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Inescapable and inevitable event of your life – your death

Inescapable and inevitable event of your life – your death

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Published by Arfan Shah
Inescapable and inevitable event of your life – your death
Inescapable and inevitable event of your life – your death

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Published by: Arfan Shah on Jan 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Inescapable andinevitable event of yourlife  your death
In the name of Allah the most merciful most compassionateBy Arfan ShahWe keep ourselves busy in this world with each others, work,running, moving from place to place faster and faster,technology wrapped in technology. So much confusion andmisinformation that we can hardly make sense of. It is almostimpossible to take things on face value.We live in times where we cannot trust anyone and if we dowe regret the decision very quickly. We build boundariesaround each other in an attempt to protect our belongings.Yet we seek more and more possessions. We want things tomove faster, waiting for a moment is a moment too long!We have families to support and open mouths to feed. Thensuddenly its all over snap. Someone goes into a doctorssurgery to get results of a routine test and there it is canceror suddenly someone has a heart attack and then they aregone. Someone thinks how can this happen to me? I haveso much yet to do; so much yet to achieve.
The man is walking happily in his heedlessness without a carein the world and when death comes there is no time left. Hehas no chance to bid farewell to his beloved ones because hehas to go and he cannot come back. Death is inescapable andinevitable. But man thinks, hey if I freeze my body partsmaybe in the future theyll find a cure for death. This is afoolish action as there is no cure for death.Our bodies eventually lose their youthful appearance and weare returning to weakness, our strength is ebbing away. Mancant cope with death as he is lost with all his worldly desires.Injections of Botox into dying skin to try to stop it fromdrying. Plastic surgery to bring life to a face thats falling off the skull, just so they can compete with the youth. Old age iscoming no matter what you do its going to come so dont tryto hide the facts. What happened to growing old gracefully?Why are we scared of it? It will happen to us whether theylike it or not.We hide the word death under a thousand metaphorsbecause we are scared of death.Every soul must taste of death. (Quran the Prophets 21:35).We delude ourselves in mindless games of this world. Tryingnot to think about death is something that we all do but is itnot high time that we be honest to ourselves. One day wewill be laid in the ground and will remain there until the dayof judgement.
We all pretend that we are immortals and think that we shalllive forever. Some of us may never leave that state but I hopesome of us will.

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Raymond Barbier added this note
Good Article, If it isn't vanity that drives people to do the botox and plastic surgery its the fear of death that makes them desire to move so fast and posess so much. Death is one of those things that regardless of religion or nationality one must face. Well Peace to you and keep on writing. R.Barbier
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