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Learning to Welcome New Friends Into Your Life

Learning to Welcome New Friends Into Your Life

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Published by MSK. SahaaDhevan

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: MSK. SahaaDhevan on Jan 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Learning to Welcome NewFriends into Your Life
By Gloria Straight
Was thinking today! Our lives are so unique andimportant. What a gift each of us are, to each other. Yet, we seem never happy with the path we trod.Maybe our own discontentment makes us critical of others.Should one fall from the mainstream of thinking-whyare they unacceptable to us? Wouldn't it be a boringworld if everyone thought as we do? Why can't wecelebrate each others differences? Make everyonefeel like they are important-because they are youknow!We all have little issues, but some are profoundlyeffected, by the restrictions society has placed onthem! They can't live their lives, the way they shouldbe able to.Let's just hit a few topics here-the gay-how sad it is,that they can't love-least that's what we've beentelling them all along! If you had a son or daughterthat was gay -would you love them less? Would youwant others to judge them? If you have a friend, andtoday found out they were gay, aren't they still thesame inside today as they were yesterday? Everyonedeserves a chance to love and be loved!People of a different race-war have created such aharsh world! Our governments are in conflict-I can'thelp believe in my heart, that the average people,from the very counties we are at war with, wantpeace! Now, those that perhaps have lived here their
whole lives are looked down on! Why, does our loveonly extend to those we know personally? What'shappened to our compassion?We have become so critical; we miss the beauty inthe world! Everyone has to be a certain size, dress acertain way, live in a good establishment, have a car,use proper etiquette, and have a certain degree of being intelligent. Why? Because we think so? Whatmakes our way of thinking so much better?What about the life of a person that is mentally orphysically impaired? Don't you think they want morefrom us then pity? They have a heart and soul to, youknow. They feel love and have dreams too. I believeall they want, is like the rest of-to be appreciated andloved, for who we are!Some life styles are really taboo -Nudist, for one!Actually if you stop and think about it- wearingclothes is the unnatural way. So, what are thesepeople like! Well, you know- most of us will neverknow-because we wouldn't give them the time of day. However I tend to think since they are human-they are just like we are inside.Religion is so personal. My thought is that everyoneis entitled to believe or not believe. We should nevercondemn in this area. We have no right to think ourway is the only way!Nobody could live in a region, more unacceptable of all the above I mentioned, then me. However I havecome to appreciate, the beauty of being different! Ihave met the most wonderful people, from all overthe world. I've learned much, and still have a long

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