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Mobile Youth Around the World

Mobile Youth Around the World

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Published by Youssef Rahoui

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Published by: Youssef Rahoui on Jan 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright © 2010 The Nielsen Company.
What kind of phones do young people use?
Smartphone v. Feature Phone
Out of all the countries examined, Italyleads in smartphone penetration with47 percent of young people ages 15-24owning a smartphone, compared to 31percent of adults over 25. Smartphonepenetration among European youthaverages 28 percent in the countriessurveyed, while penetration among olderadults in Europe is 27 percent.As of Q2 2010, 28 percent of US mobilesubscribers had smartphones. Youth inthe United States exceed the populationaverage smartphone penetration by 5percent.All countries tend to skew male insmartphone adoption with one notableexception—the US, where 55 percent of smartphone users age 15-24 are female. Inthe overall US smartphone population, 55percent were male.
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Italy has the highest smartphone penetration among youth 15-24;smartphone users skew male everywhere but US
Source: H1 2010
From texting to video to social networking, mobile phones are taking an ever-expanding role in ourdaily lives. And young people around the world are more immersed in mobile technology than anyprevious generation.The Nielsen Company analyzes and tracks mobile usage in North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, LatinAmerica, and the Middle East. In this report, we’ll highlight mobile youth data from Brazil, Russia,India, China, Vietnam, Germany, US, UK, Spain and Italy.Usage patterns vary greatly among youth throughout the world, demonstrating how culture,economy and age can all play a large part in mobile behavior. These factors affect device selection,payment and usage.Understanding whether behaviors are a function of age or other environmental factors can helpmarketers communicate more effectively with this key demographic through mobile servicesand devices.
Copyright © 2010 The Nielsen Company.
Source: The Nielsen Company
Italy is leading in multiple SIM usage
Multiple SIM Cards
One distinguishing factor of the USversus other countries’ mobile behavioris multiple-SIM card usage. Outside theUnited States, it is not unusual for peopleto swap the SIM card in their phone inorder to take advantage of different tariffsand lower cost in-network calling frommobile carriers. Multiple SIM usage is evenmore common in Brazil, Russia, India andChina (BRIC) among youth, where adults25+ have a lower usage rate. In Europe, youths use multiple SIMs 9 percent lessthan the adult average. In terms of themotivation behind having more than oneSIM, Italian youth claim their primaryreason is to take advantage of differenttariffs and free text messages. In China, young multiple SIM users are most likelyto do so because of the ability to havedifferent numbers for different people.Some device manufacturers are takingadvantage of this trend by creating devicesthat make it easy for consumers to insertmultiple SIMs into the same phone at thesame time.
How did they choosetheir device?
Person responsible for deviceselection
An overwhelming majority of youngpeople throughout the world choosetheir own devices. Across the countriessurveyed, only 16 percent of youngpeople’s parents chose their phone.
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Source: The Nielsen Company
Young people choose their own mobile devices

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