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layers of reality; dance of life

layers of reality; dance of life

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meaningless dance or otherwise? you decide..
meaningless dance or otherwise? you decide..

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: sam iam / Salvatore Gerard Micheal on Jan 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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layers of reality; dance of life
On the very surface, there's what we observe and the 'shit that happens' to us (orchestrated eventswe cannot see 'behind the scenes'). As a very important side note: animals cannot lie. They knowwhat's in our heart: they know if we're afraid or angry; they sense this intuitively via body signalsand eyes. So a good 'thermometer' of individual / group feelings is animal perceptions / reactions.This indicates there are layers to our reality. Let's list them out:superficial / outward / apparent'dance of hearts' / love / hatred / bonding / rejection / emotional(co-leveled with above) 'dance of minds' / intellectual / 'world of ideas''dance of spirits' / core of being / true character / 'heart of hearts'So there are three levels and four layers:'what we see''dance of hearts' - 'dance of minds''dance of spirits'So we see human life is not a play, it's not a performance on a stage, it's not a game, it's not asimulation, it's
- and it's a Dance. i contend the deepest level is God. So when we union withGod, we can see all the layers and Dance for what they are / what It Is. This may sound patheticfor the uninitiated, but the deeper i look into physics and the structure of reality, the more isimply see Myself in the mirror and view the Creator that's in me .. In my essay on 'balance incurvature' i neglected to mention one critical fact: it depends on the first Cause; that particular model of our universe cannot exist without God exploding the singularity. So if that view of reality is correct, we've basically proven God exists. Similarly, you must believe in God to acceptthat view of reality. There's
force in the universe which can 'extricate matter from a black hole' (other than Hawking evaporation) but this is not evaporation - this is the
of asingularity - that requires God, the first Cause.This is the irony of human science. We try so hard to build a model of our universe without Godand find the only realistic model, at the deepest level, requires God.When you union with God, you actually can See behind the scenes so nothing is hidden fromyour view - all layers are transparent and you See from the 'bottom up' (you see from the Danceall the other layers are superficial). Even our most visceral layer - the dance of hearts - is stillmerely
to the core Dance.In my relationship with Richard and Kristin, the wonderful educators in the American southwest,i learned the true value of trust and respect, firsthand. There was no filter, no barrier, noobscurity,.. This lesson was poured directly into my soul. It took me years to understand andappreciate it, but the lesson was there and inescapable. This provided the foundation for Better Way and Basic Human Rights. So really who i must thank is Elisha. She was the bright star which all these events unfolded around .. i've related this story in other essays so i'll not repeat ithere .. So thank you Elisha, Richard, Kristin, and Alicia. i can now See You in the Dance and amnot distracted by superficiality.It may sound crazy or delusional or 'making things up' or trivial human insecurity .. Or perhapssome form of compensation .. But you know what that is and the process of you reading this? It's part of the dance of minds .. Your eyes are connected to your mind and heart. i normally try to

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