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Golden Key Teachings - November 2010

Golden Key Teachings - November 2010

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Published by Regina E.H.Ariel
The 11th ray of Seity and the respective enrgies
This frequency contains aspects guiding us to self-confident choices, to self education, to spiritual fromatation and education, how to network in a saml scales and on a big scale and offer us the insights about happiness, joy and blessings of life....
The 11th ray of Seity and the respective enrgies
This frequency contains aspects guiding us to self-confident choices, to self education, to spiritual fromatation and education, how to network in a saml scales and on a big scale and offer us the insights about happiness, joy and blessings of life....

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Published by: Regina E.H.Ariel on Jan 15, 2011
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 Newsletter November 2010
The 11
Ray of Deity and the Respective Energies
Color: Peach - Salmon
Spiritual Education, Spiritual Formation, Enthusiasm, Joy, Happiness, Self Assurance,Self Confident Planning, Self confident Choices of Objectives and Goals, Team Work,Official Network Activities,
To understand this energy ray we need to look at life in general and focus on what weexperience as global family as well as it needs to look deep inside to make a balance of oldways and new ways of understanding. This kind of understanding we only can find in ourhearts and our souls because within those holy spaces we do not need to be someone we donot feel we are - we just can be who and what we are without being judged from anybody. We just can let go and be and isn’t that a wonderful feeling? A moment of true rest, of true peaceand of inner joy - we all have such moments in our lives and why we cannot just maintain thatwonderful feeling 24 hours of the day? The first question we have to ask us is “why is it thatway it is?” - Why we cannot just live life and be happy without all kind of turmoil,frustrations and inner chaos that reflect into our world? What is the cause? What connectiondid we loose to have lost the ability to be happy 24 hours a day? Most of us can find millionsof reasons in the world we live but all those “whys” will just make a long list without givingus any reason. The basic question is: “What is happiness and how we define it for us, for ourfamily, for our community, country and the world? In our rational minds we find our reasonsvery quick like having a good job, making enough money, living in an own home, travelingthe world, have a new car, many friends and many wishes more related to the physical realm.Those who have experienced disease might just wish to be healthy again and most of men donot know what they have until they lost it.We even can see that also so called famous persons who have all one can dream of are at theborder of frustrations, committing suicide - like for example Romy Schneider? Why are somany of famous people are falling into a big hole? Shouldn’t they be happy for all theglamour and privileges they have? They should have a living out of worries. Stars and famouspeople can have what they want and all what millions of people are dreaming to have withoutbeing happy? Just remember Lady DI the princess of the hearts a royal member and one of therichest and unhappiest people in our world. The answer is that having all is just one side of life and our existence and when we do not know how to fill up the non physical realm withinner richness we fall into an inner void and depression. All people who take drugs of anykind, drinking excessively alcohol, having eating habits that are unhealthy and many patternmore are feeling in a kind of void and they do not know how to fill that void. Just imagine all
those youngsters and run-away children who prefer to live in the streets instead of their ownhomes! They are all sitting in an inner void, mis-understood, not loved and as they do not seea way out they begin to live in self destructive manners - they don’t care anymore aboutthemselves neither about anybody and even not about live as holy gift. They just want toforget the pain and frustrations.Where is the joy of life? Where can we find it and why don’t we just have it? Why parents,teachers, psychologists and authorities do not see and know what is happening as the answeris so simple again: To have physical belongings we have to work for, often very hard and thatis one side of our life’s joy. To experience the second part of inner joy we also have to work for because it just does not happen like a free gift, we have to create it and therefore we needspiritual education and formation equal as we need professional education and formation tomake a living. As our educational structures only give values to the physical part of life welost the spiritual realm within our selves and that creates emptiness, stress, depression andpattern of unconscious excessive behaviors, frustrations and at the end a kind of void that isnot defined. To be a happy person both realms have to be in balance and when we look in ourworld plenty of disasters, diseases, wars and abuse of all kind we have to consider thatsomething is out of balance on a global scale. Ruling people that are out of inner balance willnever be able to create a peaceful world; neither ego pattern do, nor pattern of suppression of some ethnic groups does. All comes back like a boomerang and that hurts all of us.Everybody can see it and the many “whys” should give us the opportunity to think about theseglobal phenomena just as individuals. Most of people lost the spiritual abilities and one of them is to see the real causes without gilt or judgements because there are tones of reasonsmixed up building the inner chaos, disease and frustrations. Mostly it is a combination of many aspects of our lives. Spiritual Education is the Golden key back to the Self, to Peace,Happiness and Joy. Spiritual Education is equal as Self-education as we all have an individualway.Spiritual Education is the shift from the ego and pure rational mind to the higher state of mind- inner growth -self education- self development - divine curiosity - who am I- where do Icome from, what happens after life, what before life are the engine for searching answers thatare not written in our educational books, neither we can study it - we have to seek the answerswithin our selves. It is not enough to just read books because we are all different in genealogy,talents, individual stories, structures and missions - so there only can be guidance to the soul’slevel, to the heart and to bring the pattern of separation back into union and oneness. On thatway we touch base and only when we are ready to travel through the dark sides of our liveslooking at the chaos within > self - created by many different factors sometimes accumulatedduring many lifetimes, with the will of solution and healing can give us the results everybodyis longing for. To find true happiness we can begin a journey back to our own eternal divinetruth - to the point within our soul where we can encounter innocence and purity, our dignity,our real strength and all those beautiful vibrations that have the power to guide us the wayback into wholeness and holiness. These spiritual doorways are always open to enter and themany doors can be opened when we wish it at any times we decide to go for it and to make ithappen.It needs work and self-commitment and many times courage as our true and pure self iscovered by so many layers of energies that are hiding our true being, The journey is also anadventure because we learn about powers we own and we learn how they work and how toexpand our abilities. Everything changes when we become whole beings because on that waywe learn that we all have many values and we learn how to handle people that judge us bytheir ego mind without even knowing who we truly are, beacuase they also do not know who
they really are. We learn how to focus on the real values of life and just take the physicalbelongings as gifts that we have the honor to have without depending o them on an emotionallevel. We learn how to go for our life dreams drawn to by the center of our heart - we learnhow to choose what the best is for us instead to focus on who I might appear to be for theopinion of others. We learn how to open our hearts and how to handle the fine line of limitswhere we wish something that serves our ego instead the best of our life. Example: onemember of a family with “high reputation” of academic members have a child that would liketo be a baker … - everybody can imagine what wave of horror that creates within the ownfamily and the respective child would be judged as the black sheep of the family andabnormal. Vice versa if there is a child dreaming to be an academic being born in an un-academic family…. They would say that it is crazy to even think about and do whatever thatthe child lets go that “crazy idea”. We create false values and classify people and we have tolearn that every individual has individual talents even when those talents do not fit into longfamily traditions. Spiritual education is needed to understand why those things are happening,what they make us unhappy and how to handle them. It is a very small border where we needto understand what we think is good for others and what the respective person is felling beingthe best for the self. Where is the truth and the rightful thing to do? Spiritual education leadsus back to deeper insights and to a very different kind of perception in respect of what wewish for us and others. We learn a different kind of how to make wishes - constructive wishesfor the best of all without wanting to get at any price what we imagine for others. These areGolden Keys of happiness and inner joy and we learn that all daily events in our lives aretools of learning and a training to come to deeper understanding. Life appears in differentcolors, clear colors and lighter energies and we learn how to have fun from inside out thatexpands and creates a platform of new abilities.Self-Responsibility: As we see it always comes to the same center point which is the journeyback to our heart and each ray is giving us a different aspect of this one way we
walk.Why the word “can”? It is because we can decide if we do it or not. Nobody obligates us toanalyse our lives, to do something to understand life at a deeper level. It is up to us and ourvery individual decision. Yes we can, we have opportunities and we are free to define whatwe want and that is the gift of free choice we have been given from God to chose our ownexperiences, might they be good or not, conscious or unconscious and this is the moment todefine the word Self-Responsibility, Self-Education and Self-Development.Self formation means to wake up to the point that we can see that we have to change when wewant to change our lives - the focus goes on us and not on others - to seek guidance and tocare about the personal growth, personal healing and feel valid enough to take measures andto act - shift the way of thinking to reach new levels of understanding through ownexperiences on that way - responsibility is a tremendous key to a joyful life. Responsibilitymeans to stop relaying on self-excuses when we hear our heart crying for help and the mindsays - oh no, that is too expensive, that is too difficult, that is impossible. Self-responsibilitystarts with the will to clear any kind of situation we do not feel good about in our lives. Itbegins with being responsible of our own body. Scan our habits. There is a cosmic law -called the habit of attraction - what we think we get and when we think we are not worthy ornot talented we are the creator of what we will get out of that kind of thoughts. If others tellyou that you are not talented and you feel that you are and you do not believe in yourself yougive your power away on opinions of others and you give self-responsibility away. Othersnotice the emptiness and fears and begin their mobbing games.Self-Responsibility also has to do with our life style - are we eating what we really need tomaintain our body healthy? Food is a real important key for self-responsibility and self-

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