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D&D 4.0 Angel Template

D&D 4.0 Angel Template

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Published by kevin
A 4th edition D&D race
A 4th edition D&D race

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Published by: kevin on Jan 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“I am the voice of honor. I am the embodiment of truth. I am your demise foul abomination!” 
Average Height:
Average Weight:
190-320 lb.
Ability Scores:
+2 Strength +2 Wisdom
5 squares, fly 3 (Hover)(fly 5 at 11
level, 7 at 21
Common, Supernal
Skill Bonuses:
+2 Heal, +2 Religion
Ethereal Origin:
Your the servant of the gods, so you areconsidered an Immortal creature for purpose of effects thatrelate to creature origin. You also gain resistant Necroticdamage equal to 10+ half your level.
Vengeance of the Gods:
When an ally within line of sightbecomes bloodied you gain +1 bonus to damage rolls againstthe creature that bloodied them on you next attack against it.This bonus becomes +2 at 5th level, +3 at 11th level, +4 at16th level, +5 at 21st level, and +6 at 26st level.
Light of Banishment:
You gain
Light of Banishment 
as anencounter power.
Light of banishment
Angel Racial Power 
You channel the power of the god you represent into an evil smiting burst.
Encounter Radiant
Standard Action Close
Burst 1(3 at 6th level, 5 at 16thlevel, 8 at 26st level)
: All enemies in blastAttack: Strength (+4 vs Undead and Devils) vs. Will
1d6+Wisdom modifier radiant damage (+4 vs. Undeadand Devils)Increase damage to 2d6 at 11
level, and 3d6 damage at21
Angels are the literal representatives of the gods. Allangels possess ethereal beauty designed by their creator. They kind can be found in many shapes inmany places all across the planes.Play a angel if you want...to have power of the gods at your disposalto stand witness to countless agesto spread mercy or bring terror, what ever your purpose is.
Physical Qualities
Angels very in size depending on their choir or purpose. Angels that are messengersare naturally smaller than warrior angels. Theyresemble perfectly sculpted marble statues withwings. Older angels have lower bodies that trailoff into flowing energy. Although they aremasculine or feminine in appearance andnature, they are genderless and are recreatedfrom the Astral Sea. An angels skin color variesmore than humans, from shades of white andcream, to greens, blues, and reds. All angelshave pure white eyes with no pupils.Angels normally dress according to their purpose, those of a warrior choir wear breastplates and carry swords, while those of thewatcher choir dress in robes. The colors of their garb very from angel to angel depending on thedeity they serve.Angels are immortal and therefor liveuntil they die, fall, or are dismissed back to theAstral Sea.
Playing an Angel
Angels exist as expressions of the AstralSea, sentient energy in humanoid form. Theymost often serve the gods, so some believethat the gods created them. In reality, angelsare powerful astral beings who appeared duringthe first moments of the creation of the astralsea. Different types have different callings,called choirs; they are literally manifestations of celestial vocations. Perhaps it was the needs of the gods that caused the astral stuff to spewthem forth, but it was not a conscious act of creation. Angels come in three major choirs:Warrior, Messenger, and Protector. During thegreat war between gods and the primordials,angels offered themselves as warriors to thegods that best encompassed their calling, andtoday they continue to act as mercenary forcesfor anyone willing to meet their price-be itwealth, power, or a cause worthy of their attention.
Angelic Characteristics
:Proud, holy, indomitable,fierce, vengeful, empathetic, merciful.
Masculine Names
:Gabriel, Michael, Azeal,Marcus, Lucas, Ezekeal, Justice, Temperance,Loki, Bartlebie, and the Great Reinaldo.
Feminine Names
:Hope, Faith, Charity, Mercy,Akroma, Sarah, Casandra, Radiance, andRebecca.
Angelic Adventurers:
Three examples of angelic adventurers describedbelow.Gabriel is an angel from the Warrior Choir.He fights with adventurers whenever they arefighting against undead. The sole purpose of hisexistence is to destroy undead and send them tothe Raven Queen.Mercy is an angel of Corellon. She wasgifted the ability to enjoy the world around her. Sheloves to dance in the moonlight and is a sucker for a good sculpture. She hates suffering and tries tohelp wherever she can to stop it.Lucas is a fallen angel of Bahamut. He wastricked into killing an innocent person by a group of evil adventurers. He was cast out of heaven andnow walks the cities trying to get by. Although hedoesn't trust many adventurers he has beenknown to accompany some on especiallydangerous expeditions.

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