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PresenTense Workplans for Venture Development vPDF

PresenTense Workplans for Venture Development vPDF

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Published by PresenTense Group
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Published by: PresenTense Group on Jan 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PresenTense Year in Preview 5771 (Oct 2010-Sept 2011) Venture Development, Page: 1
Venture Development through PT Investments
Project Summary:
PT Investments is a non-profit Venture Philanthropy Fund that supports early stagePresenTense projects that serve the needs of our Jewish communities, and simultaneously spark the next generation of Jewish philanthropy and community support.PT Investments pools the financial and professional resources of young professionals likethat of an investment fund. Under the guidance of an accomplished management team, fundadministration and partnership participation
PT Investments assesses and invests its time,money and experience in promising ventures while educating, networking and developing PTInvestments Partners through Fund meetings and community-wide events.
The project specific goals of PT Investments are to:1.
Recruit 10 young professionals (Partners) by January 2011 who will allocate their time,experience and capital to support PresenTense Fellows2.
Raise $10,000 collectively from Partners and matching grants by April 20113.
Educate the Partners about philanthropy and start-up non profit strategy through 4 eventsand/or seminars4.
Assess and provide feedback reports to 15 PresenTense Fellows by March 20115.
Invite 10 Entrepreneurs to present to the Partnership by March 20116.
Recruit 40 community members to join the Entrepreneur presentations by March 20117.
Provide in-depth operational and strategic support for at least 5 Fellows (Portfolioprojects) throughout January 20128.
Produce a monthly informational newsletter for Fellows with at least 3 contributors fromthe Partnership and the community9.
Provide insight into Venture Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship through a Partner-contributed bi-weekly blog and a weekly updated Facebook page and twitter account
 target 200 followers by April 201110.
Prove the model is an effective tool for community investment and create a replicable
“kit” to accompany the Community Entrepreneur Partnership program
Venture Resources exists to protect one of PresenTense’s greatest investments – 
ourFellows. To date PresenTense has trained 77 entrepreneurs and engaged countless morecommunity members through the PresenTense Global Institute. With six weeks of training,consulting and advising, PresenTense and its staff has developed a vested interest in the successof our Fellows
because their ventures
’ advancement validates the added value of the
PresenTense program.Upon completion of the PresenTense Fellowship, Fellows are faced with the undue
 burden of “what next?” The handholding ends, the resource development begins, and during a
venture stage that is vulnerable and yet to be proven, seed stage entrepreneurs require a
PresenTense Year in Preview 5771 (Oct 2010-Sept 2011) Venture Development, Page: 2
mechanism for further guidance and financial and emotional support. Fellows have lookedtowards PresenTense for continued guidance upon completion of the Institute, and with 4 Globalcohorts and now 6 locally based CEP programs, it is essential that PresenTense have theinfrastructure necessary to encourage, support and guide our Fellows as they enter the Jewishcommunity at a very vulnerable and fragile stage of development.Additionally, community members that were so deeply invested in the Fellows and theirsuccess during the Fellowship training do not have a way to continue to engage with the Fellowsin an organized, systematic way. Individuals who are motivated and inspired by socialinnovation want to give their advice, expertise and perhaps a bit of capital to help the Fellowsbuild their ventures.
PT Investments Assumptions:
At least 60% of PresenTense Fellows are interested in continuing a relationship withPresenTense
60% of PresenTense Fellows would like supplemental information, materials andconnections following the completion of the Institute
50% of PresenTense Fellows seek funding following their Fellowship, and continue toneed financial, operational and strategic assistance.
Fellows trust PresenTense training, advice and connections
Fellows would like PresenTense to reach out and initiate contact
Fellows are interested in connecting with each other
At least 10 young professionals are looking for a meaningful way to engage with thecommunity by investing at least $500/year and 25 hours/year in social innovation
Young professionals have 1-2 hours a month for meetings and events
At least 10 young professionals are excited by assessing and reviewing applications andFellow presentations
Young professionals want to take an active role in helping a social entrepreneur buildhis/her venture
60% of mentors and coaches engaged in Fellows’ projects during the Institute want to
stay involved with their work 
At least 20 Community Members, Foundation representatives and/or private donors areinterested to learn about up-and-coming social entrepreneurs
Larger private donors and Foundations are interested in next generation philanthropy andwilling to match raised contributions on a 1:1 basis
Summary of Workplan for Beta PT Investments Fund (September 2010-September 2012)
1.0 Build Management Committee
2.0 Determine Infrastructure
3.0 Fellow Application, Review and Grant Cycle
3.1 Partner Meetings3.1.1 Set dates on the calendar3.1.2 Find meeting location3.1.3 Set the Agendas
PresenTense Year in Preview 5771 (Oct 2010-Sept 2011) Venture Development, Page: 3
3.1.4 Invite Fellows, as appropriate3.1.5 Book Conference Call line3.2 Fellow Applications and Presentations3.2.1 Draft Fellow invitation to Apply to the Partnership (completed)3.2.2 Send Fellow invitation (completed) Reach out to Individual Fellows to apply3.2.3 Sort and review applications on Google Site3.2.4 Invite Fellows to present, based on Partnership preferences3.2.4.1 Three weeks prior to presentation, invite PresenTense community,including mentors, coaches and other individuals who are involved with
Fellows’ ventures Use Magazine, Newsletter and Twitter communities to recruit3.2.4.3 Follow up with Participants for ways to engage
service provider,mentor, newsletter contributor, blog entry, Partner3.3 Deal Teams and Champions3.3.1 After presentation, Partners choose Fellows of interest and establish dealteam with other Partners and potentially interested Community members Send feedback report to both Fellows who advance and don’
t3.3.2 Partners call Fellows
, Coaches, Coordinator etc… f 
or initial due diligence3.3.3 Partners represent top choices to Partnership3.3.4 Partnership votes on Fellows to advance to Portfolio, appoints Championwho will act as a coach and liaison between the Fellow and the Partnership3.3.5 Champion works with Fellow to create Venture Profile for website3.3.6 Champion Tracking/Assessment to determine the strengths and weaknessesof the relationship, and additional resources required from the Partnershipand the community3.4 Grant Allocation3.4.1 After Champion works with Fellow and determines Fellow is in a position forfunding, Champion and Fellow will present to the Partnership with a grantrequest3.4.2 Fellowship will review proposal and democratically vote to approve
4.0 Events
4.1 Networking Events4.1.1 Set dates on the calendar (TBD)4.1.2 Work with MC member to determine places/topic4.1.3 Call places to book reservations (TBD)4.1.4 Announce one month in advance to MC and networks4.1.4.1 PT Social Media announcements: Twitter, Facebook, Website4.1.4.2 PT Newsletter4.1.5 Day-of Activities: Set up equipment - camera, flip, computer, sign-in sheet4.1.6 Announce successful event afterward4.2 Educational Events4.2.1 Set dates on the calendar (TBD)

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