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#kidlitart 1-13-11

#kidlitart 1-13-11

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Published by kidlitart5768

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Published by: kidlitart5768 on Jan 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 TOPIC: Writing Pot-Luck: Bring Your Best Tips and Tricks!#kidlitart  2:00am 
 TOPIC: Writing Pot-Luck: Bring Your Best Tips and Tricks!#kidlitart  2:00am 
 phew blog post posted and I'm just on time =^.^= #kidlitart 2:00am 
 It's 9:00pm. Do you know where your chatters are? #kidlitart  2:01am 
 The newest installment of The Making of a Picture Book is up at:http://bit.ly/evWH5I ##kidlitart #illustration  2:01am 
 I'm here for #kidlitart 2:01am 
 TOPIC: Writing Pot-Luck: Bring Your Best Tips and Tricks!#kidlitart  2:01am 
 RT @KatGirl_Studio2011The newest installment of The Making of a Picture Book is up at: http://bit.ly/evWH5I ##kidlitart #illustration  2:01am 
 Been working on an English re-telling of a humorous & thought-provoking#Ainu folktale about a Fox hunting for food #kidlitart #PBdummy  2:02am 
 RT @KatGirl_Studio:New installment of The Making of a Picture Book is up at: http://bit.ly/evWH5I ##kidlitart #illustration #kidlitart  2:02am 
 is tweetchat working ok tonight?#kidlitart  2:02am 
 I'm here even though tweetchat is slow again #kidlitart 2:02am 
 @smith_illust Seems to be! Hello #kidlitart  2:03am 
 @KatGirl_Studio Tweetdeck seems to be doing all right tonight #kidlitart  2:03am 
 I took a picture bk writing workshop this fall. I have my text, but it keepschanging as I work on the thumbnails. #kidlitart 2:03am 
 who else is doing a wordless PB for the challenge?#kidlitart  2:03am 
 Watching videos featuring illustrator Lynne Chapman. http://bit.ly/gKUczG  while waiting for #kidlitart 2:03am 
 @WendyMartinArt @KatGirl_Studio is one better than the other? #kidlitart 
 @ jeanie_w That's the advantage illustrators have--art helps refine text. #kidlitart 2:04am 
 I haven't figured out an idea I'm crazy about yet. #kidlitart 2:04am 
 Slow tweeting#kidlitart  2:04am 
 Hooray, I made it for the #kidlitart chat this week! 2:04am 
 @MoonyLui Aren't those fabulous? i want to be her!#kidlitart  2:04am 
 #kidlitart still trying to figure out why tweetchat isn't posting new posts. Maybe I'll have to use tweetdeck.2:04am 
 Looks like Tweetdeck is going to be slow again for #kidlitart 2:04am 
 Gather round, picture book writers. It's #kidlitart chat time. TOPIC: Writing Pot-Luck: Bring Your Best Tips and Tricks!2:05am 
 Best writing tip: get the freakin' draft down! #kidlitart 2:05am 
 @KatGirl_Studio That sounds like a great idea. You may have inspired me! #kidlitart 2:05am 
 @bonnieadamson This must be insanely difficult for people who only do the writing. It's hard enough for illustrator/writers. #kidlitart 2:05am 
 Bleah, tweetchat is moving like molasses-AGAIN! When will they get thisdang thing fixed?! #kidlitart 2:05am 
 hey look I made it tonight! hi all! #kidlitart 2:05am 
 Writing tip: Have a clear beginning, middle and end! #kidlitart  2:05am 
 @ jeanie_w But even id you aren't an illustrator, you can dummy--I often do a "note" dummy first anyway. #kidlitart 2:06am 
 I'm so fired up--I've picked my story idea! Want to try out a new art stylethis time too #kidlitart 
 Ah !I figured it out! #kidlitart Evening, everyone! 2:06am 
 Helloooooo. Tweet chat come in... #kidlitart 2:06am 
 Hi everyone! #kidlitart 2:06am 
 @brooks_jones Yay! Go for it1 #kidlitart  2:07am 
 @BonnieAdamson Ye of the many art styles yerself! LOL #kidlitart  2:07am 
 @brooks_jones:Great! A refreshing switch of style can really rev up the creativity. #kidlitart 2:07am 
 My idea is picked, and I've started drafting. Finally remembered to outlinewhen I was stalling out on plot! #kidlitart 2:07am 
 I took a class at a SCBWI conference several years ago. Theauthor/illustrator said to have a BIG IDEA #kidlitart 2:07am 
 @suzlews I see you--TweetChat must be doing its regional hopscotch tonight--fine in the Southeast, lol! #kidlitart 2:08am 
 @brooks_jones lol--it's a curse!#kidlitart  2:08am 
 @DiandraMae:Got my idea, too. Outline is helping to streamline things. #kidlitart 2:08am 
 RT @WendyMartinArt:I took a class at a SCBWI conference several years ago. The author/illustrator said to have a BIG IDEA #kidlitart 2:08am 
 @bonnieadamson But it seems like the writer-only is blind to what will end up being half the story. #kidlitart 2:08am 
 rats...Tweetchat is like 40 tweets behind again#kidlitart  2:08am 
 TweetDeck seems to be working fine on this end! #kidlitart 2:09am 
 @WendyMartinArt I like BIG! BIG is lots more fun to create! #kidlitart  2:09am 
 #kidlitart This challenge, and my great critique partners is what I needed to get going on my PB dummy.

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