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Published by JenJenWentz

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: JenJenWentz on Jan 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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J-Pop & J-Rock
Jenny Hayes
Morning Musume
Morning Musume is a J-Pop girl group that was assembled through auditions for members in 1998.They are the lead group of the Hello! Project that is produced by and managed by Tsuku. Throughouttheir career they have been through a major change of members, due to age or incapability to performto the groups ability anymore. At this present time they are at their seventh generation of members. Intotal through Morning Musume's career they have released 42 singles that all received commercialsuccess. Morning Musume also have large success outside of Japan in countries such as Taiwan andSouth Korea due to the creation of fan clubs.Through their management and producing, Morning Musume’s image is a veryimportant concept for their music, due to Japan having a major interest in the look of their musicartists. A massive trend in the fashion of Japan is a look that is very girly, innocent and pure. In theimages on the right it is easy to identify that all of the members are equal due to them all wearing thesame thing and wearing the same accessories as well. A lot of their fashion includes dresses, kimonosand floral patterns that are in feminine colours to highlight their femininity. Their hairstyles are alsoalways down and curled or straight and tied up (rarely) to create a childish innocence to their look. Inimages, rule of thirds is heavily used, due the members always being organised into lines so eachmember is inserted into different parts of the image correctly. Their image is heavily organised toattract the right type of audience and still uphold a good influence for them as well in case there arefan imitations.In Japan, lyrics are very poetic and formal, which highlights the stereotype of Japanvery well due to their formality being a major part of their image as a country overall worldwide.Therefore their lyrics incorporate the culture of Japan very well. Morning Musume have typically donethis in their song Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game as if they were the words from a novel:(Translated from Japanese to English)
Hey, let me relax From the uneasiness I feel everyday Hey, whisper love to meLike we did in the beginning
Girls Generation (SNSD)
Girls Generation (or SNSD mainly outside Korea) are a nine-member girl group from SouthKorea that were assembled in 2007. In 2009 they gained the record for the longest runningnumber 1 on the KBS’s Music Bank with a Number 1 ranking for nine weeks. At the presenttime the group have released two full-length albums, three mini-albums and various singles.They have made their mark in China and Korea but have recently started to make a name forthemselves in Japan this year. Before the group were officially assembled, all of the membersreceived training for singing and dancing.Their image is very similar to Morning Musume’s due to the use of femininecolours and all of the members wearing similar costumes. The only difference between them isthe colours of some clothing pieces, for example in the picture on the top-right their shorts areall different colours. However, with their style they do portray a much more sophisticated andmature style in comparison to Morning Musume. On one of the pictures on the right, they alllook like young women with the uses of the colours black and white and the use of heels.However, they still maintain the young girl look by having their hair curled and have a fringe orhave it tied up cutely. They also have a much more provocative style with the use of shorts insome of their photos to highlight their flawless legs making them look like Barbie dolls. In thesame way as Morning Musume, they still want to attract a female audience that yearn to belike them, but at the same time they are aiming for older girls, preferably in their older teenswith their more sophisticated look.Once again, in a typical fashion their lyrics are formal, however due to theirteenage audience there is a hint of an attitude and it also conforms to a traditional pop lyricstyle:
 Aha! Listen Boy My First Love Story My Angel and My GirlsMy sunshineOh! Oh! let's go
However, as much as these lyrics are poetic they do seem a little childish sotheir storyline with their music and image could be that they are young teenage girls whoeasily fall in love and dress older to make them look older and sophisticated to a maleaudience.

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