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Goverment notes 3 test

Goverment notes 3 test

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Published by Evan Newton
The notes for test
The notes for test

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Published by: Evan Newton on Nov 08, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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04/11/2007 20:54:00
1) Why is America sometimes called the “Democratic Paradise”?
Because we have more elections than other countries.2) What is the purpose of popular elections?
1) to give legitimacy to the government
2) to legitimize change3) What is called a command for the elected officials to carry out their platforms?
A mandate (the conditions for a mandate do NOT generally exist)4) Do most people vote prospectively or retrospectively?
Retrospectively5) Name two BASIC kinds of elections?
Primary & general6) Describe/define a primary election?
In a presidential primary, for example, the 2 parties will pick a candidateto represent their party in the general election7) Describe/define a general election?
In a general election, voters will decide which candidate will actually fillthe elective public office8) Name 2 kinds of primaries?
Closed primary, open primary9) Describe/define closed primary?
A primary in which only a party’s registered voters are eligible to vote.10) Describe/define open primary?
Where members of other parties & independents participate & vote.11) What do you call an organized attempt by voters of one party to influence theprimary results of the other party?
Raiding12) Name 3 other types of elections?
Initiative, referendum, and recall13) An election that allows citizens to propose legislation & submit it to the stateelectorate for popular vote is called what?
Initiative14) An election whereby the state legislature submits proposed legislation to thestate’s voters for approval is called what?
Referendum15) An election in which voters can remove an incumbent from office by popularvote is called what?
A recall16) Critics of the presidential primary argue that-what 3 things?
1) It doesn’t emphasize policies
2) The scheduling of primaries affects who wins
3) The media are too important17) When a presidential candidate puts a lot of resources at the beginning of aprimary, what do we call it?
Front-loading18) Primaries favor the horse-race aspect or substance?
The horse-race aspect19) Party delegates have what 3 characteristics?
1) Usually wealthy
2) Highly educated
3) More ideologically extreme20) At the party’s National Convention, do they pick a candidate or just ratifythem?
Ratify21) The abolishment of the electoral college; is it likely or unlikely?
Unlikely; also, states would not divide their votes, most likely.22) Strong challenges face an uphill battle against incumbents . What do they lookfor?
They look for scandal; they look for a member of Congress to make amistake; they look for redistricting, and they look for someone to retire.23) What is gerrymandering?
Questionable political redistricting24) Who was accused of gerrymandering?
Tom Delay25) What percentage of eligible voters vote regularly?
40%26) In general, voter turnout is higher among who?
Older people, higher income, more education27) What is the most important structural reason why people don’t vote?
Registration rules28) What is the most important non-structural reason why people don’t vote?
Alienation/attitude (towards politics)29) What is voting for candidates of different parties for various offices in the sameelection?

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