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Published by irish x

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: irish x on Jan 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Likely to enjoy time spent with people and find less reward in time spent alone (thischaracteristic is mostly seen in females)1.
Are you more dominant or submissive?a.
I don't know/neither/noneof your business2.
You are more:a.
Easily embarrassedc.
In the middle3.
In front of other people, you consideryourself to be a.
In the middle4.
So, theres a discussion going on. Youknow a little bit about the subjectmatter, but the people talking areexperts, or might as well be. What doyou do?a.
I jump in anyways. If I getcaught, Ill talk my way out of itb.
I listen to what I dont knowand give my input on what I doc.
I stay quiet. Id rather notembarrass myself 5.
You are part of a heated argument inwhich neither side will back down. Whywont you?a.
Because Im rightb.
You know that you might bewrong, and you also know youdont like being called out on itc.
I am? I never get into heatedarguments, they make meuncomfortable6.
How much do you care what otherpeople think of you?a.
Not particularly much.b.
How could I not?a.
If theyre looking down on me,theyre not worth my timeanyways.7.
Youre running through a presentationin front of a test audience. One of theaudience members interrupts you everyonce in a while with some critique. Howdo you take this?a.
I feel really embarrassed. Howcould I not catch all thosemistakes?b.
Im kind of annoyed, but thatdoesnt give their input any lessmerit. Ill take it intoconsideration.c.
I know what Im doing. I take itin stride.8.
How self conscious you tend to bea.
Somewhat, depending where Iam or who Im withc.
Not at all, I could care less whatothers think of me9.
Are you assertive?a.
Kind of c.
Would you prefer to worka.
When you are starting a difficultconversation:a.
You prefer to have a specifictopic to discussb.
You just say what's on yourmindc.
It depends12.
If you have a problem, you tend to
Ask for inputb.
Solve it yourself c.
Let it past13.
When talking with your friends, you'remore likely to discussa.
Politics, sports, or newsb.
What's going on in your livesand people you knowc.
Whatever comes to mind14.
In an argument or heated discussion, youfind it most important to:a.
Come to an understandingb.
Drive your point homec.
Accept their argument butstill hold yours15.
If someone disagrees strongly with you,your first instinct is change the subject orcompromise.a.
I agreeb.
I disagree16.
You wish to live out you lifeindependently.a.
I agreeb.
I disagree17.
You prefer to talk about meaninglessstuff with your friends than have deepdiscussions.a.
I agreeb.
I disagree18.
You often have trouble articulating whatyou want.a.
I agreeb.
I disagree19.
I easily talk to new peoplea.
I agreeb.
I disagree20.
People say I come across as a confidentpersona.
I agreeb.
I disagree
Affected by emotions rather than reason (this characteristic is mostly seen in females)1.
You find a 100 peso bill lying on thefloor in an empty street. You would...a.
Pocket the moneyb.
Feel a bit guilty as you pocketthe moneyc.
Leave it where it is2.
Euthanasia (assisted suicide) isa.
Always wrongb.
Necessary, especially when theperson would never get betterc.
Justified if it is the wish of theperson and they are unable todo it themselves3.
You seem to fall in love easily.a.
I've only been in love once ortwice.c.
I haven't been in love yet4.
Would you like to have children?a.
No, too much trouble.b.
Eventually yes, but not rightnow/I love my childrenc.
Not sure5.
Do you love animals?a.
I love to take care of animalsb.
Ummm.. noc.
In general yes, but I don't wantto have any pets6.
How much do you care about otherpeople?a.
Only about my loved onesb.
Screw them, it's all about Me!c.
I care about other people morethan myself 7.
Why do you lie?a.
Because itd hurt their feelingsif I dontb.
To keep facec.
Because things are better off if Ido. Id rather not create anyunnecessary drama8.
A friend tells you about their problems.How do you feel about this?a.
I listen, but Id rather not. Theyprobably brought it uponthemselves, and Ive gotproblems too.b.
Of course I listen! Even if I cantsympathize, I empathize.c.
I feel awkward. Really, reallyawkward. I pat them on theshoulder and look for an escaperoute.9.
Do you feel bad for trapped or dyinganimals?a.
Do you give people compliments?a.
Yes, it comes naturally toyoub.
Not reallyc.
If someone you've just met talks abouttheir feelings, it makes you feel...a.
You enjoy:a.
Helping other peopleb.
Helping yourself c.
You tell your significant other:a.
Some things - you lose track of what exactlyb.
Almost everythingc.
None at all

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