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Two Day Philly

Two Day Philly



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Published by fenderbassist

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Published by: fenderbassist on Aug 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Two DayPhilly
by Lou Carrao
conceive or believe,
can achieve.”-Dream Book10987654321Happy New Year!!!!!!!There
have it the ball has dropped in thisstory and it is the new year of 2008. (Time flieswhen
think about it;
can not stop it
just go with the flow of it.)This is a story of two boys who just turned themilestone of adulthood. They had everything goingfor them, a band, their friends, and a good easy
going life at home. Till one day when they decidedto leave and live a life in the city of brotherlylove. (Thanks Black for reminding me of thesignificance of that.)Back to the party, everyone was dancing to theupbeat music blasting in the basement. Boys andgirls were getting their first kisses of the NewYear. There were about 75 people packed likesardines in this Rutgers house. More people who didnot want to partake in the countdown were up stairsplaying beer pong and all.There were a total of three kegs and 2 jugs ofjungle juice and more bottles of vodka, wine, andetcetera. There was about a total of 150 kids inthat house from the whole night. It was absolutelycrazy. The boys had on their ties and suit jackets.The girls had on their skimpy little dresseslooking sexy as hell.Everyone was trashed once the New Year came andthere was music blasting all night long till thesun came up. The boys were in another zone afterdrinking beer and taking a grav from a plastic cup.(Go figure.) The night was one to remember. It wasthe best party they have ever gone to and all ofthem can agree on that.There were people fighting, beer spilling,cigarette butts flicking, and shit just goingcrazy. It was a monkey house. The house looked likeit just got hit by a tornado of beer; there wereholes in the walls from one of my buddies. Themadness kept going on and I loved every moment ofit.As the night grew older and older more people leftand went back to their caves for sleep. Around fiveo’clock in the morning, Brown was sleeping upstairs

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