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Collab Mtg Notes 9 11 07

Collab Mtg Notes 9 11 07

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Published by andersmag

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Published by: andersmag on Aug 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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King County Food and Fitness InitiativeCollaborative Partners Meeting
September 11, 2007 2:00 – 4:00 pmSafeco Jackson Street Center 306 23
Ave South, Seattle, WA 98144206-545-6111Establishing Leadership
Meeting goals:
Build community through teambuilding activity.Get input on issues, suggestions, and revisions to Leadership Council structure andnomination process documents.
2:00Welcome, Introductions, Co Convener Updates
Icebreaker: What is your favorite place for outdoor physical activity within King Countyand why?Walking to the Ballard Farmers Market, Seward Park, Snow Lake-Gem Lake Hike,Myrtle Edwards Bike Trail, Hiking at Cougar Tiger Mtn, Skiing at Scottish Lakes,Marymoor off-leash park, any river with a fly fishing rod, Volunteer Park in the winter,walk to the Olympic Sculpture Park, Woodland Park Zoo and Park, Greenlake after 10:30pm, Carkeek Park, open space behind house in Spring Lake, Seahurst Beach,running a loop on Alki, Discovery Park trails, walk from Mt Baker Park and along LakeWA Blvd, Celebration Park, Index State Park, Little Si, any Seattle Parks and Recfacility, Elliott Bay and Myrtle Edwards Park, tubing in the Tolt River, walking to theArboretum or among hills in neighborhood, walking around in Columbia City, DiscoveryPark 3 mile loop trail, swimming in or being around Lake WA.Sylvia will do welcome and introductionsCo convener updates:
Changes to nomination and voting timeline as per our discussion today.
Meeting schedule will be updated on website
Anticipate a coll partner meeting in Oct and Nov (Nov 29-30 to coincide withTAP team orientation visit)
Will aim to schedule quarterly meetings for CPs for 2008 by January
2:30Review suggested revisions to Leadership Council Structure and NominationProcess documents.
Sylvia reviewed changes made that were editing suggestions. No questions were asked
2:45Discussion: Issues/suggestions raised by Collaborative Partners
For each part of our discussion today, we’d like to ask you to consider what aspects you
felt must be decided now or what could be finalized once the LC is in place.
I. Decision making process for Leadership Council
Consensus vs majority or both
Document A. pages 4, Line 3.
should decision-making be by majority vote rather than consensus? Or should decision-making be by an effort to reach consensus backed up by amajority vote process?What is consensus?Consensus means all weigh in and the minority opinions are captured.Red, yellow, green voting – move forward by majority vote but capture concerns.What kind of majority? Spell it out.Two thirds majority is an option for majority vote. Example – strong minority opinion isrecorded.Consensus to vote majority means everyone agrees to move past an impasse. Type of majority rule needs to be defined.Consensus is difficult but work to consensus can take a two thirds vote to move fromconsensus to voting. Then also a two thirds vote for decisions.What are some examples of decisions that would be made? Decision about selectingfocus communities, deciding on pilot projects to fund. For big decisions it makes moresense to use consensus.Complexity could be a barrier to participation.Like idea of recording minority opinion in some sort of minority report that peoplechoose to file in order to have their opinion reflected.Another way is by 5 scale vote where below three requires more discussion. Important torecord intensity of vote – how many yellows, greens, etc.Something in between majority and consensus only pays lip service to the minorityopinion.In keeping with the spirit of the Collaborative, consensus does that better than a majorityvote. Hearing from as diverse opinions as possible.How meeting is held is important to decision making process – eg. Using Roberts Rulesof Order or some other method.With consensus, the point is not to just capture minority and move on but to make sureideas are not missed.Difficulty, consensus requires polling which looks like voting (to other cultures).Straw vote as a way to check in to see how people feel and if more discussion is requiredwith goal of consensus that leads to majority vote.This process will be evaluated and we can learn from our decision-making process. If issues are recorded we respond to evaluation questions better.Revisit this issue 6 months out to see if it is working and adjust accordingly.
Majority vote supported with straw polling, discussion, and ways to air concerns. Rewrite document to reflect proposed majority vote discussion, CPs review again, then docis present to LC as suggested way to operate – but they decide.
Straw poll resulted in two abstentions and no no votes.
II. Composition of Leadership Council
A.Ensuring diversity of sectors and expertise
1. Document A, page 4, lines 3-6.Issues: How can diversity of sectors represented on LC be ensured? If number of openseats on LC is less than number categories, how can diversity be ensured through voting?Suggestion: Create a nominating committee charged with developing a slate of candidates based on suitable representation of sectors and expertise.Better to define 2-3 broad categories.Concern about confusion if sector rep gets voted in or individual. What happens if for example FM person leaves –does that slot have to be replaced by another FM person.Question: How will communication and relationship be vis a vis Leadership Council andthe full Collaborative Partner.Are there other factors of diversity that should be included on nomination form, inaddition to sector, type of organization, and geographic area, youth and focuscommunities?Individual diversity factors need to be considered. Socio economic status, disability, age,etc.Signing up for LC means agreeing to think out side of box on behalf of the wholecollaboration (not just a person sectors). Need to be open about our biases.The 22 sectors represent some expertise that we need to inform the process.LC will not make decisions without expertise needed to make those decisions.We’re looking for people who can get to know what they don’t know now about theregion but can also bring their own expertise to the leadership.Aim for as diverse as possible – not a problem if LC has less categories represented thanlist of 22.Do we want to prioritize organizational/sector diversity or individual own experience andqualities? Perhaps this is not an OR question and we aim for both.
Add elements of individual diversity to Nomination Form.Assessment Team members should not be voting members and therefore should not haveseats on the LC.Should Co-Conveners be members of the LC? They should work as staff to the LC andtherefore should not be on LC.What could we accomplish between now and October?Can we try to respond about next section by email? Questions would need to be veryclear.
Ask for volunteers to help finish process and if none, then default tococonveners.Volunteers: Kate Halstead, Willi Austin, (Laura would like to share thoughts by phone).
Email document with all of the questions for further feed back.

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