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Addictions & Answers_Lindsay Lohan at No-frills Rehab; Charlie Sheen Continues on at Rehab 'Ritz'

Addictions & Answers_Lindsay Lohan at No-frills Rehab; Charlie Sheen Continues on at Rehab 'Ritz'

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Published by: David Moore, PhD CDP on Jan 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lindsay Lohan at no-frillsrehab; Charlie Sheen continueson at rehab 'ritz'
ADDICTIONS & ANSWERSFriday, August 13th 2010, 4:00 AM
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Granitz/WireImage; PoolCharlie Sheen is going to rehab at the ritzy Promises center, while Lindsay Lohan is in the muchsimpler Westwood facility.
"Worried" writes that his drunkdaughter wants him to pay for her rehab."But I hear that people like (TV star)CharlieSheenjust check in and out of 'Promises,'the one he likes inMalibu, as if it’s a resorthotel. At sixteen hundred bucks a day, I’msure it’s very luxurious, but Bill and Dr.Dave, what has that to do with gettingsober?'
:  An ABC news feature calledPromises the Ritz of Rehab . Their webportal opens to a sun-bathing "patient"reading her therapy book, atop a rock walloverlooking a panorama of Malibu Beach.
: I think I saw the same patient reading her book overlooking the bay at a differentrehab onNewport Beach!
: That may be whyJudge Marsha Revelmade a last minute switch inLindsay Lohan?a>??s choice of rehabs, ordering the wayward star to UCLA’s famously no-frills,medical model, substance abuse program in Westwood. Specializing in combinedpsychiatric and substance abuse disorders, they treatedBritney Spearsafter her 2008breakdown.
A decision that was widely applauded, especially by Lohan’s own physicians.  ButDave, I’ve been in a lot of groups where many of had gone into rehab to avoid jailsentences. The fact that some people can pay to make court-ordered rehab a plushexperience arouses the Puritan in me – the fear "that someone, somehow, somewhereis having a good time, and it shouldn’t be allowed."
: and there are many people who would join in that, particularly those who
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1/1/2011 Lindsay Lohan at no-frills rehab; Charlinydailynews.com//2010-08-13_lindsa1/3
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 [Discussion guidelines]10:51:58 PMAug 13, 2010Enablizers surround them, forgive and cover up for them. Doesanyone think either one of these two people will finally grow up andtake personal responsibility for their actions? Do they know how manypeople have been hurt by them? Sure, they have been the moneymakers for their families, especially in Lindsays' case. In her case,her family should be ordered to permanently stay away from her. InCharlie's case, he has children- he needs to grow up. They are bothspoiled brats and frankly, the media needs to ignore them. Perhapsthe lack of publicity will finally get them to straighten up. Get off thebooze and the drugs and maybe they might have a chance.
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mouth the words that 'addiction is a disease' —but secretly want a pound of flesh morethan treatment and recovery. OK, then Bill -- what do you propose as a model for treatment?
Rehabs are supposed to be non-judgmental but there is one moral law that isomnipresent. The conscience of the rehab group itself. And that’s in the air, whether youare in a swimming pool or mopping the floor. I remember in mine, we were constantlyspeculating on who was going "to make it" or not. What works is the steadyinternalization of the groups’ bitter knowledge that to go back to booze or dope is to be aloser. But Dave, since you once headed a famous rehab yourself, what do you think is themark of a good rehab – one that does the job, rather than furnishing a luxurious place tohide out until the law (or your spouse) is off your back?
I’m not a big fan of playing to the retribution side of society by making alltreatment facilities into boot camps. But I also cringe at the seaside Malibu Model, onethat symbolically rewards you BEFORE you’ve even begun to change your internal view of life.
Admirable --  but what does that look like in real life, Doc?
I’ll boil it down to four things for you. First, you can throw away most of the courtevaluations that conclude with the statement that somebody should complete X amountof days of Y type of treatment. Then, before you go any further, the program should be runon what is called theAmerican Society of Addiction Medicine, or ASAM, model.
Our readers could look at the same online slideshow you pointed me at when Iwas trying to understand what the six dimensions of ASAM were--at awebsiteputtogether byElizabeth Kotkin.
Thanks for the reminder. There are six ASAM areas of treatment planning and Iwould also want to see what were the treatment objectives in all six areas, and how they’be achieved. Finally, I would want to know where in the program the patients would learnto work each of the 12 Steps and how they would be reinforced for making them part of their daily lives.
: Maybe by a trip to the beach?
Or like at many centers, after you reach a certain level, community trips to 12Step meetings, recovery clubs and other clean and sober venues.
Point taken Dave.Puerta Vallartacan wait.
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1/1/2011 Lindsay Lohan at no-frills rehab; Charlinydailynews.com//2010-08-13_lindsa2/3

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