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Politicians_ Addicted to Sex or to Power

Politicians_ Addicted to Sex or to Power

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Published by: David Moore, PhD CDP on Jan 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Politicians: Addicted to sex orto power?
ADDICTIONS & ANSWERSFriday, July 2nd 2010, 9:18 AM
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In a taped January 2009 interview, a54-year-old licensed masseuse whosename has been redacted from policerecords, claimed thatAl Goregroped her during a massage session, describing theformer VP as a giggling "crazed sexpoodle" who pounced on her in aPortlandhotel suite reports the blog, “The SmokingGun.”
The cops out there have justre-opened the matter as a sexual assaultcase. Is it any coincidence that Mrs. Gorehas filed for divorce?
Which brings us toBill Clintonwhopursued his own brand of sexualpleasures with one of his interns right intheOval Office--
--and toJohn Edwardswho,while out on the presidential campaign trail, left his cancer-battling wife to go impregnateone of his video production staffers.
One of my layman’s rules of thumb says addiction is activity damaging to your health, your marriage, family, finances or career, but you keep on anyway. Dave, thesethree guys had their sights on the most important office in the world. Would you say theywere addicted to sex, or to dominance and power?
I’m glad to see you taking the havoc these sexual capers wreak on familiesmore importantly than do the political pundits. Indeed, Vanity Fair’s political columnist,Michael Wolff , points out that the endless political dissecting of Edwards,Stanford, Spitzer andNikki Haleyallowed the many rumors aboutAl Gore
s affair with hisLaurie David, hisInconvenient Truthmovie producer, to fly under the radar because,“If  we believe all politicians are having affairs, there’s no story.”
I still remember that long walk the Clinton family made across the White Houselawn after the reality of Monica Lewinsky
s DNA-stained dress brought the wall of “Idid not have sex with that woman” denial crashing down. There seemed to be pain inevery step thatHillaryor Chelsea took.
A very real parallel with the masseuse whoclaims to have black pants with“stains”from when Nobel laureate Al put her in an unwanted embrace.
So, do I hear you saying these antics weren’t about an addiction to power—but,rather, the inability to control their sexual obsessions?
Right on the money—those obsessions lead to compulsive behavior and fromthat potent mixture, a wall of denial is built to let the cycle keep repeating.
Maybe I am a Pollyanna, but can I hope that this may finally jolt the American healthcare industry into offering more services for sexual addiction -- rather than for all of us toremain anaesthetized, thinking it just more gossip and scandal? Dave, if one of our readers needs help with this kind of problem, where can they turn?
Whether it’s a family trying to break through a loved one’s wall of denial, or theaddict himself, my best advice is go toDr. Patrick Carnes’ websiteto discover a path torecovery.
When I was in treatment for alcohol addiction, I saw too many fathers andhusbands just like Al Gore. It wasn’t so much that they didn’t think they should be heldaccountable or spared the pain of divorce. But rather, they were bewildered themselves --
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1/1/2011 Politicians: Addicted to sex or to power?nydailynews.com//2010-07-02_politic1/3
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 [Discussion guidelines]2:36:45 PMJul 2, 2010Report Offensive PostPoliticians and sex. It's about power, ego and denial. Politicians havethe uncanny ability, just like other addicts- their wrong actions can'ttouch them. Unfortunately, when they do, they impact not only their family and friends, but they people they are supposed to serve.Sometimes, that is the country. And they wonder why politicians areon the list of people who can least be trusted.11:24:42 AMJul 3, 2010Report Offensive PostHey, any reason you two chose to use only liberal politicians in your example, when there are plenty of conservatives who are just as bador worse (Mark Souder? John Ensign?). Hmmm, a bit of bias,perhaps, like your bias in favor of 12 step? My gracious, I lose morerespect for you with each new column.5:46:43 AMJul 5, 2010Report Offensive PostMona Lisa, did you miss the mentionof Nikki Halley- Republican? Shewas linked to a married man. Unsubstantiated reports Or Stanfordwhich should be Sanford as in Mark Sanford, Republican governmor of S.Carolina who was off in Argentina with his mistress? Dr.Mooreand Bill mentioned both Dems and Republicans. Both parties havehad more than enough garbage.
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We think alike there. I just read excerpts fromElizabeth Edwards
newbook and the interview with her and daughter Cate inthis week’s People. You know, Bill, Icouldn’t tell the difference between their feelings of rage, sadness and even hope for their family’s future, and similar emotions felt by the many families coming into theScripps Family Programwhere you and I first met.
I can’t fathom going from someone renowned for exhorting all of us to face the“inconvenient truth” of global warming, to a groping sex poodle begging a masseuse to“Release my chakra!
Al Gore may never fully reclaim his revered statesman position but, my guessis that public accolades are nothing compared to having the unconditional love of your grandkids.
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1/1/2011 Politicians: Addicted to sex or to power?nydailynews.com//2010-07-02_politic2/3

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