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PresenTense Workplans for Online Division vPDF

PresenTense Workplans for Online Division vPDF

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Published by PresenTense Group
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Published by: PresenTense Group on Jan 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PresenTense Year in Preview 5771 (Oct 2010-Sept 2011) Online Community Division, Page: 1
PresenTense Group: Online Community DivisionMission:
Facilitate conversations, connection, and information sharing among PT community,staff, and core volunteers.
Project summary:
PresenTense seeks to continue and extend the impact of the work it doesoffline, online - to build a strong framework for organizational growth and to grow ourcommunity around ideas and ventures launched.
Throughout our organization’s history, we have
stressed the importance of a clear message, organized and easy-to-use website, integration of social media tools, mobilization of the broader community, and a strong underlying framework for storing and sharing information. As we expand the PresenTense fellowship to even morecities in 5771 and beyond, this becomes even more important for us to effectively communicatewith our growing base of volunteers, as well as the Jewish community as a whole.
This proposal outlines steps to improve PresenTense’s online presence and digital footprint
through the end of September 2011, or the Jew
ish year 5771. It includes expanding our website’s
content and design, better organizing and featuring our media content, increasing awarenessabout PresenTense programs through use of social media and informal online channels, andorganizing our community and ever-growing store of information and connections.
Over the past five years, PresenTense has grown exponentially, from a single magazineon Jewish culture and innovation to an international organization currently comprised of sevenfellowships (and growing), a hub in Jerusalem, PT School to train Jewish professionals in socialmedia and marketing tools, dozens of events in the US, Canada, and Israel, and twelve magazineissues which are still entirely volunteer-run.As we grow, challenges arise in tracking data, managing communications and information
sharing, telling the world about PresenTense’s activities and successes, and engaging our ever 
-growing community of volunteers and supporters. For us to continue to succeed, we will need tocontinually expand and improve our current communications systems, database system, andwebsite. This provides a strong backbone for the organization which sets the foundation for all of our divisions and will lead to a more engaged and vibrant community.
Discrete Division Responsibilities:
Manage design and continual upgrade of 
for PT needs and integrate thesystem into PT operations globally2.
website design
and improved functionality3.
Manage a range of 
which go out to the PresenTense community4.
Identify, solicit, edit (if necessary) and
post items online
that speak to or reflect ourcommunity (i.e. stories by/about fellows and their ventures; articles or suggestions frommagazine contributors, city volunteers, other key volunteers; Interactive posts - polls,questions for discussion, etc.)5.
Curate the
online space
(website, Facebook, Twitter) to ensure it effectively
communicates PresenTense’s mission and our extensive
operations and programs6.
Help staff identify and track 
potential volunteers
by leveraging and developing theCRM and extending its functionality as needed
PresenTense Year in Preview 5771 (Oct 2010-Sept 2011) Online Community Division, Page: 2
Work closely with other team members and volunteers to ensure
participation incontent production
and communal conversations8.
to share their information and financially support PT conversationsthrough ads, subscriptions, and sponsorships
General Goals:
Organize PT operations across the central hub of Salesforce2.
Make the PresenTense website a lively center of conversation that reflects and extendsthe reach of the group3.
Increase mentions of conversations rooted in PT in other media4.
Increase user subscriptions by 10% a quarter5.
Build base of supporters who actively follow conversations on PT.org6.
Enable and initiate development of new technological applications to facilitateconversations
PresenTense will continue to grow and expand its operations worldwide.2.
The community wants to learn what PresenTense is doing.3.
The community wants to be involved in PresenTense community online.4.
Salesforce is the best program for us now, when services and pricing are taken intoaccount.5.
The social media we use will continue to exist and work effectively.
Project Goals and Objectives
Our first aim is to build a strong database foundation for PresenTense, so that data, information,and community involvement is well organized and easily accessible to staff and key volunteers.Our second aim is to increase community engagement with PresenTense and facilitate onlineconversation and idea sharing.
Area Element Description Goals
DataManagementandOrganizationSalesforce Continue to collect userfeedback on Salesforce, anddevelop further iterations of the system to help staff shareand organize information1.1.1. Integrate staff activities on oneplatform for better organization andefficiency1.1.2. Increased efficiency inconnecting community members toother parts of PT1.1.3. Better tracking of volunteersand programs for future engagementWebsite Website design Continued new designelements for PT.org, to2.1.1. Increase visits and visitors towebsite
PresenTense Year in Preview 5771 (Oct 2010-Sept 2011) Online Community Division, Page: 3
Area Element Description Goals
increase engagement withsite, help promote content,and bring in the community2.1.2. Increase time spent on site2.1.3. Increase links to PT content2.1.4. Engage community in ouronline spaceWebsite staticcontentRewriting andreorganization of staticcontent for the site
i.e.pages which rarely change.2.2.1. People new to PT.org clearlyunderstand who we are, what we do,and how they can get involved2.2.2. Increase visits and visitors towebsite2.2.3. Increase time spent on siteWebsite new andchanging contentCoordinate writing andpublishing of blogs, articles,web forums, and more.2.3.1. Increase visits and visitors towebsite2.3.2. Increase time spent on site2.3.3. Increase links to PT content2.3.4. Engage community in ouronline spaceAdvertising Develop and promote a widevariety of web adopportunities on /magazineand /blog2.4.1. Increase advertising revenue2.4.2. Generate strong base of onlineadvertisers that will support other PTactivitiesNewsletters/ CampaignsMonthly globalnewsletterAssemble and email themonthly global newsletterusing Vertical Response3.1.1. Increase subscribers to thenewsletter3.1.2. Publicize PT events to a broad,global community3.1.3. Drive more viewers to ourwebsiteMedia Video Organize videos from PTevents and affiliate orgs4.1.1. Publicize PT events to a broad,global community4.1.2. Share PT lectures andeducational information with thecommunityPhoto Organize photos from all PTevents online4.2.1. Publicize PT activities to abroad, global community4.2.2. Create connections among PT

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