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The Galactic South Campaign

The Galactic South Campaign

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Published by John Weyermuller

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Published by: John Weyermuller on Jan 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hello and welcome to the new Game Empire Pasadena 40k Campaign Series!
Building on the success of last year’s Avellorn series of campaigns, in 2011 we will becontinuing the linked format for our campaigns. Starting with a region-wide battle fordominance, the series will gradually focus down to the most hotly contested systemsand planets, culminating in a final campaign focused on the fate of a single world todetermine the victors.Sign-ups are open now at the store, the league entry is $10. All entries go to the prizepool, so the more who play, the more there is at stake! All entrants will receive a copyof these rules along with the missions at the start of the campaign on Tuesday, 1/11.In this forum you will find the campaign rules, the weekly scenarios, results, fluffdispatches and more. Organize your campaign games here, talk shop with your fellowplayers, and let the opposition know just exactly what they're up against! If we getenough activity here, I will make War Room forums for each of the three factions(Imperial, Xenos, and Chaos), where only players aligned with a faction can go to plandiabolical strategy and dastardly plans, so get talking!
Campaign Overview
The Winter Campaign takes place in the Segmentum Tempestus, located in theGalactic South and home to such Imperial planets as Krieg, Tallarn, and Macharia, aswell as the Gryphonne IV Forge World and the Death World of Luther McIntyre. ThisSegmentum includes the Uhulis and Reductus Sectors and the Veiled Region at the farsouthern edge. Over the course of the campaign, players will fight battles across theSegmentum, establishing their forces in various areas. Where the battles are mostintense will dictate which Sector or region of the Segmentum will be the focus of thenext campaign.
Campaign Schedule
The Campaign begins on Tuesday, January 11 at 6:00pm, and regular campaign gamesrun until Tuesday, March 8 at 10:00pm. A two-round final will be played by the fourtop-scoring players to determine the Overall winner of the campaign.
Prizes will be awarded in store credit for the following achievements:
Grand Subjugator - The first-place finisher as determined by the final round game• Dominator - The second-place finisher as determined by the final round game• Trailblazer - The player who has the most map markers
Neither of the top finishers is eligible for the Trailblazer award.
The prize pool will be determined by the number of players in the campaign and willbe split among the prize winners at the Campaign Commissioner’s discretion.
Campaign PlayPoints Levels
This is an escalation-style campaign, and the point level for campaign games willgradually increase in size as the weeks progress, representing the first smallexpeditionary forces entering the Segmentum, establishing bases of operations, andgradually adding to their resources.
The points levels are as follows:
Week 1 - 500 points (0-1 HQ)• Week 2 - 500 points (0-1 HQ)• Week 3 - 750 points (1 HQ maximum)• Week 4 - 1000 points• Week 5 - 1000 points• Week 6 - 1250 points• Week 7 - 1250 points• Week 8 (finals) - 1500 pointsThe Campaign Week
Tuesday night at 6:00pm is the official turnover time for the Campaign Week. Duringthe first three weeks, players who play at least one game on a Tuesday night may playup to one additional game during that week. As of week 4, only one game per weekmay be played.
The Map
Before each game, players must decide which map location they will be fighting for. Inthe 41st millenium, it is assumed that the player’s forces are small and maneuverableenough to strike anywhere within the Segmentum within the timeframe of a campaignweek, so anywhere on the map is viable on any given week. The priority for choosingmap areas falls to the player with more map areas marked for his army unlessotherwise noted, or is determined randomly if neither player has any map areasmarked.
Map Area Designation
If players do not note which area they are fighting for at the start of the match, onewill be randomly assigned after the game has concluded.
Map Area Priority
During a time when multiple games are being played, Tuesday night, for example,each area may only be fought for by one game a time. If an area is currently beingfought over when a new game begins, the players may not choose that area to fightfor. After the battle for a zone concludes and markers have been noted or placed,another game may be fought for the same area.
Map Markers
In addition to Campaign Points, players will have markers placed on the map in andaround each area where they have played a game. A player who wins a game will havea marker for their army placed on the map in the area where the battle was fought,and will have one additional marker placed on an area adjacent to the first to

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