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Type Selection

Type Selection

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Published by ezequiel00731

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Published by: ezequiel00731 on Jan 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Type Selection: Beyond the Look of the Letter 
The Right Fontfor the Job
Type Selection
 Beyond the Look of the Letter 
www.fontshop.com toll free at 888 ff fonts 415.252.1003
Wh d sm fs s mr ha hrs? Wh ar hr sma vrss f h sam fa?
Ths ar good qustions.Fortunatly, w hav answrs. Introduing th rst dition o FontShop Fundamntals, an duational sris ddiatd to typ tipsand dsign idas. Lt’s go byond orm and dig into ont untion.Blow ar our main ways onts an dir, vn i most o thir lttrslook th sam. Sav, bookmark, or print this doumnt and ask yoursl ths qustions th nxt tim you’r hoosing typ.
How do I know whichfont is right for the job?
www.fontshop.com toll free at 888 ff fonts 415.252.1003
The font has the right form.What about the function?
A w yars ago, you had to mak a dision btwn TruTyp orPostSript and Ma or Windows. Today, th hoi is usually airly simpl:OpnTypis th most onvnint and ull-aturd ont ormat, ompatiblwith all modrn srn and print workows.All th xtras that ar ommonly sprad aross multipl PostSript orTruTyp ls an liv in on OpnTyp l. Bst o all, OpnTyp is atruly ross-platorm ormat. You an us th sam ont on Ma or Windowsmahins without onvrting th ont or aring row.
RguRgu WidOOdyFiguSSCEx
CEuCyiiGkRguM &WidO& BdFigu
LiguA GySS C
OpnTyp is th bst hoi or graphi dsignrs working in updatd vrsions o Adob® CS and QuarkXPrss®. It’s otn th bst hoi ornon-dsignrs as wll, suh as usrs in th orporat nvironmnt whowant ross-platorm ompatibility or who st typ in Grk, Russian, orothr Eastrn Europan languags.
postscript fontopentype font

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