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EWI Review 12 Entrepreneurship in Flanders - Who Dares January 2011

EWI Review 12 Entrepreneurship in Flanders - Who Dares January 2011

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Published by margot_bollen

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Published by: margot_bollen on Jan 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Combining Economy, Science and Innovation for a better society
Periodical of the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation|  January 2011
Flemish government
in Flanders:
Who dares?
Innovation Union inthe making
The EU’s new multi-year policyplan in the field of innovation.
P. 8
Interview with
Ivan Van de Cloot, chief econo-mist at Itinera, about entrepre-neurship.
P. 30
The science and technologycompetition for all levels ofsecondary education.
P. 48
Once bitten, twice shy 3
E, W & I in action:
IBM stimulates innovation with Extreme Blue 4
Policy in practice:
Electronic procurement 6
From Europe:
Innovation Union in the making or how this time we really will achieve the 3% target 8
In the spotlight:
Gimv, good company for companies 10
In a nutshell:
Do ARKimedes and Vinnof really lend companies a helping hand? 12
A closer look:
Cradle to Cradle: waste is food 16
Central theme:
Flanders is not enterprising enough: truth or lie? 18
Central theme:
The contextual determinants of entrepreneurship in Flanders 20
Central theme:
The DNA of innovation dynamics 22
Central theme:
‘Tussenstap’ entrepreneurs at the crossroads 25
Central theme:
The European exchange programme for young entrepreneurs 26
Central theme:
Flanders needs more courage! 28
Ivan Van de Cloot, chief economist at the Itinera Institute 30
EWI Focus: making Flanders sexy for international researchers 34
The policy research centres:
The Policy Research Centre Work and Social Economy 36
Round-table: the Gazelle Leap analysed 40
EU presidency:
A summary of four presidential conferences 42
EU presidency:
The ICT 2010 Conference: a digital agenda for Europe
Policy in practice:
Health, science and technology? Eurekas! 48
In Bruges 50
Four-monthly magazine on economy, science and innovation –Vol.4, No.3: EWI Review is a publication of the Flemish government’s Department of Economy,Science and Innovation.
Address of the editorial office:
Strategy and Coordination Division,Department of Economy, Science and Innovation, Koning Albert II-laan 35, box 10, B-1030Brussels, Belgium. Tel.: 02/553 59 80 - Fax: 02/553 60 07 - www.ewi-vlaanderen.be
Dirk Van Melkebeke
Peter Spyns (General Editor), Emmelie Tindemans (Editor inChief), Margot Bollen, Steven Schelfhout
Editorial committee
Pierre Verdoodt (editorialchairman), Pascale Dengis, Tom Tournicourt
Contributors to this edition
Ilse Boeykens, KarelBoutens, Sophie Callewaert, Willem De Moor, Bart Dumolyn, Karel Goossens, Karen Haegemans,Rudy Herman, Mieke Houwen, Kris Maison, Annie Matthijs, Liesbet Schruers, Monika Sormann,Eva Van Buggenhout, Jan van Nispen, Els Vermander, Karolien Waegeman, Wim Winderickx
Guest authors
Marc Bogaert, Jan Bormans, Eveline Dullaers, Andy Heughebaert, Lore Hollevoet,Sophie Manigart, Luc Sels, Walter Tempst, Ivan Van de Cloot, Christine Vanhoutte, Hans VanMingroot, Lut Van Renterghem, Tim Willekens
Layout and printing
 New Goff
The EWI Review is published in Dutch and English. The articles may only bereproduced with the prior permission of the EWI Department and with proper acknowledgementof the source. EWI, its editorial team and its contributors accept no responsibility for anyconsequences which may arise as a result of the use of information contained in this edition.
Take a look atwww.ewi-vlaanderen.be/en/review
Be the first to discover and download thelatest edition of the EWI Review magazineand pay a visit to our new website.You can search the archive, mail us your suggestions and thoughts, or sign up for afree subscription.
> Welcome
The final judgement in the trial of the top managers at Lernout & Hauspie has now been handeddown. The accused reacted in very different ways to the verdict. Jo Lernout continues to screamout his innocence and is busy with the setting up of new companies (abroad); he has evenmanaged to find financing for them. In contrast, Pol Hauspie apologised to the public in a YouTubefilm (at the same time plugging his new book – once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur).This was probably the final ‘primeur’ in the L&H saga. Fallen managers who offer their excusesin public? This is something new in Flanders. So much so, that a well-known Flemish comic hasalready made a parody of the Hauspie film.But, to paraphrase another famous one-liner, “who can you trust nowadays?” What investor islikely to entrust his money to an entrepreneur who has already gone bankrupt? In Flanders, anentrepreneur whose business has failed – even if he acted in good faith – always carries the stain ofthis failure with him, usually for the rest of his days. Banks will be difficult about giving new loans,applications for credit subsidies are suddenly subject to numerous extra conditions. In short, thefinanciers and former business partners have ‘learnt their lesson’.It is open to question whether or not this suspicion is justified. Surely the entrepreneur will alsohave ‘learnt’ from his experience, and will therefore be unlikely to make the same mistakes again?This is certainly the way they look at things in the US. Entrepreneurs who are forced to throw thetowel into the ring first time around soon discover that their credit worthiness has hardly beenaffected. Finding money to set up a second business is seldom a problem. Although the reality (asalways) is more complex and more nuanced than it might seem, in essence this situation reflectsa clash of cultures, a difference of mentality: European ‘crime and punishment’ against American‘optimism and opportunity’.The central theme of this EWI Review will therefore look at the culture and mentality in whichentrepreneurship (and innovation) in Flanders flourishes – or could flourish. The interview withIvan Van de Cloot (p. 30) offers some fascinating and often surprising insights in this respect.We will also examine a number of practical examples (p. 4 and p. 26), as well as summarisinga number of recent studies on the subject of entrepreneurship in Flanders (p. 18 and p. 20). Inaddition, there are short reports about new initiatives in the same field (p. 12 and p. 40). As usual,we will be taking a closer look at one of the policy research centres; this time the Policy ResearchCentre for Work and the Social Economy (p. 36). And we will also focus briefly on a number of theconferences which have taken place within the framework of the Belgian presidency of the EU (p.42 and p. 46). Finally, we will be offering you our traditional column (p. 50).As always, I wish you pleasant– and ‘mind-broadening’ – reading.
Peter Spyns,General Editor 

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