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Fiqh Al-Tijarah: Suatu Sorotan Awal Perniagaan Islam Secara Koprehensif

Fiqh Al-Tijarah: Suatu Sorotan Awal Perniagaan Islam Secara Koprehensif

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Published by Badiu'zzaman Fahami

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Published by: Badiu'zzaman Fahami on Jan 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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]jihk`~ Cjz}`o`w`k`k H}a`i HH \j~hkgc`v Cjn`kg}``k
 Ehpo `a)Vhb`~`o
2 ]z`vz ]d~dv`k @w`a \j~kh`g``k H}a`i]jm`~` Cdi|~jojk}he 
 @oi`f ]zeh`k Moj @nfzaa`o! Idof @nf W`o`n E`vdkh Idof N`awh f`k]zo`hah ]`~he 
B`n`v`k ]x`~h`o f`k \jkgz~z}`k@c`fjih \jkg`bh`k H}a`iZkhuj~}hvh I`a`x`@n}v~`c
j~cjin`kg`k vjckdadgh cdi|zvj~ f`k vjajcdizkhc`}h idfjk vja`oijkb`k` |jan`g`h njkvzc |j~kh`g``k f`a`i |jan`g`h nhf`kg+ Cj|j~az`kcj|`f` njkvzc ehpo x`kg ajnho ijkxjkvzo }jm`~` coz}z} vjkv`kg |j~kh`g``k! }v~`vjgh |ji`}`~`k f`k |jkgz~z}`k cjw`kg`k }jm`~` coz}z}ijkb`fh ajnho cjv`~`+ @~vhcja hkh mzn` ijkxd~dv h}z)h}z |j~kh`g``k idfjk}j~v` cj|j~az`k vj~o`f`| ehpo `a)vhb`~`o x`kg ajnho edcz} cj|`f` nhf`kg |j~kh`g``k }jm`~` ajnho cdi|~jojk}he+ Bhc` ehpo `a)iz`i`a`v ajnhoijkedcz}c`k vjkv`kg h}z)h}z iz`i`a`o f`k `c`f f`a`i |j~kh`g``k! ehpo`a)vhb`~`o x`kg mzn` fhzv`~`c`k dajo `~vhcja hkh ajnho ijinj~h |jkzi|z`kcj|`f` e`a}`e`o |j~kh`g``k ijkz~zv H}a`i! vjckhc |ji`}`~`k }j~v`cjw`kg`k! `g`~ h}z)h}z |j~kh`g``k idfjk f`|`v fhaho`v }jm`~` ajnhovj~edcz} f`k ijkxjaz~zo+ N`g`hi`k`|zk! `~vhcja hkh mzi` ijkxjkvzonjnj~`|` h}z |j~kh`g``k vj~chkh }jn`g`h }`vz }d~dv`k `w`a vj~o`f`|cj|jkvhkg`k ehpo `a)vhb`~`o zkvzc fhcjin`kgc`k }jn`g`h }`vz fh}h|ahk haiz H}a`i x`kg n`~z+
]jihk`~ Cjz}`o`w`k`k H}a`i HH \j~hkgc`v Cjn`kg}``k
0+< \jkf`ozaz`k
Fzkh` |j~kh`g``k i`}` chkh }zf`o vhf`c vj~o`f a`gh cj|`f` }`vz ~z`kgehrhc`a `kg ndajo ijkb`fh vji|`v |j~vjiz`k `kv`~` |jkbz`a f`k |jinjah+\`f` r`i`k vjckdadgh cdizkhc`}h! |j~kh`g``k }jm`~` f`a`i v`ah`k vja`oijkhkgc`v ijkb`fh njghvz |d|za`~ cj~`k` cjizf`o`k `kg fhnj~hc`kija`azh ijfhzi hvz cj|`f` i`kz}h`+ Ij~jc` vhf`c a`gh |j~az nj~`vz~|`kb`kg fh b`a`k ~``! mzcz|a`o fjkg`k ijkjc`k nzv`kg }j~v` iji`}zcc`kc`v` a`az`k |jkgjk`a`k fh~h zkvzc z~z}`k |jin``~`k! bzg` ijij}`kn`~`kg`k! }jvj~z}k` n`~`kg`k `c`k vhn` fh |hkvz ~zi`o i`}hkg)i`}hkg+\`f` i`}` `kg }`i`! vj~f`|`v |jan`g`h njkvzc |j~kh`g``k `kgfhv`w`~c`k ijkggzk`c`k ijfhzi vjckdadgh i`cazi`v+ ]h}vji bz`a`knj~`}`}c`k }h}vji i`v~hc!
kjvwd~c nz}hkj}}
! |j~kh`g``k jnddc vz~zv ijkb`fh nhf`kg |j~kh`g``k |jkvhkg fh f`a`i fzkh` hkvj~kjv+ ]ja`hk hvz!|j~kh`g``k nj~`}`}c`k |jkghca`k`k ija`azh a`i`k wjn bzg` ijkb`fhnhf`kg |j~kh`g``k `kg }ji`chk |d|za`~+ \j~cjin`kg`k hkh ijkzkvzv |`~`}`~b`k` H}a`i `g`~ vhf`c fh`i f`a`i ija`czc`k |jkjahfhc`k! `g`~ ozcziH}a`i vhf`c }jc`f`~ ijah|zvh
 ehpo iz`i`a`o
`kg fhc`~`kg dajo za`i`'|`f` j~` ca`}hc! vjv`|h vz~zv ijkjaj}`hc`k |jan`g`h i`}`a`o |j~kh`g``ki`}` chkh f`k `c`k f`v`kg+Bz}vj~z! zkvzc ijkj~v`h nhf`kg |j~kh`g``k `kg }ji`chk nj~cjin`kgnj~hczv`k |j~cjin`kg`k vjckdadgh `kg njghvz |j}`v!
 ehpo `a)vhb`~`o
w`b`~fh|j~cjk`ac`k n`gh ijk`kg`kh h}z)h}z |j~kh`g``k fzkh` idfjk fjkg`kajnho edcz} f`k nj~cj}`k+ Cdk}j|)cdk}j| |ji`}`~`k }jm`~` H}a`i!|jkha`h`k nhf`kg |j~kh`g``k }jm`~` cdi|~jojk}he! }j~v` hi|ahc`}h|j~kh`g``k vj~o`f`| }h}vji jcdkdih i`}`~`c`v |j~az fhvjahvh nj~`}`}c`kcdk}j|)cdk}j|
 ehpo iz`i`a`o
`kg }jfh` `f`! }j~v` fhg`nzkgc`k fjkg`ke`a}`e`o |j~kh`g``k /
( `kg vja`o fh}jfh`c`k dajo za`i`' vj~f`ozaz`c`k ijinjkvzc }`vz a`gh fh}h|ahk haiz |j~kh`g``k `kg ajnho coz}z}+
]jihk`~ Cjz}`o`w`k`k H}a`i HH \j~hkgc`v Cjn`kg}``k
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nzc`k }z`vz |j~c`~` n`~z cj~`k` h` ij~z|`c`k m`n`kg
`kg ajnho ijkzi|zc`k cj|`f` hi|ahc`}h cdkv~`c+
Ehpo `a)vhb`~`o
`kg mzn` fh|j~cjk`ac`k hkh h`a`o cdk}j| ozczi `kg ajnhoijkjaz~zo! `kg nzc`k }`o`b` ijkzi|zc`k cj|`f` cdkv~`c `kv`~`|jkbz`a f`k |jinjah! vjv`|h vz~zv ijkjkvzo h}z)h}z }v~`vjgh |ji`}`~`k!|jkgz~z}`k cjw`kg`k d~g`kh}`}h |j~kh`g``k f`k |jkgz~z}`k }zinj~i`kz}h` `g`~ h` }ja`~h fjkg`k cjojkf`c 
i`p`}hf }x`~h`o
>+< Fjehkh}h
@a)Vhb`~`o fhbja`}c`k dajo Hnk I`krz~ `f`a`o |j~c`v``k `kg nj~`}`af`~h|`f`
v`b`~` ” x`vbz~z ” vhb`~`o
`kg ijinj~h i`c}zf z~z}`k|jinjah`k f`k |jkbz`a`k+
`a)Pz~`k ijkggzk`c`k |j~c`v``k
}jn`g`h jk`i c`ah zkvzc ijkgg`in`~c`k cj|jkvhkg`k |j~kh`g``k cj|`f`i`kz}h`+ N`oc`k @aa`o ijkhe`vc`k d~`kg)d~`kg `kg ijin`m` chv`n@aa`o /`a)Pz~`k(! ijkzk`hc`k }da`v! ijinja`kb`c`k o`~v` cj b`a`k @aa`oh`a`o d~`kg `kg ijkgo`~`|c`k |j~kh`g``k `kg vhf`c `c`k ~zgh+
]ja`hkhvz @aa`o bzg` ijkhe`vc`k `i`a`k)`i`a`k }j|j~vh `kg fh}jnzv fh `v`}ij~z|`c`k |j~kh`g``k `kg ndajo ijkja`i`vc`k i`kz}h` f`~h|`f` `|hkj~`c`+
O`a hkh ijkgg`in`~c`k njv`|` |jkvhkgk` |j~kh`g``k cj|`f`i`kz}h`+
=+< Cj|jkvhkg`k \j~kh`g``k
Ijkz~zv N`f~ `a)Fhk `a)'@kh f`a`i ijkgoz~`hc`k chv`n
]`oho `a)Nzco`~h
!Hi`i `a)Nzco`~h }jkg`b` iji`}zcc`k n`n nj~cjk``k fjkg`k |j~kh`g``kh`hvz Chv`n `a)Nzz‟ }jaj|`} n`n)n`n nj~cjk``k fjkg`k hn`f`o `f`a`ocj~`k` cj|jkvhkg`k |j~kh`g``k hvz }jkfh~h nj~n`kfhkg vd|hc a`hk }j|j~vh|j~c`owhk`k! cjcjaz`~g``k f`k bjk``o+ Ijkz~zvk`! vj~f`|`v za`i`‘
Hnk I`krz~ /v+v+(!
 Ah}`k `a)@~`n+
C`oj~`o2 F`~ `a)I`‘`~he! b+ :! o+ 6><
]z~`o E`vh~2 >8
]z~`o `a)]`ee2 0<

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Badiu'zzaman Fahami added this note
: salam.. dipersilakan.. mudah2an dpat digunakan dgn sbaiknya...
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Salam,boleh saya ambil maklumat2 ini?
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