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January 14, 2011 Strathmore Times

January 14, 2011 Strathmore Times

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Published by Strathmore Times
January 14, 2011 / Locally Owned & Operated / Volume 3 issue 2 / sTRATHmoRe / TIMES / alberta / working with you in our community / made fresh daily
January 14, 2011 / Locally Owned & Operated / Volume 3 issue 2 / sTRATHmoRe / TIMES / alberta / working with you in our community / made fresh daily

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Published by: Strathmore Times on Jan 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shannon LeCLair
Times Reporter 
Freezing cold temperatures and blustery winds causing whiteoutson Highway 1 orced town ofcialsand emergency crews to declare alocal State o Emergency at 8 p.m.Saturday evening. Many people were caught unaware as Highway 1 quickly became impassable andhundreds o drivers were strandedon the highway between Calgary toBassano.“I don’t think anybody shouldhave been surprised by it, we knew it was coming,” said Cpl Duane White.“I think, between the plan put to-gether by the town and emergency services and the members workinghere on the weekend, I think thatthey managed a bad situation in apretty solid way.”“Wow, it was crazy,” said LindaNelson, Deputy Director o Disaster Services a ew days ater the storm blew over. Originally, a Emergency Operation Centre, EOC, was set upat the fre hall, but it soon becameapparent that they would needmore room. They also had to set upa reception centre to provide shel-ter or those individuals who werestranded at the highway.“There were so many people wehad to actually set up a acility justto house all o these people,” saidNelson. That acility was at WestmountSchool. People with pets stayedat the Lutheran Church. The hos-pital, hotels and other businessesand people around town provid-ed blankets and things that wereneeded.“Everybody pitched in, it wasamazing,” said Nelson. There were 31 people and theStrathmore Fire Department who volunteered their time to make ev-eryone as warm and comortableas possible while at the school.
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january 14, 2011
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EnCana makesdonation to MOPS
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 Volume 3 issue 2
Winterstorm blastsStrathmore
Ranch Market
on the Trans Canada Hwy
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Page 14
Road closed!
Whiteout conditions and high winds caused RCMP to shut down both east and westbound lanes of the TransCanada Highway Jan. 8 after the roads became impassable.
Doug Taylor Photo
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Strathor TmeS January 14, 2011 www.StrathorTis.co
Shannon LeCLair
Times Reporter 
 With 2011 being the centennial year for Strathmore, members of the cen-tennial committee are working hard tocome up with ideas to celebrate andcommemorate the milestone.One of the ideas the committee hascome up with is a park reecting thecentennial year.“There was a couple of different loca-tions, but ultimately we had to make adecision if we’re going to get this done,”said Councillor Bob Sobol, a member of the centennial committee. The narrow space across from Chi-nook Credit Union between the CuttingCrew hair salon and Wheatland DentureClinic on Second Street, is the area thecommittee has selected. Sobol said thecommittee was unanimous about leav-ing something that would exist long pastthe centennial year, and they felt this was the prime location for it.“There was some improvements made by the town last summer, we really wantto kick that up a notch,” said Sobol. The committee has not decided on aname for the new park. Sobol said theplan is for the name to eventually reectthe fact that it is basically a legacy parkin Strathmore. The committee is still in the plan-ning stages of what they would like todo with the park. One of the ideas is tofront the park with a clock. Another is toincorporate a time capsule for the Townof Strathmore.“Possibly as well, we’re leaning to- wards providing the citizens with an op-portunity to have their own time capsulein that same area,” said Sobol.He said a resident suggested the ideaand he is quite “enthralled” with it. Now it is a matter of seeing how many timecapsules can t. He said they are alsohoping to have a water feature, a few picnic tables, and a walkway throughthe park.“We have a limited amount of spacethat we can use, but it is very long and we really want to have it as somethingthat is going to accent and be appreci-ated by the people using the downtownarea,” said Sobol.Family Day will mark the beginningof the centennial celebrations, though what residents can look forward tohasn’t been made public yet.“There will be a celebration, it will bethe rst centennial year celebration. It will be down at Kinsmen Park. We’ve setthe hours as 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. There will be a whole gambit of activities includ-ing skating and stuff and there will bereworks at 6 p.m.,” said Sobol. As for the park, Sobol said the com-mittee’s goal is to have the park to openon either July 2 or July 3.
Centennial committee working hardto create new park
The centennial committee has found an area tocreate a type of legacy park for the town. Thecommittee chose the park across from JoylandTheatre, on Second Street in between the hair sa-lon and the dental ofces.
Shannon LeClair Photo
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Shannon LeCLair
Times Reporter 
On January 6, people goingpast Kinsmen Park were sur-prised to see a Zamboni out onthe ice, being manned by theStrathmore Fire Department,SFD. Raymack Waters Ltd. is anindependently owned company that rents, sells and services iceresurfacers located near Stan-dard.“Raymack Waters Ltd. haveread the articles in the paper and they wanted to donate aZamboni to help us prepareour ice for Family Day Feb. 21,”said Fire Chief Muir Furzer.“Ray, from Raymack Water Ltd. came in and taught the reghters how to use it and allthat type of stuff.”Raymack Water Ltd, donatedthe Zamboni to help the com-munity for the year, not neces-sarily ending after the Family Day centennial celebrations.“It was just something I couldnot walk away from,” said Ray.“It is so nice to (help) the redepartment with this”Ray said it is nice to experi-ment on outside ice resurfac-ing. He said manufacturersmainly think about indoor re-surfacing and it will be neat tosee how it works with all of the variables the weather presents. The machine that the re de-partment is using was built in1987, and Ray is the only per-son to have ever maintained themachine.“That’s were I get my glory,”said Ray when he heard aboutall the people who were outskating on the lake. The re ghters were volun-teering their time to help clear the ice. Furzer said the depart-ment has been talking aboutpossibly holding a fundraiser and offering Zamboni rides.Furzer said many people haveexpressed interest in riding onit.
Good Samaritans
Strathmore Fire Department re ghters volunteered their time to clear thesnow off the ice at Kinsmen Park on Jan. 6.
Shannon LeClair Photos
January 14, 2011 • Strathor TimeS •
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Tme TidbiTs
Freeeeezing Cold Factttts…. Brrrrrrr!!
Just because the sun is out on a winter day does not mean itis warm. In northern climates, the coldest days are usually theclear ones – no clouds to hold in what little heat may beradiating away from the earth. A wind chill rating of minus 25degrees Fahrenheit or lower can cause skin to freeze (frostbite).If it is that cold out, make sure all exposed skin is covered.
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Sandra Ostertag andher entire family, fromher parents to her son and his girlfriend,daughter and her friend were all helping out. Os-tertag was there from 7p.m. Saturday until Mon-day, with only a brief time out on Sunday.Most of the volunteerslived close enough tothe school and were andto drive there.Sandra said there werepeople traveling to Win-nipeg and Ontario whocamped out and there was also a gentlemancoming from British Co-lumbia and traveling toGagetown, New Bruns- wick, who made West-mount school his homefor a couple of nights.“It was phenomenal,the people who openedtheir homes during thestorm,” said Nancy Stairs who also volunteeredher time. There were 29 peo-ple who opened their homes to those in need.On Saturday approxi-mately 150 people spentthe night at Westmount, with another 60 stayingthe second night.Faith Ayanru was trav-eling from Calgary toBrooks with three other people when they endedup stranded in the stormSaturday night. In themorning the car had bro-ken down and the groupdecided to call 911, whosaid they were too busy.“A passerby nally stopped and picked usup and brought us here,”said Ayanru.“We stayed here Sun-day night and it’s good,the food is good and thepeople are nice. Thank you (to Strathmore) for giving us shelter andfood, I’m thankful to ev-eryone.”Mila Juan and her husband Romeo Pata-go were traveling from Vancouver to Brooks when they had to stopin Strathmore spendingone night at the school.“(I) hope to be inBrooks by Tuesday be-cause I have a doctorsappointment,” said Juan.Last winter was thelast time the EOC wasinstituted, though at thattime people were able to wait it out at the re hall.“I want to say compli-ments to the Town of Strathmore, the staff, allthe councillors, Wheat-land County, the RCMP,all protective services- everybody did a great job and I want to com-pliment them all,” saidMayor Steve Grajczyk.“Victim’s Serviceshelped us out, all of there departments. Every- body just pitched rightin and did a great joband I want to commendthem.”Grajczyk asked resi-dents to be patient withthem and that they weremoving as fast as they could. They hired ev-eryone they were ableto, to help get the roadscleared and the strandedmotorists safe and warm. John Silva, with theStrathmore Fire Depart-ment, SFD, said there was enough warningabout the storm, whichactually came a day later than predicted. He saidthe SFD was as preparedas they could be and thatthey picked up the last bunch of stranded mo-torists Sunday afternoon.Saturday afternoon, just as weather condi-tions were starting to gofrom bad to worse, there was a trafc accident justeast of town. At approxi-mately 1:30 p.m., emer-gency crews respondedto a multi-vehicle col-lision on Highway 1, atRange Road 243A. There were six passenger ve-hicles, three semi-tractor units, and a GreyhoundBus carrying sixteenpassengers involved inthe collision. A 68-year-old female passenger inone of the passenger ve-hicles was pronounceddeceased at the scene. The driver from one of the passenger vehicles was transported to ahospital in Calgary inserious condition. Twoother passengers in thatsame vehicle went tothe Strathmore Hospital with minor injuries. Onthe Greyhound bus, thedriver and one passen-ger were transported toStrathmore Hospital withminor injuries. The restof the passengers fromthe Greyhound bus wereput up in hotel roomsin Strathmore. The eastand west lanes of High- way 1, from Strathmoreto Highway 21 closed at1:30 p.m. Silva said hehad closed the highway to protect the re ght-ers and other emergency personal that were atthe scene. The inclem-ent weather was a ma- jor contributing factor inthe accident.
Strathmore and area hammered by winter storm
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