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Golden Key Teachings - September 2010

Golden Key Teachings - September 2010

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Published by Regina E.H.Ariel
The 9th Divine Ray and their respective energies
Jesus is the Master Guide of this Ray of Deity and its color is magenta. The energeis of the 9th ray have different aspects containng many different possibilities to understand the true deepnes of life and love. As Jesus came to live the example we become a deeper insight of his teachings at the end of this cycle. We are entering a new spiral of evoluton and of course new frequencies and possibilites of experiences in life are becoming reality. What was before just for some special Teachers now is becoming global wisdom just like predicted
The 9th Divine Ray and their respective energies
Jesus is the Master Guide of this Ray of Deity and its color is magenta. The energeis of the 9th ray have different aspects containng many different possibilities to understand the true deepnes of life and love. As Jesus came to live the example we become a deeper insight of his teachings at the end of this cycle. We are entering a new spiral of evoluton and of course new frequencies and possibilites of experiences in life are becoming reality. What was before just for some special Teachers now is becoming global wisdom just like predicted

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Published by: Regina E.H.Ariel on Jan 15, 2011
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Newsletter September 2010 
The 9
Ray of Deity and the Respective Energies
Color: Magenta / Fuchsia - Master Guide of this Divine Ray: Jesus - Essence of the Ray:The Power of Meditation, Prayers, Beauty, Esthetic, Harmony, Neutrality, Humbleness,Work with Colors, Understanding the Sense of Colors, Interacting with the Energies of Colors, Integration of Nature
This is the ray that can bring tremendous shifts of consciousness, of awareness and of deeperunderstanding of the essence of love and light. The essence of this energy potential is hiddenin all the 7 Divine Rays accessible for seeking people wanting discover the real sense of creation. Many people are working with these frequencies in a subtle way without knowing it.Once we start meditation on regular basis in deep devotion to the inner self and the wisdomwithin, to prayers and to commitment of self responsibility and self - development we are ableto find inner guidance, our higher self and the higher truth we all carry within. Prayersbecome a new sense because prayers are fare more then words that our ancestors taught us toserve as petitions and for recitation. Those words we all are learning as little children are justa base to open our heart and to find the inner conversation with the angels and Source justnobody tells us that secret behind the prayers. A Prayer has a powerful essence that activatesonly when we feel it in our hearts and it is just the essence we have to unite with so ourprayers can be heard. Many people are praying in a negative way asking God to help todestroy. You can read an example of that pattern on my blog under “cases” the result of thosekind of prayers are self destruction. For God there are no bad people only children in differentstates of evolution and we are on earth to learn through our experiences with our free will. SoGod has nothing to do with the experiences we create for our selves with the beautiful gift of the free will. It is our decision what we do with it - we have the choice for example to eathealthy food or all kind of products we all know are not healthy, to smoke or to respect ourbody as holy temple, to use the money as a tool of an abundance life or to use it for any kindof suppression, manipulation and corrupt manners. We are the ones who are choosing and thechoices of the global population are bringing us the global experiences. We cannot expect tohave healthy waters when we discharge all kind of poisons into it that makes the fish sick andus when we eat it. All what we create comes back to us and prayers that are just words are nothelping to bring any change. Many people only remember that there is a higher realm andGod when they do not see any further way to proceed. When we look then at the resultwithout any judgment we can see that the negative created experiences were necessary to findback the way home to the heart and to God.To enter into a state of a real prayer we need to send our rational mind in holidays so it cannotinterfere. The words are coming from the bottom of the heart and the soul. Prayers transform
into a deep connection and you begin to integrate your own essence marching with the divineheart of source.Beloved Master Jesus showed us how it works - he showed us that we all are brothers andsisters, no matter where we are living. That is the power of 
focusing onthe Human Being as Divine expression of life without any judgment, evaluation anddiscriminative pattern. He showed us the only true power is the power of love that is equal tothe power of spirit. Love is more as just a personal feeling. Love is Essence of life, it isvibration, it is living light, it is liquid crystal energy vibration, it is happiness, joy and unionwith all creation.Once we enter through prayer and meditation into the essence of the 9
ray, we develop theabilities to see behind the visible picture and all teachings become a different and deepersense - our ability to connect with Source and the Inner Self opens doorways to new horizonsand quantum leaps of consciousness. We stop to make any difference on human races, humanreligions, social status and all parts of nature as we see that each culture has a special code of integration and we see that we all are part of the one creation one as important as the otherone, letting others take their choices without any judgment - start really living and let otherslive too. That is the beginning of understanding what universal love means. It allows others tochoose what they need to have their own way of learning even if the masses still are judgingin good and bad. We rise up above those frequencies of judging and being judged and nothingcan bother us for bad opinions that others might have from us. All those pattern are losingimportance and we start focusing on life as a gift, focusing on our own gifts and how to bringthem in for the best of all.Working with the essence of this ray we become truly alive in divine sense as we begin to feelwhat and how others feel, what and how animals feel and what and how nature is feeling, nomatter if it is a tree, any kind of plant even those that have the title “bad herbs” by men -mountains valleys - you will become able to sense the feeling of any kind of water source - of the mountains and all the elemental living in nature. We become a conscious part of all.We find the way to integrate into the conscious waste diversity of creation - we start feelingthe moon energies, the stars, the universe and galaxy - separation will be recognized asillusion and we work on our lower pattern until all is gone and we finally will understandwhat separation in reality means - as we are on the way to become whole and heal again frominside out through inner training and divine will power to change the way of thinking, of feeling and of acting, we become very humble as we can see now the world with differenteyes and without getting involved in the human created turmoil. Our growth accelerates andwe will be able to sense different energies and to perceive how to work with them. Our focusis shifting from a personal interest into a global interest wishing to help and to assist others tofind their own way too.This is the way to shift from a passive being praying for help and waiting for a miracle into anactive being of self empowerment guided by our higher Self, the higher realms, by AscendedMasters and Divine Source called God with the ability to create the miracles we need to reachour divine goals. We begin to recognize that we have to train and to rectify old ways - we seethat we have to take our life into our own hands instead to let others take the decision for us -we figure out that we have birth rights to be free, to chose and to go for true self realization, tofollow the inner heart call and to stop al kind of suppression. We begin to awaken to the reallife that brings us happiness, health and abundance. We find out what is good for us as ourbody becomes our life guide indicating us what is need to stay heal and as we all are differentwe learn how to accept the differences allowing others to feel and to express those feelingsinstead to suppress them with our different opinions, meanings and instructions. We learn
how to listen within and all the answers are stored there to serve us for our best of individualand personal evolution.That way self healing powers will activate on your way and you will start to find out how toget to the cause of any situation - finding the cause means to be able to work on it and to healthe old pattern creating a powerful healing way as you already know that once the cause isgone the effect (disease) will have to go too by cosmic law. (More in my book)This is the ray we discover the heart for our selves, for everybody and for everything. TheHeart lies within Nature - what does that mean? - the heart is the micro point of any life increation because the heart is porter of the ultimate impulse that creates the vibration tomanifest whatever we can see as well all what is invisible for our physical eyes.Without this very ultimate heart pulse as life rhythm of all we can see we can recognize thatthe same heart pulse we vibrate with, all nature is vibrating with as this very impulse isnecessary for everything to manifest, to grow and to develop. Nature is alive and changesadapting on several levels to the spiral of evolution. Therefore we can see throughout the agesthat ice times are shifting, that different regions once covered with ice are now green landsand so on - even the planet is alive by the same heart pulse due to the divine impulse of lifevibration. Without this first impulse no life would ever be able to manifest in any form.Therefore Jesus thought us to come back to the heart - to reconnect to our inner life pulse, tocome back to wholeness - to recognize first that we are all brothers and sisters even to natureand that we have to get out of the patterns of separations to be able to integrate again into thewhole of there is. We are ONE - and “what you do to one of my brothers you do it to me” andthe extension is “you also do it to yourself and to the whole there is” because whatever we dowe build the whole up or we destroy it depending on our thoughts, feelings and actions as wenever can be separated from the whole if we are aware of it or not. We are creating our globalexperiences through the sum of energy men is creating as global life - and what we seed weearn and the time has come to really decide what we want to have as future, permanentdisasters or moving out of lethargy and help to create the
Golden Age
that has been promised.As we are all co-creators it depends on us to take actions on our selves to integrate into theshift into what we wish to experience in future times. That does NOT DEPEND ON ANYGOVERNMENT - CHURCH or GOD - that depends on us as individuals. Governments onlycan change when the population has changed and is choosing as consequence of the shiftdifferent people with different objectives that are the best for all instead to be the best of justsome in the country and the rest is forgotten. We need to take initiative, to awaken and toactivate
our powers of love
to bring the light forth into this world and to live the difference.This way of self-discovery IS a rebirthing process that awakens our
Inner Beauty
. This kindof beauty begins to reflect within our eyes and the essence of inner beauty connects us to thebeauty of life. Suddenly we are able to find divine beauty within everybody even if peoplecannot see it by themselves as they are still sleeping, we perceive it I each animal, in eachflower, tree and bush. We start to merge with the beauty of life and the happiness that resultsout of inner beauty has no words to describe. Just look on two persons in love with each other- they are so beautiful no matter what their hair color and body structure might be - they arebeautiful because they are happy - love creates happiness and lets the inner light shine. Beingin love with somebody is equal as a micro-cosmos. The relative macro-cosmos is theextension of this inner love in relation to all creation. It is the way to be in love with life itself and the way to eternal wisdom and to illumination. The cross is transformed by self training inlove, compassion and commitment to the own self and life and this way the cross disappearswithin the loving heart. We gain freedom, peace and liberty.

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