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God as Woman; co-ops: the only sustainable model; balanced child-rearing

God as Woman; co-ops: the only sustainable model; balanced child-rearing

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three needed topics discussed
three needed topics discussed

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Published by: sam iam / Salvatore Gerard Micheal on Jan 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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God as Woman; co-ops: the only sustainable model; balanced child-rearing
Who are generally more nurturing, accepting, forgiving, open, welcoming,.. men or women? Oneway of looking at the cosmos is as a giant womb. Who has wombs? Men or women? Who aregenerally more mentally private? Would a man allow you to reside in his mind? Only a Womanwould do that. So i believe and see God as Woman not just because she resides in me (and sohave intimate knowledge of Her), as a man, it's easier for me to relate to Her. It's just natural for me .. It's not that i'm so much a 'woman's libber' as God libber .. That's quite funny but true: Godhas only
right - Her right to be
.As a very brief aside, a long time ago, i had a vision of me crawling up the steps of someWashington monument (perhaps the Lincoln memorial) and expiring on the steps at age 50. ithink my last words were something about freedom. "All in Freedom and Love" maybe.. Notsure.. Difficult for me to recall.. Anyways, sometimes my heart fibrillates and also my blood pressure can get quite high at times (not consistently high - just chaotically extreme). It doesn'tconcern me cuz when it's time for me to go, i will be ready for Her .. What i wanted to writeabout here is that i've made a 'last will' for any who care.. You can find it here.https://www.msu.edu/~micheal/will.pdf What i really wanted to write about this time, other than God, is about cooperatives. i wasexposed to them as a child in Petoskey, MI. And i've seen them in action here in Thailand. Co-ops are a kind of hybrid between communism and capitalism. Farmers grow things locally and bring them to market. There are some intermediaries (middle-'men'), but the model is: producer 
to consumer. That way, there's no surcharge for any intermediary process (distribution, packaging, etc) because it's all done by the producer and consumer 
. New Zealand, my'dream country' (where i want to live when i grow up;), has many co-ops. i tried to make onethere years ago.. At that time, my dream was to create an eco-friendly co-op providing thingssuch as: composting toilets, electric generator-windmills, eco-design assistance (for instance,grey water handling), etc. But at that time, i could generate no interest. :( Btw, if you're going to(re)visit Kiwi-land, please consider staying at my friend's Bed-and-Breakfast: Yaping House inAuckland. Their website is here: http://www.yapinghouse.co.nz/ .. An old friend in Californiawas also very into systems integration and holistic living and inspired some eco-designs imention in Humanity Thrive! Considering Better Way etc, that booklet's outdated but .. still hassome valuable perspectives. He specifically inspired a cross-cultivating greenhouse. You selectcertain mutually reinforcing plants so that you get an amplifying effect. It's more than symbiosis;it's more emergent. (Certain plants (or the fixers associated with them) are better nitrogen'handlers' than others, for example, so we can intermix those with others less capable but producing more desirable crops. Those plants also produce something the fixers need. So it's aself-amplifying system.) This is the 'poor man's way' of doing 'genetic engineering' of crops.(Does not require any fancy genetic engineering equipment - only clever crop design.) So wehave a long way to go in promoting agricultural awareness and sustainable paradigms .. If Godallows me to continue on this 'accursed planet' ;), where everything i do is misunderstood,misinterpreted, mistaken for something else negative,.., i'd like to 'retire' in NZ making that co-opmentioned above or perhaps teaching hanggliding (if i'm physically able to do it) .. i'm only 48 sowho knows when it's my true time to go. ;) [sigh] One of the reasons i
to leave America wasthat Yui's constant needling etc was driving my blood-pressure too high.. She was basicallykilling me with her 'dog mouth' .. i know i know, i must let things like that roll off but .. Not easy
when Queen Harpy is in your face .. i'm sure she's wonderful to her customers and other men, butshe's chosen me as her whipping boy and i really needed to get away from that. Sorry to be so personal in this essay but if i'm going to tell you about my will, my blood pressure,.., i must tellyou about what drives it up. She doesn't believe me but smoking natural Burmese cigs helpsrelax me.. It helps clear my mind. i know it's probably making my lungs look like the inside of acoal mine but.. Sometimes you have to balance winning and losing .. The cigs really helped methink clearly about physics recently .. If God graces me with another lady/girl/woman, one whocan believe in me as her man, then i'm sure i can give them up for her. For sure. [sigh] Well,that's enough for now .. i think you 'catch my drift' about things.. To summarize: God Deserves toBe Recognized and co-ops need firm establishment in world economy. We need to be clever about how we grow crops. And one final note: it's true,
prayers are answered .. Not that youalways get what you want, but all prayers are
. (So the motto here is: be
very careful 
inyour prayer-wording!).. If God decides my time is soon, no biggie.. Arthur is a miracle to me.. Just to
him is anhonor.. To be his father is much much more.. i hope that more and more of you can see that iwrite
out of ego; for instance, if Oprah ever invited me 'on show', i might have to decline juston principle (even though i would love to meet her). It's not about privacy - i have Nothing tohide .. It's about true humility and grace and the message speaking for Itself.. Remember, i'm justthe messenger .. It's the Message that matters. ;) .. If you take the time to examine my will, youfind not one thing for me (except perhaps The Avatar request - but that's more about artisticfidelity than anything else); every one of my requests is for others. So if any of you can read thesewords
with your heart 
, i truly am trying to live a self-less life.. Of course, many might seerequests for family assistance as familial-selfishness, but .. My faith in Arthur, my vision for humanity's future, how they might be related,.. Is there a view of the future with less meaning? Isthis not the most meaningful future
(from my perspective)? So from that perspective, we should
raise our children to be future benevolent-kings. Maybe Camelot trulycan re-emerge.. If we
believe in our hearts, if we each of us, raise our kids to be KingArthur, Camelot can return.. Camelot can come again.... There's the philosophy of 'letting the inner character emerge' in child-rearing (we must accepthow different all children are and how they seem to be 'programmed from birth' to have a certaincharacter), but balanced with that acceptance is responsible parenting: we have an
tomake trust and respect part of their character. It's the
thing that will save human civilization.This paragraph is a kind of synthesis of Better Way values and Humanity Thrive! message: wemust
most meaningful 
future: mutual respect, respect for creation,.. in so doing, weRespect and Honor Ourselves. We union with God by respecting others and creation. Trust is the'other side of the coin': without trust, we cannot have respect and vice versa. With true respectthere is always implicit trust. With trust, respect is always there. In many ways, Trust andRespect are the two faces of God .. My writings are Never to enslave or coerce or subjugate; tosay that is equivalent to saying "raping a child is a good thing". God is about
 personal empowerment 
. It's not about Hollywood or fantastical magic or being 'chosen' for wizardry;Merlin is Within. His Magic is Love .. If you have children, you have an
chance toexpress this Love and Awareness. Tell them from your heart how much you love them. Everyday. Tell them every day how much you believe in them. From your heart. i've said it before and isay it again: to say "i believe in you" (from your heart) is the
most powerful 
thing a person cansay - more than "i love you" .. i've seen this power from experience .. Even the way you

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