wanted the book that can do that. How do I do that? Well I haveno idea, I don’t even have the intelligence to do a book like that, and I wouldn’t know where tobegin. So I simply pretended I already had it so much so, that I thought I actually had it.Sometimes I would come back from my walks (where I would do my pretending) in such adegree, that my belief system kicked in. In other words I’m pretending it to such a degree that I believe it. I would come in and I’d want to grab the book and then I’d realized I don’t have thebook, I have not written it yet. I did this for quite some time. Maybe 6 months, and then I sort of let go of it. One day I went to a store I didn’t even know for sure what I was buying. I bought this digital recorder. I came back and started doing recordings! Very quickly I realized what was happening, and I came to believethat the book is forming. At first I thought maybe I’m just recording my way of creating, but then I realized that more is happening here. So I’m just going to play along with it and just do it. Every day, when I go for a walk in the woods (special places) with my dog, I would do therecording, just like this that’s what I’m doing right now walking in the woods and I’m recording. I would just… begin. At the end of the recording I really had no idea of what I said. I have not listened to any of the recordings at all, even to this date. I’ve got someone else to transcribe it.As I started reading the book just to correct some things, I could tell something was changing inside me! That’s when I realized I have achieved it. Well, what I really achieved was the asking and the allowing to receiving it – the Universe really achieved it.Never the less, there it is! I believe, I know, I trust it’s worth believing in. You just sit there and you read it, you relax and just let it be, let it be as it is. Forget about the spelling, abbreviation, it’s the way its written just let it be. I believe that it will do exactly what it’s supposed to do it will help you to remove that block and allow the allowing of the things that you’ve been asking for to come in be it money, be it relationships, be it friendships, be it whatever.The Universe and All That Is wants to give you that stuff. That’s what makes life such a great experience. Money is where the biggest block is. Money is a representation of allowing, money isa representation of abundance, of time, of joy and of experiencing… I mean if you don’t have themoney, you can’t even really afford to go for a walk, because you are too busy working and trying to earn it somehow. There are all kinds of things that open up when we allow theabundance to open up. When the abundance of money begins to flow in more rapidly, moreeasily, we are given also at the same time more time to improve ourselves, more time to radiatelove, more time to meditate, more time to give love to other people… All kinds of things open up! It really improves the entire Universe. Every time someone allows receiving… allows themselvesto receive everything they have been dreaming of, they expand the Universe and help theallowing that everyone else wants also.

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