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9 HRWF Redwood Alert September 2006

9 HRWF Redwood Alert September 2006

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The Redwood Alert
Tues. Sept. 12, 5:30 p.m.
Enjoy a
at the Odd Fellows Hall239 Buhne St, Eureka(
corner Buhne & D
Here’s your chance to meet & support
Dist. Supervisor candidate
Call 442-5677 for more information
Inside this issue:
Colleen’s Commentary
Mark Your Calendars
November Ballot Measure Update
August 2006 Meeting RecapJoAnn Kaney
Action Alert
AmericanismChris Wennerholm
President’s Message
 Lesley Craig
Special points of interest:
Chaplain’s message Page 3
Confused about the importance of the Electoral College? Page 3
Immigration Studies Page 4
Ways & Means Page 4
Patricia Welch, Regional FieldDirector Page 5
Ads - Page 5 and 6
Eureka Republican Women, Federated * Since 1938
September 2006Volume 31, Issue 9
Lesley Craig, President
Colleen Hedrick, Program Chair
Thursday, September 21
luncheon meeting of the Eureka Republican WomenThe Eureka Red Lion.
Guest speaker:
John W. Jones, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives
Chef’s Choice $14. Program and beverage only $6
 Please contact Diana Mendes, 725-2732 if you have not received a call by September 18
Republican Roundup Potluck Picnic
Sunday, September 24 - Rohner Park, Fortuna12 noon
4 pm Lunch at 1 pm
Hamburgers & Hot Dogs Favorite Family Dishes
Chili Cook-Off : Nancy Flemming vs Joy Finley
Coffee & SodasPlease bring a
if last name begins with A
LPlease bring a
if last name begins with M-Z
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Secretary of State Bruce McPherson; Tom McClintock, Chuck Poochigian,Tony Strickland, Steve Poizner, Richard Mountjoy, John Jones, Lawrence Wiesner and Ray Tyrone.
Music * Baseball * Volleyball * Bocce Ball * Horseshoes
A “Getting Acquainted” party!
Sponsored by Eureka Republican Women (eurekarepublicanwomen.com)The Humboldt County Republican Party (humboldtgop.org)
Call 268-0101 for more information
November Ballot Measure Update
(As of Friday, September 1)
Congress is likely to recess without taking any actionon the issues of illegal immigration.What we are hearing out of Washington is that thoseboys and girls are preparing to fold their tents and head for home so many of them can try to convince the home folksto send them back to Washington.
It’s a safe bet in most cases that they are not doing a
fool thing about controlling the borders because they havebeen so caught up in a bunch of side issues that are alleither of much lesser importance or a bunch of baloney.And the number one reason they have been stalled is thatthey are scared worthless that to act would cost themvotes for their own re-election.Illegal immigrants pour over our borders. Pollsconsistently show that the greatest percentage of the
country’s citizenry wants the borders controlled. If you
went into your bathroom and the tub was overflowing like
mad you wouldn’t run for the shop vacuum and a mop.
You would reach over and turn off the faucet. Then youwould deal with the other over flow problems. Congress
doesn’t have to decide everything immediately. Do it in
increments. Enforcing laws that levy huge fines for hiringillegals will go a long way to putting us back in charge of who owns our country. Congressional wimps just have tohave the guts to close the borders.
A brief title and CFRW's official position on the November ballot measures is as follows
.* Proposition 1A: Transportation Funding/Protection, SUPPORT* Proposition 1B: Transportation Bonds, awaiting majority vote* Proposition 1C: Affordable Housing Bonds, OPPOSE* Proposition 1D: School Bonds, OPPOSE* Proposition 1E: Disaster Preparedness/Flood Protection Bonds, awaiting majority vote* Proposition 83: Jessica's Law, SUPPORT* Proposition 84: Water Bonds, OPPOSE* Proposition 85: Abortions for Minor Girls: Waiting Period/Parental Consent, SUPPORT* Proposition 86: Tobacco Tax, OPPOSE* Proposition 87: Oil Severance Tax, OPPOSE* Proposition 88: Property Parcel Tax, School Funding, OPPOSE* Proposition 89: Public Campaign Financing, OPPOSE* Proposition 90: Eminent Domain Reform, SUPPORTPlease bringany items youwould like todonate to our nextmeeting and the Sirenswill come pick them upfor mailing. Or call445-0828 to make other arrangements.***************************
Blessed are theflexible, for they shall notbe bent out of shape.
Colleen’s Commentary * How Do You Say Horsefeathers in Spanish?
- Colleen Hedrick
Mark your calendars
September 12
Nancy’s Family Spaghetti Feed 
September 15-17, 2006 - CFRW Board of Directors'Meeting, Bakersfield,
September 18, 2006 - Constitution Day.http://www.constitutionday.com
September 21, 2006 
ERWF luncheon meeting,The Red Lion Hotel, 11:30 a.m.
September 24
Republican Roundup Potluck Picnic, Rohner Park, Fortuna! 
September 30, 2006 -Last day for the Governor to signor veto bills passed by legislature and in his hands onor before September 1, 2006.
October14, 2006 
CFRW No. Division Mini conference at Crescent City *** 
Friday, October 20 
Membership Tea
Nov. 10-12 CFRW No. Division Fall Conference ,Silicon Valley *** 
Nov. 16- ERWF luncheon meeting, The Red LionHotel, 11:30 a.m. Installation of 2007 officers by 
Reminders from Lynda Hays, our CFRW NorthernDivision Region 13 Director 
January 26-28, 2007 - CFRW Board of Directors'Meeting, Bahia Hotel, San Diego,
March (15-17)
The Northern Division Spring Conference, Red Lion, Eureka *** 
 April 23-24, 2007 CFRW - 32nd Advocacy 
Workshop and Spring 2007 Board of Directors’ 
Meeting, Hyatt Regency at Capitol Park,Sacramento
September 27-30, 2007 - NFRW Biennial Convention, Palm Springs
October 19-21, 2007- CFRW Biennial Convention,Crowne Plaza, Foster City (San Francisco Bay Area)
Page 2
The Redwood Alert
Chaplain’s message – 
Rita O’Connell
The August 17, 2006 luncheon meeting of the ERWFwas held in the Humboldt Room of the Red Lion Inn. Fortyfive members and guests attended. Chair of Americanism,Chris Wennerholm, introduced two women from theEureka Sirens who were invited to address the member-ship about teaming up with them in sending packages tothe troops. Patricia Welch, Regional Field Director,Northern California Victory 2006, introduced our guestspeaker, Mindy Tucker Fletcher, Campaign Manager for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mindy presented aPower Point program comparing the gains the state has
made during the Governor’s tenure with the new taxes
candidate Angelides will impose to carry out his plans if heis elected. Mindy stressed that we need to invigorate thegrass roots efforts of getting more Republicans elected tostate offices. She said the Governor is determined to
―move California forward, not backwards‖. ―Volunteers aremaking the difference,‖ she stated.
The members present voted to endorse the candidacyof Nancy Flemming, running for 4
District County
Supervisor. During Open Mic time, Humboldt Taxpayer’s
League Chair on No on U, (proposed utility tax), HowardRien, gave a short informational speech on why Eurekavoters should consider a no vote.Susan Wood received a gift certificate for dinner for 
two at Roy’s in the Opportunity Drawing. Sheryl Fearrienreceived a copy of Sean Hannity’s book ―Let FreedomRing‖ for knowing one of the propositions on the Novem-
ber ballot.Abraham Lincoln was one of our most devout leaders,
frequently seeking God’s direction. His words are worth
―We have been the recipients of the choicest blessings
of heaven; we have grown in numbers, wealth and power as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgottenGod. We have forgotten the gracious hand that preservedus in peace
and strengthened us, and we have vainlyimagined .. that all these blessing are produced by some
superior wisdom and virtue of our own.‖
August 2006 Meeting Recap
JoAnn Kaney, Recording Secretary
Confused about the importance of the Electoral College? Thank you, Carolyn Eisner, for submitting this letter that you received from Michael Medford, Radio Talk Show host.
Dear Carolyn Eisner:Thanks very much for your letter of June 5. I wish wehad transcripts of all my broadcasts, but we don't alas!You should also know that my comments about theElectoral College were very much off-the-cuff in responseto a caller - not a concentrated, planned part of thebroadcast.In any event, the basic point that I made was theimportance of federalism--- we should all struggle tomaintain the sovereignty of our 50 states, not to erase andextinguish state responsibility in quest of some simplifiednotion of America. Our founders designed the ElectoralCollege to help preserve this federal system. ThePresident is not, under our Constitution, elected by "thepeople" - he is chosen by the several states.This is, it seems to me, appropriate and important.Without the Electoral College no candidate would ever visitsmaller states: after all, how many raw, popular votes canyou draw out of North Dakota, or Alaska or Vermont?These states are only worth the trip because of theElectoral College. Without it, the candidates would visitonly a handful of the most populous states - California,
Treasurer’s Report by Eileen Amos
Balance 7/31/06 $ 4,675.13Income 943.06Expenses 939.24Balance 8/31/06 $ 4,678.95
Our New Web Site www.EurekaRepublicanWomen.com Coming Soon!
Page 3
The Redwood Alert
Texas, New York, Florida - and forget about the rest of thecountry. In fact, the whole attention paid now to ruralconcerns stems from the Electoral College. Vermont, withthree electoral votes (out of 270 needed to win) is worthconsidering: as a raw population of just 600,000 people(out of 280 million) it is definitely not.People who worry about the electoral college distortingthe result of some election should relax: the last time acandidate won the popular vote, but lost in the electoralcollege was 1888 (Grover Cleveland lost to BenjaminHarrison, even though Cleveland got more popular votes).This also happened in 1876, when Hayes beat Tilden. andin 1824, when J.Q. Adams won the Presidency over Andrew Jackson in the House of Representatives, after deadlock in the electoral college, even though Jacksonhad decisively won the popular vote.It is most unlikely that such an anomaly could occur today-and it hasn't occurred in more than 110 years.This is the basic tack I took on my show, so I hope thissatisfies your curiosity.Thanks for being such a devoted listener.
Michael Medved

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