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Siren's Glare Casa Nova

Siren's Glare Casa Nova

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If you like Romance novels you reading the wrong novel....Siren's Glare Casa Nova -R.A.G
If you like Romance novels you reading the wrong novel....Siren's Glare Casa Nova -R.A.G

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Published by: Randy Akeem Griffith on Jan 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Siren’s Glare:
Casa Nova
‘Missing you Akira dearly’ 
All characters, situation & dialogue is CopyrightProtected By NeonLandux.webs.com & Writers.com8/5/2010.
This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents, anddialogues are products of the author's imagination and arenot to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actualevents or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
The True
Fabrication of…
I may be no better, But at least I am different
   J-J R 
Casa Nova
This story has nothing whatsoever to do with my personal life or mental feelingstowards anyone you guys know, so in the unlikely eventuality that you were goingto ask, if I was okay when I was writing this
‘fictional’ tale….to answer younow…NO I WASN’T…but I would feel better if yo
u just read it with no negative
connotations or sentiments. Also…remember that this is almost, entirely 
imaginary and even though some parts have characteristics similar to our 
everyday life…nothing at all pertains to anything I’ve done or would do….Just 
etting you know…Hope you enjoy!!!
Advisory to Readers:
 Rated R for strong, brutal, bloody violence and disturbing images. Sexualcontent is limited, but not absent, and is rated PG-13. Also IGNORE
comments or any Author’s Informative if you desire, for the
y containminor spoilers and my self-praising rants. Contains some abusivelanguage, so
you’ve been WARNED!!!
Justification of the Name
Now everyone at least once in their short life has heard of the synonymous term of Casanova, which means
promiscuous and unscrupulous lover
. Yet when I first became aware of this word I thought it just that, a word. Until I thought to use it inmy story and researched its origin, to find that the man name Casanova was real; a living, breathing, human being and not a fictional character spread through Europeby the loneliness of gossiping housewives in the 18
century. I must say, I wasintrigued by his reputation, his sexual exploits and his novelized autobiography wasfantastic to a point. Finally after having my full of him and digesting it, I realized that I wanted to be him, to be an unscrupulous lover myself but that prospect was littleabove obtainable at this time, so I settle for something I could achieve. I would writeabout him. Yet I honor and revered him so I thought that if I used his true name,Geicomo Casanova, somehow that would be a defamation of character, a character
that I admired dearly so I separated the Surname of infamy, making „Casanova‟ two
separate and distinct words, Casa Nova. Thus creating a new family and lineagecalled the Novas, where Casa was a son in present times.
Randy Akeem Griffith

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