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M-2301 Blood Conservation Booklet

M-2301 Blood Conservation Booklet

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Published by McLaren HealthCare

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Published by: McLaren HealthCare on Jan 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Patient Education Manual
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Better doctors. Better care.
Why Blood Conservation?
Blood transusions have been an accepted medical treatment or manyyears. However, today, healthcare proessionals are learning that therecan be risks that go along with it. As a blood conservation hospital,McLaren is dedicated to providing state-o-the-art medical and surgicalcare that may reduce or eliminate your chances o receiving blood.The hospital wide program is supported by doctors, nurses and otherhospital sta working together. By using special equipment and methodsto reduce blood loss and help your body make more o its own blood,hospitals are nding that patients may recover aster, heal more quickly,have less risk o inection and go home sooner than those who receiveblood transusions.McLaren has a dedicated Blood Conservation program coordinator whowill work with you, members o your amily, and your doctors to answerany questions you might have about Blood Conservation. Throughoutyour stay, we will ensure you receive the best care possible, whilerespecting your personal and / or religious belies.
What are the Methods Used in the BloodConservation Program?
There are many methods used in Blood Conservation. Depending onyour surgery or medical condition some o these methods may or maynot be right or you. We encourage you to ask your doctor about BloodConservation and ask i any o these methods are right or you.Methods that can be used:
•  Diet
Eating a well balanced diet rich in iron. All meals should alsocontain oods with Vitamin C to improve the absorption o iron.
•  Using less blood for lab tests•  Medicines that encourage your body to make its own
red blood cellsSynthetic Erythropoietin  – this is a medicine prescribed by yourdoctor to help your body make more o your own red blood cells. I you qualiy, your doctor can prescribe injections once a week 3 to 4weeks beore your scheduled surgery.Iron and Supplements – Iron supplements can boost your own bloodsupply beore your surgery. Your doctor may prescribe iron tabletsor IV iron. Other supplements may include Vitamin C, Folic Acidand/or an injection o Vitamin B-12.
•  Cell Saver
Is a system that collects and lters any blood you may lose duringyour surgery. At the end o surgery the ltered blood is thenreturned back to you.
•  Platelet Gel
A substance made rom your own blood during surgery and appliedto your surgical site. This helps to lessen blood loss during surgeryand helps your bones and tissues heal aster.
•  Surgical devices
Special scalpels and other instruments your surgeon may use tolessen blood loss during surgery.
•  ANH (Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution)
On the day o surgery 1 to 3 units o your blood are taken rom youand replaced with IV uids. Your blood is then given back to youduring or ater your surgery to replace any blood lost during theoperation.

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