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Published by samantha_monter3225

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Published by: samantha_monter3225 on Jan 15, 2011
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NurseReview.Org Respiratory System - Presentation TranscriptMedical and Surgical Nursing Review The Respiratory System Nurse LicensureExamination ReviewOutline Of Review Concepts:Review of the relevant respiratory anatomyReview of the relevant respiratory physiology The respiratory assessmentCommon laboratory examinationsOutline Of Review Concepts:Review of the common respiratory problems and the nursing managementReview of common respiratory diseasesUpper respiratory conditionsLower respiratory conditionsRespiratory Anatomy & Physiology The respiratory system consists of two main parts - the upper and the lower tractsRespiratory Anatomy & Physiology The UPPER respiratory system consists of:1. nose2. mouth3. pharynx4. larynxRespiratory Anatomy & Physiology The LOWER respiratory system consists of:1. Trachea2. Bronchus
3. Bronchioles4. Respiratory unitUpper Respiratory Tract The Nose This is the first part of the upper respiratory system that contains nasal bones andcartilages There are numerous hairs called vibrissae There are numerous superficial blood vessels in the nasal mucosa The Nose The functions of the nose are:1. To filter the air2. To humidify the air3. To aid in phonation4. Olfaction The Pharynx The pharynx is a musculo - membranous tube that is composed of three parts1. Nasopharynx2. Oropharynx3. Laryngopharynx The Pharynx The pharynx functions :1. As passageway for both air and foods (in the oropharynx)2. To protect the lower airway The LarynxAlso called the voice boxMade of cartilage and membranes and connects the pharynx to the trachea The Larynx
Functions of the larynx:1. Vocalization2. Keeps the patency of the upper airway3. Protects the lower airway The Paranasal sinuses These are four paired bony cavities that are lined with nasal mucosa and ciliatedpseudostratified columnar epitheliumNamed after their location - frontal, ethmoidal, sphenoidal and maxillary The Paranasal sinuses The function of the sinuses:Resonating chambers in speech The Lower Respiratory System The lower respiratory system consists of 1. Trachea2. Main bronchus3. Bronchial tree4. Lungs- 3R/ 2L The trachea
to the terminal bronchioles is called the conducting airway The respiratory bronchioles
to the alveoli is called the respiratory acinus The TracheaA cartilaginous tube measures 10-12 centimetersComposed of about 20 C-shaped cartilages, incomplete posteriorly The Trachea The function of the trachea is to conduct air towards the lungs The mucosa is lined up with mucus and cilia to trap particles and carry themtowards the upper airway The Bronchus

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