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Crimson Series - Broken Toy

Crimson Series - Broken Toy



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another vampire, werewolf and human universe
another vampire, werewolf and human universe

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Published by: Laine Aerith Sylvire Yue on Aug 12, 2008
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Crimson Moon Series: Broken Toy Part 1User Rating: / 2PoorBestWritten by RKP HuntTuesday, 19 June 2007The dirty alley was scattered with the leavings of old Chinese food and pizzacontainers. The asphalt was sticky from the years of split trash that leaked outfrom the nearby dumpster. A rancid stench filled the air that came from both thedumpster and the two buildings that surrounded them.Yep, that would be a vampire alright. Trent stood up in the dark alley, the dead
 body lying beneath him.Isaac, his partner, stood behind him and punched the air when he announced it.Shit. He left the uniformed policeman to stand next to his partner. Does it at
 least look like it was another vampire?
Trent shrugged his shoulders, Do I look like a medical examiner to you?
Isaac looked at his dark haired partner, who wore his long hair pulled back. Hislight brown eyes stared down at him with his dark eyebrow lifted, Youve been in
 paranormal law enforcement for ten years. I would think you could identify if itwas a human, werewolf, or vampire kill.
Trent frowned at his blonde partner, Looks like bullet holes, could be anyone.
Isaac had only been his partner for a little less then a year, as his formerpartner had been killed during a raid on a werewolf sanctuary. The people of LosAngeles and the rest of the world all knew of the existence of vampires andwerewolves. They had to live together, though the vampires and werewolves hatedeach other, and would often battle it out in the streets. For the most part, thetwo breeds lived only in large cities, and tried to ignore that the other existed.To ensure justice was served and that no wars between the species broke out, eachgroup had their own police force that investigated matters concerning the otherspecies. If this murder looked like a clear cut werewolf or vampire murder, heprobably would still be at the office throwing darts at the wall. Since, it couldbe a human killer, he had to come along and wait for the vampire investigator toappear. He hated working with vampires; they hid information from him and werenever willing to share. It wasnt just the vampires, but the werewolves as well.
 He just didnt like sharing a world with them, but the paranormal squad paid three
 times as much as the others.The worst thing about the vampire investigators is that they werent even really
 policemen. Not in the sense that the humans and werewolves trained theirinvestigators to be. Instead the vampire elders would send one of their peons totag along and report back to them. He hadnt worked with a born vampire yet, and
 seriously doubted that he ever would.Macrea Corp just called and said they are sending someone over now. Isaac hung
 up his cell phone.Trent didnt even hear it ring, while he had been staring down at the male corpse.
 The Macrea Corp was a known vampire business, and one of the most powerful vampireclans in the city. They often sent their investigators when humans were involved.It had to do something with them believing they were better equipped to deal with
humans.What do you think, Isaac? Born vamp or turned? He asked pointing to the dead
 body.Isaac looked down at the corpse then back up at his partner, Why do you always
 play this game?
Because I have a knack for it. Now, guess.
He sighed, Born.
Nope, turned.
Isaac rose an eyebrow, And how can you tell this time?
Skin still is slightly tanned.
So, vampires can walk in the sun.
Trent frowned, Yeah, but they dont tan. Watch, Ill ask the vamp when he gets
 here. I guarantee that hell say thats a turn job.
Alright, I bet fifty bucks.
Deal. He turned his eyes from his blonde partner back to the corpse. Wonder if
 it was by choice or force.
Isaac sighed, Shouldnt we be caring about what killed him, and not how he was
In my book being turned is being killed, maybe we should find his sire.
I doubt the Macreas would allow you near his sire. A feminine voice said behind
 them.They both turned to look at the woman with light auburn hair that was pulled backinto a braided bun. She wore black slacks, a button up white blouse, and blackhigh heels. The siren lights swirled behind her from the street, as she stood infront of them with her arms crossed.You the Macrea investigator? Trent asked. Slightly surprised because he had
 never worked with a female vamp before.Indeed, I am. She walked past them. Carefully, she tried to step around the
 trash on the ground. When she reached the body, she bent down to look at thecorpse. Her eyes briefly scanned the face and body of the dead kine, who waslaying on his back. With a clearing of her throat, she stood up and pulled hercell phone out. Hitting a single button, she put the phone to her ear, Tell
 Marcellus that its Rylan. She waited a moment, No, I cant tell. Too many
 humans have touched the body, but I do have a scent of werewolf in the area.Thats not too surprising though because it is an alley after all.
Again, there was a long silence, before she looked at Trent, Have you recovered a
He shook his head.
No, looks like bullet wounds though. Yeah, in his heart. She kneeled back down,
 and looked over the body again. Ill send him to the lab. She said as she
 checked the inner pockets of the corpses jacket. Yes, I know. Alright. She hung
 up her phone, and stood up to face the humans.You can identify him? Isaac asked.
Rylan Cullen of the Macrea Clan. She looked down at the corpse then back up at
 him, A toy of one of the elders. This will make him most displeased.
A toy? Trent questioned, he had heard the term before, but was never certain as
 to what it meant.A favorite, if you will. She crossed her arms, Who ever did this will have to
 pay dearly. Rylan has been missing for two weeks now, but this is a fresh kill.So, he was either hiding from something and unable to contact us or he wasabducted and held for a time before they brought him out here to kill him.
Could it have been another vampire clan? Trent asked.
She smirked, I doubt it. The other clans wouldnt dare upset a Macrea elder. They
 know better.
Maybe they didnt know he was a toy. Isaac threw the idea out there and Trent
 agreed with a nod.Everyone knows who the elders latest toy is in our society. Especially since
 Rylan has been this particular elders toy for over twenty years now. She looked
 towards Trent, You must be Trent Monte.
Detective Trent Monte, He corrected, and this is my partner, Detective Isaac
She nodded, before looking back down at the corpse.And you are? Trent asked when it became apparent she wasnt going to tell him.
Corliss. She responded, her dark hazel eyes deadlocked with him.
Corliss what?
She grinned enough to show her sharp pointed fangs, Just Corliss.
He didnt like getting half truths or half of the information, and her response
 only proved his point about vampires not sharing with them during investigations.So, how are we going to work this?
Our lab is going to take a look at the body
I want to be there. Trent demanded.
Corliss grinned again, Im afraid we dont allow humans into our labs.
� �
Then send him to our morgue. We will
Her cell phone began to ring, and Corliss ignored him as she answered it. Yes?
Trent glared over to Isaac giving him a silent message that he hated to work with

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