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002075 Workbook Gold Records

002075 Workbook Gold Records

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Published by Larry Williams
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Published by: Larry Williams on Jan 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Presented jointly by:Jordan LeBaron; Senior Business Consultant, OmnitureRichard Calentine; Senior Web Analyst, Scripps Networks
SEO Measurement 101
SEO Measurement 101
I you live in search marketing on a daily basis, you can probably skip this initialsection. You could probably recite much o this in your sleep. (I you do, seek help).Otherwise, to set the stage or the rest o this workbook here is a brie primer tobasic concepts o online search marketing.It’s worth starting out talking about the two types o search marketing.First is natural search.Natural search is any o the eorts youmake on your Web site to optimize it or  those who are likely to be looking or  your site, or those you want to attract to your site; oten, these groups are onein the same. As or paid search, this is the processo bidding auction-style or keywords that you eel are prominent and key inbringing people to your site.In either case, what you’re trying todo is make your site more attractive toboth those consumers who you want on your site, as well as the search engines(e.g. Google, Yahoo!, Bing) that your consumers are using search or you.Search engines use “crawlers” whichscan all Web sites to nd sites or pages that match the searcher’s keywords.
SEO Measurement 101Then, the search engines rank and display the Web sites they deem to be the bestoptions according to what the consumer is looking or. Obviously, a business wantsits Web pages to rank as high as possible or their ideal customers. Thereore, itbecomes important or businesses to be strategic about all aspects o content romarchitecture to copy to design to make sure it’s attractive to the search enginesand your consumers to get them there quickly and in great numbers.

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