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Annotated Agenda - Draft 2-11-08

Annotated Agenda - Draft 2-11-08

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Published by andersmag
Site Selection annotated agenda.
Site Selection annotated agenda.

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Published by: andersmag on Aug 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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KING COUNTY FFI SITE SELECTION MEETING, 2/11/08DRAFT ANNOTATED AGENDA8:45 amArrive and Refreshments9:00 amErin: Welcome and Introductions
Welcomes all
Explains our purpose
Emphasizes that we have a timeline and we will stay on timeTalk about what we can offer: 1. learning communities with CPs, LC, and planninggroups 2. letters of support for other opportunities/grants.
Asks each person to introduce herself/himself and say affiliation: no elaboration!
Introduces PAL (Deputy Director, Health Marketing Research Center, UW Schoolof Public Health)
9:15 amPAL: Overview of ProcessPurpose: Explain our process for making today's decision and entertaincommittee questions
Describes process:-Goal Statement: We are here to select two focus communities for the Initiative:one in South King County and one in Seattle.-Essential Steps: The committee's work today will be divided into four steps: 1)community consultation, 2) second ranking, 3) results review and discussion, 4)site selection.-You've already read the community qualifications statements, and made a preliminary ranking. This preliminary ranking was for your information, only,especially to help you develop questions for today's community consultations. Youmight also use it during the post-consultation second ranking, or during your post-second ranking discussion.-When we get to each of the four parts of the meeting today, I'll describe the processwe'll engage in. But I'd like to briefly describe each part right now just to give usall some grounding:Step 1)You will begin by consulting with ONE representative from eachcommunity for 15 minutes. Please keep your questions focused on thethree assessment questions in the RFQ [show white board], and identifywhich one you are referring to. This will help you and your colleaguesreconsider your ranking in Step 2.Step 2:Once we've gotten through all the community consultations, we will take afew minutes for you to look through your notes, privately, withoutdiscussion, and then to anonymously re-rank the communities. We'll handout a blank ranking form at that time. We will use these rankings to findout where the communities stand at the end of the consultations.
Step 3)In this step, we'll all look at the rankings within Seattle and within SouthKing County. The committee then will have an opportunity to discusswhat they see and what they think about the qualifications of thecommunities. We have allocated 45 minutes for this discussion.Step 4)Then finally, it will be time to select two sites. We don't know how therankings will come out—the selection could range on a scale from reallyobvious to very difficult. This step might actually become part of your 45-minute discussion period. But ultimately, we will make a final selectionstarting within these final 10 minutes.
I'd like to note now that the King County FFI staff would like for the committee toreach consensus on the site selection. We'll gauge how close we are to that in Step2 (our second ranking). If you cannot reach consensus, we have a site selectionmethod we will use, and I'll describe that once we have to cross that bridge.
The KC FFI staff who are here today—Erin, Sylvia, Karen, and Maggie—are hereto observe the committee as it moves through each step today. They won't be participating in site selection, and they won't be advocating in any way.
My instructions from the KC FFI staff are very clear: we have to stay on time for each step today, and the committee has to select two sites. I have with me my"yoga timer" and I really am going to use it…etc.
So that's the process…[etc….] [Depending on time, I could entertain committeequestions or say something to the effect of, "I know you have questions, but whatI'd like to do is proceed through each step and explain the process in a little moredetail at the start of each, and hold questions until we reach each step. Okay?"]
9:30-9:35 am PAL: Site Consultation Explanation
15 min per site.
One representative per site.
At the start of each consultation I am going to ask who among you has questions,how many, and your sense of whether they are complex or straightforward. Thiswill give us a sense of how to allocate the 15 minutes.-We will have to play this by ear a little bit. I will be relying on you to tell mewhether we can allow a little more time for a response here and there. I mightinterrupt a community representative to point out a time constraint.-If your question gets answered before you've posed it, let us all know.-I propose that to make things simple, we simply go around the table, switchingdirections for each community. So, for the first community we'll begin at this spot[indicate person at spot at table] and go around this way. For the secondcommunity we'll begin at the opposite end [again, indicate person at given spot]and go around in the opposite direction. And we'll just keep switching back andforth. You can certainly pass and get picked back up later, if there is time, if you
feel your question may not be as pressing as someone else’s.
Here is the order of consultations. Please note that they start 5 minutes later thanlast Friday's e-mail message indicated:-9:35Rainier Valley/Beacon Hill (Healthy and Active Rainier ValleyCoalition)-9:50Downtown/Central Seattle (Odessa Brown Children's Clinic)-10:05Delridge/West Seattle (Delridge Neighborhood DevelopmentAssociation)-10:20Federal Way-10:35Tukwila-10:50White Cente-11:05SeaTac
And, finally: No side conversations anywhere around the table during theconsultation.
9:35-11:20 am [PAL] Step 1: Community ConsultationsPurpose: To discuss clarifying questions on each community's qualificationstatement.11:20 am [PAL] Step 2: Second RankingPurpose: To get a ranking immediately after the site consultations, withoutadditional discussion.
We have scheduled these next 15 minutes for you to individually re-rank thecommunities. We then have a 15 minute break. Feel free to take your break at anytime once you've completed your ranking.
We're handing out site selection forms. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: On thisform you have an opportunity to once again evaluate each community'squalifications in the three assessment areas [show board where they're written].Then you will rank them first, second, third, and fourth, where applicable, withineach region.[If asked: We're ranking communities within both regions simultaneously becauseif we didn't, your selection in one region could be highly biased by your selectionin the other and there is no way to decide which region comes first.]
Reminder: These are the three evaluation areas, and they are all weighed equally.[Show list of three areas, also written on white board.]
Give your ranking sheet to Maggie by 11:35, latest. I ask that everyone remainquiet until 11:35. During the break, Maggie will tally the ranks and I will put themon the white board.
11:35 amBrea

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