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2010 - 2011 Arizona Waterfowl and Snipe Brochure

2010 - 2011 Arizona Waterfowl and Snipe Brochure

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Published by RoeHunting

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Published by: RoeHunting on Jan 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Synopsis of Federal RegulationsApplicable to Migratory Bird Hunting
 Federal regulations regarding bird hunting are described inthe Code o Federal Regulations (CFR). These can be ound at www.gpoaccess.gov/cr/index.html. The regulations below can be ound at 50 CFR 20.21 unless otherwise noted. An electronic version o these regulations can be ound by downloading this booklet as a PDF at www.azgd.gov/rules.
Migratory game birds may be taken only with a10 gauge or smaller shotgun capable o holding not more thanthree shells unless it is plugged with a one-piece fller, inca-pable o removal without disassembling the gun, so the gun’stotal capacity does not exceed three shells. Birds may also betaken by alconry, bow and arrow, or crossbow.
No person may take mi-gratory game birds rom or by means, aid, or use o any motor vehicle, motor-driven land conveyance, or aircrat o any kind.Special regulations govern handicapped hunters.
Migratory game birds maynot be taken rom or by means o any watercrat or other crathaving a motor attached, or any sailboat, unless the motorhas been completely shut o and/or the sails urled, and itsprogress there rom has ceased. A watercrat under power maybe used to retrieve dead or crippled birds but no shooting ispermitted while the watercrat is underway. No person shalltake migratory game birds by means or aid o any motor drivenland, water, or air conveyance, or any sailboat used or thepurpose o or resulting in the concentrating, driving, rallying, orstirring up o any migratory bird.
Migratory game birds maynot be taken by the use or aid o live decoys, recorded orelectronically amplifed bird calls or recorded or electricallyamplifed imitations o bird calls or sounds. It is illegal to takebirds by the aid o baiting, or on or over any baited area, wherea person knows or reasonably should know that the area is orhas been baited. An area is considered baited or 10 days aterthe complete removal o all bait. It is legal to take migratorygame birds, except waterowl, coots and cranes, on or overlands or areas that are not otherwise baited areas, and wheregrain or other eed has been distributed or scattered solely asthe result o manipulation o an agricultural crop or other eedon the land where grown, or solely as the result o a normalagricultural operation.
No person shall kill or crippleany migratory game bird without making a reasonable eort
Arizona Game and Fish Department
5000 W. Careree HighwayPhoenix, Arizona 85086(602) 942-3000 www.azgd.gov
to retrieve the bird and retain it in his actual custody while inthe feld. Crippled birds must be killed immediately. Any birdsgiven to or let with another person must be tagged by thehunter with a tag showing his signature, address, the numberand species o birds, and the dates they were killed. Pack-ages in which migratory game birds are shipped must showthe names and addresses o the sender and receiver, and thenumber and species o birds contained in the parcel. (50 CFR20.25, 20.36, 20.44)
No person may, during any one day, take morethan one daily bag limit or possess more than one daily baglimit in the feld, or while returning to the car, hunting camp orhome. (50 CFR 20.24, 20.35)
For inormation regarding the importationo migratory game birds killed in another country, huntersshould consult ederal regulations. One ully eathered wingmust remain attached to all migratory game birds being trans-ported between the port o entry and the hunter’s home or toa migratory bird preservation acility. No person shall importany migratory game birds rom any country except Canadaunless such birds are dressed, drawn and the head and eetare removed. Special regulations govern consignment to anapproved and licensed taxidermist. No person shall importmigratory game birds belonging to another person. (50 CFR20.61 through 20.66)
No person may take migratory gamebirds during the closed season. Migratory game birds may betaken only during hours open to hunting. (50 CFR 20.22, 20.23)
Sportsmen should note that oneeathered wing (or head or sandhill crane only) must be letattached to all migratory game birds until they reach their fnaldestination.
No person may take ducks, geese(including brant), or coots while possessing shot (either in shot-shells or as loose shot or muzzleloading) other than approvednon-toxic shot. For a list o approved non-toxic shot, see www.ws.gov/migratorybirds/currentbirdissues/nontoxic.htm.
Monuments and military areas
The Grand Canyon-Parashant, Vermilion Clis, Sonoran Desert,Ironwood Forest, and Agua Fria National Monuments are opento hunting. Camp Navajo in Unit 6B is open to hunting only toproperly licensed members o the Arizona National Guard andCamp Navajo civilian personnel holding a valid Camp Navajohunting permit. Season dates and regulations must be obtainedrom the Arizona National Guard. The Fort Huachuca Army Gar-rison in Unit 35A is open to hunting only to properly licensedmilitary and Fort Huachuca civilian personnel holding a validFort Huachuca post hunting permit. Season dates and specialregulations must be obtained rom Fort Huachuca.The Florence Military Reservation (training areas B and D: theareas north and south o Cottonwood Canyon Road) in Unit37B is subject to short term closures due to military opera-tions, including live fre operations, and requires coordination with the Florence Military Reservation or hunting access. Forspecifc closure dates or any other access concerns, contact theFlorence Military Reservation at 602-267-2062. A map o theFlorence Military Reservation is located on the Arizona Gameand Fish Department’s website, www.azgd.gov (type FlorenceMilitary Reservation in the search box).
Banded birds
Hunters can report recovery o banded birds by calling1-800-327-BAND (2263).
Wildlife areas, county parks
For Restrictions or taking wildlie on Maricopa County Parksand Inormation on Status o Wildlie Areas (R12-4-802), see“Where, When and How You Can Hunt” section in the 2010–2011 Arizona Hunting and Trapping Regulations.
Waterfowl hunting information
 Waterowl hunting inormation is available by visiting the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s website at www.azgd.gov/hunting and selecting Waterowl Hunting in thelet menu bar.
Waterfowl Hunters – Arizona BaldEagles Need Your Help
 Annually on Dec. 1, 22 closures are enacted statewide to pro-tect breeding bald eagles. These closures restrict human activity within the nest area so the resident bald eagles will have theopportunity to successully breed. We are asking or your assis-tance to avoid bald eagle breeding areas while you are hunting waterowl, as your presence and the noise rom discharging your frearm may cause a disturbance to the breeding pair. Thebald eagles are laying eggs during the later part o the water-owl season and are very sensitive to human activity.The bald eagle is protected by the Bald and Golden EagleProtection Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and various otherstate and ederal laws. You can fnd the ull list o Bald Eagle Breeding Area Closuresat www.swbemc.org. Click on the “Bald Eagle Closure Areas GoInto Eect” link on that page. Or contact the local U.S. ForestService Ranger District ofce or Arizona Game and Fish Re-gional Ofce where you plan to hunt.
Hunt Zones2010-2011 Arizona Migratory Bird Stamp
(Circle One) Mr. Ms. Mrs.Last Name SufxFirst Name MI Address AddressCity StateZip Code
Date o Birth:
(Required) MO DY YR
1. Do you intend to hunt doves, coots, moorhen or snipe this season?( ) No ( ) Yes2. Will you hunt band-tailed pigeons this season?( ) No ( ) Yes3. I you hunted these birds last season, about how many did youbag?Did Not HuntNone1-1011-3031+Doves( )( )( )( )( )Band-tailed pigeon( )( )( )( )( )4. Which o the ollowing species did you hunt last season?( ) Coots ( ) Moorhens ( ) Snipe
Mail this orm to any Arizona Game andFish Department ofce. The headquarters ofce address is 5000 W. Careree Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85086. Please allow 2-3 weeksor delivery. You must include a check or money order in theamount o $4.50. This stamp will be available at all license deal-ers beginning July 1.
The Arizona Migratory Bird Stamp is available or pur-chase at any license dealer, Game and Fish Department ofcesor get printed-privileges online at www.azgd.gov.
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