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Stelarc Update January 15, 2011 Used w Permission

Stelarc Update January 15, 2011 Used w Permission

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Published by cw
Information received via email from Stelarc on January 15th, 2011
Information received via email from Stelarc on January 15th, 2011

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: cw on Jan 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stelarc updateHere is some info on the INTERNET EAR (for Biotopia in Aalborg, Denmark) and theFLOATING HEAD installations in Montreal.For the INTERNET EAR soft casts of the Ear On Arm in gallery spaces in Aalborg, Copenhagen,Paris and Moscow. When you speak into the ear, the speech recognition system interprets what yousaid and then speaks your words simultaneously heard in all 4 locations. There is some feedback that comes into play too as the system hears itself speak and reinterprets that and speaks it again, but in a further corrupted way.There is also an online site where anyone can interactively contribute-http://www.earonarm.net/You could leave a message by clicking the ear. A window pops up and you either give your name or location and then type the message. Your message is displayed online and the system will alsospeak your words in Paris, Moscow and Aalborg, using its text to speech engine.So what's happening is a cacophony of circulating words that are both visually displayed,interpreted and spoken- with some modulation and feedback. Note that-http://www.earonarm.net/index_aal.phpis the actual projection people see in the 3 gallery spaces.As for the FLOATING HEAD, imagine the Prosthetic Head projected on an inflated cube that flies.It's aerodynamic despite its shape. It has 4 small vertical propellars, 4 above and 4 below the cubeto maintain its equilibrium and to move left and right, up and down. Its operational space wasapproximately 10m wide X 5m deep X 7m high. There was a vocabulary of behaviour developedfor this actual-virtual interface. The accelerometers on the cube tell the computer and projector where it is allowing the projector to always follow the cube so the Prosthetic Head alwaysembodied by the cube. People can interact and interrogate the Head as before. Or just simply ask itto sing (it generates song-like sounds by stringing together combinations of vowels). It wascollaboration with NXI Gestatio (Nicolas Reeves & David St-Onge) who developed the flyingrobot. So it was an installation rather than a performance.Here is a screen grab of the Internet Ear and some selected images from the Floating Head.

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