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Fleeing From Allaah Unto Him

Fleeing From Allaah Unto Him

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Published by zaki77
Taken from http://tawheedfirst.com/
Taken from http://tawheedfirst.com/

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Published by: zaki77 on Jan 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fleeing from Allaah unto Him
Transcribed from "Ar-Risalat ut-Tabukiyyah" (The Message from Tabuk) of Imam Ibn ul-Qayyim
“From” and “To”
The heart’s hijrah requires migrating “from” one state “to” another. A personmigrates with his heart:From loving other than Allaah to loving Him;From offering servitude to other than Allaah to offering it to Him;From fearing other than Allaah to fearing Him;From having hope in other than Allaah to having hope in Him;From relying on other than Allaah to relying on Him;From asking and deploring other than Allaah to asking and deploring Him;From surrendering and submitting to other than Allaah to surrendering andsubmitting to Him.This is precisely the meaning of “fleeing unto Allaah”, as Allaah
ِﷲ  َ ِإ اوِ َ 
…Flee then unto Allaah…
[Ad-Dhariyat, 50]
 And indeed, the Tawheed required from a person is to flee from Allaah untoHim!Under this heading of “from” and “to” falls a great reality of Tawheed.
Fleeing unto Allaah
Fleeing unto Allaah
includes turning to Him alone for appeal,worship, and all that proceeds from it, such as love, fear, surrender, andreliance. Thus, it includes the Tawheed of Ilahiyyah, which is the commonsubject among the Messengers’ message (may Allaah bestow His peace uponthem all).
Fleeing from Allaah
On the other hand, fleeing from Allaah (unto Him) includes the Tawheed of Ruboobiyyah and affirmation of Qadar. It professes that whatever one hates orfears or evades in the creation only takes place by Allaah’s will.Indeed, whatever Allaah
Wills surely happens, and its existencebecomes mandatory by virtue of Allaah’s will. And whatever Allaah does notWill, never happens and is impossible to exist.Thus when one flees unto Allaah, one would actually be fleeing (unto Him)from a thing that occurred by His will and decree. In other words, one wouldbe fleeing from Allaah unto Him!One who properly understands this would then understand the meaning of theProphet’s
 و
“I seek refuge from You in You”
1One would then also understand the Prophet’s
 و
“…There is no shelter or escape from You except to You…”
2There is nothing in the creation from which one would flee or seek protectionbut is created and originated by Allaah
. Therefore, one would fleefrom what is mandated by Allaah’s decree, will, and creation; and one wouldflee to what is mandated by Allaah’s mercy, goodness, kindness, and bounty.Hence, one flees from Allaah unto Him, and seeks refuge in Him from Him!

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