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Published by sharmila_joseph
A compilation, Counsels on Marriage and Courtship, containing all Scripture proofs and Sister White's statements from Spirit of Prophecy on the basis of sound advice for those comtemplating/or within relationships.
A compilation, Counsels on Marriage and Courtship, containing all Scripture proofs and Sister White's statements from Spirit of Prophecy on the basis of sound advice for those comtemplating/or within relationships.

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Published by: sharmila_joseph on Jan 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Statements byELLEN G. WHITE
Compiled by
P.S. Biant
“If those who are contemplating marriage wouldnot have miserable, unhappy reflections aftermarriage, they must make it a subject of serious,earnest reflection now. This step taken unwisely isone of the most effective means of ruining theusefulness of young men and women”
Printed and Published by
The Advent TruthPO Box 41Derby DE1 9ZRENGLAND
Table of Contents
Foreword iiiIntroduction -- I Love You 1
From the Bible1From the Writings of Ellen G. White 3
Section 1 -- Marriage--a Foretaste of Heaven 4
God Both Ordained & Approves of Marriage 4Make your Courtship Last Throughout your Marriage 5Letter 5Marriage Is Like Christ's Love For His Chosen People 5Married Life Gets Better and Better 6A Happy or Unhappy Marriage? 6Make Haste Slowly 6
Section 2 -- Finding the Right Mate 8
Vital Factors in the Choice 8Marriages Wrecked by Incompatibility 8Adapted to Each Other 8Disparity in Age 9Preparation for Marriage is an Essential Part of Education 9A Knowledge of Homemaking Is Indispensable 10Give Attention to the Principles of hygiene 10What a Young Man Should Look for in a Wife 10Letter 11Questions a Girl Should Ask Before Marriage 12The Prospective Husband Should be Thrifty & Industrious 12Letter 12Husbands Should not be Over-bearing 14Both Parties are Responsible 14
Section 3 -- Uniting With Unbelievers 15
God's Commands Are Plain 15Can Two Walk Together Except They Be Agreed? 15Risking the Enjoyments of Heaven 16Solomon's Example 17Letter 17Letter 18Perpetual Differences in a Divided Home 19A Safe Marriage Alliance 19When One Partner Is Converted After Marriage 20Easier to Make a Mistake Than to Correct It 20Will You Gamble with Your Marriage? 20
Section 4 -- Looking for Help?
Youth Need the Wisdom of Age and Experience 21Have I Made The Right Choice? 21Letter 22Letter 23Matured Judgement of Parents Should be Valued 23Parents to Guide the Affections of Youth 24
 Parents Entitles to Love, Honour and Respect 24The Example Set by Isaac 25Letter 25
Section 5 -- Is It Really Love?
True Love Verses Passion 27Love Must Be Worked At 27The Power of Love 28When Love is Blind 28The Aftermath of Blind Love 29Experience of Others a Warning 29True Religion Ensures Love & Happiness 29Letter 30
Section 6 -- Courtship 32
Wrong Ideas of Courtship and Marriage 32Keeping Late Hours 32Sowing Wild Oats 32Deceptive Practices 33Break the Engagement if Necessary 33Results of Unwise Courtship and Marriage 33
Section 7 -- In Control 34
Power in Christ for Self-control 34Christianity to be a Controlling Influence 34Sentimentalism to be Shunned as leprosy 34Caution to a Youthful Student 34Guard the Affections 35Dangers of Childhood Attachments 35Potential Workers for God Entangled 35Counsel to a Teenage Youth 36Letter 36Letter 37Don't Be Squeezed into the World's Mould 38Pornography and Your Mind 39
Section 8 -- Sexual Responsibility 40
Counsel to a Romantic, Lovesick Girl. 40Sexual Responsibility of Young Christians 40Avoid the First Downward Step 40Letter 41Letter 42Letter 43Letter 43Trifling with Hearts 44Women Must Uphold a High Standard of Conduct 44Beware of Flattery 45Letter 45How to be Kept from Straying 46
Section 9 -- Marrying and Giving in Marriage. 47Section 10 -- The Mutual Obligations of Husband and Wife. 48Bibliography 49

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