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Woman's Sexuality and Her Zodiac Sign

Woman's Sexuality and Her Zodiac Sign

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Published by leosnake2
A good horoscope suggests what a person's behavior is inclined towards....
A good horoscope suggests what a person's behavior is inclined towards....

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Published by: leosnake2 on Jan 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sexuality and Your Zodiac Sign
Astrology is so much more fun than astronomy where you have to learn data about the universeand the objects that inhabits the solar system. Astrology deals with the signs of the zodiac as itrelates to month and day of your birth. Because of the evidence about astrology relevanceto everyone was born under one of the zodiac signs it became quite popular in the 1980's and itwas almost like a good morning greeting for someone to ask about one's zodiac signs.Because sexuality is a part of the oldest profession, it is unlikely that the sexual connotations of your zodiac sign will be outdated. A book written called Sex Signs by Judith Bennett talks aboutevery woman's astrological sign in regards to sexual prowess. The twelve zodiac signs are Aries,Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, andPisces.
Sexuality of Aries March 21 - April 19
The Aries woman wants it all and because she wants to be in charge of herself, she wants to be incharge of her sexuality as well. Because of the attitude of wanting to be in charge, the Arieswomen may seem a bit demanding and difficult because she wants her sexuality satisfied in away that she dictates. The Aries woman may take out her sexual frustrations if she is not allowedto have her way sexual with her mate of which is the least of her concerns. If the Aries womansexual needs are not satisfied, she may even blame someone outside of the relationship becauseof the penchant to make up for her dissatisfaction with her partner.The Aries woman will not own up to her sexuality not being satisfied as a fault of her own butthinks that the blame must be placed somewhere other than herself. The opposite sign of theAries woman is the Libra man so he must be up to standards for her strong personality. TheAries woman needs to work on having a cooperative attitude with her sexual partner that createsa better appreciation for his sexuality that was quieted with the Aries woman quest for sexualsatisfaction.
Sexuality of Taurus April 20 - May 20
The sexuality of the Taurus woman is like a fined tuned piano that is ready to play. The Tauruswoman knows exactly what she wants sexually from the opposite sex and knows how to activatethe buttons to get what she wants. All the keys have to be fined tuned before the Arieswoman considers that it is time to be sexually satisfied. A Taurus woman can sensor the rightman for her because of her highly sensuous nature. The Taurus woman has a robust appetite forsex and for living and almost all of her encounters with men turn into relationships. Once theTaurus woman is in a relationship, she works hard to keep and make it a lasting one and not justin the sex department. The Taurus woman seeks perfection and can be very critical when itcomes to sexuality incompatibility that is quite foreign to her. The Taurus woman is attracted toher opposite which is the Scorpio man.
The sexuality of the Taurus woman may lead her to become what is called a "gold digger." Oftenbut not intentionally she may use her sexuality to gain wealth and to seek financial security. TheTaurus woman looks for a healthy sexual relationship and is not consumed with dominance of the woman born under the sign of Aries. The Taurus woman wants all or nothing in a sexualrelationship with her partner. She demands stoic loyalty because of her high tolerance level thattranslates into putting up with a lot before getting her just deserved sexual satisfaction. TheTaurus woman has a strong need for affection, though not always given back from her lover orsexual partner. The Taurus woman trusts men more so than women but have strong will powernot to be betrayed by her partner sexually or while in a relationship. The Taurus woman yearnsfor adventure and will often explore new sensual routes to achieve sexual satisfaction. For all thisyearning for adventure, the Taurus woman will seldom look for sex outside of her marriage.Taurus as the Earth Goddess is a very passionate and sexual person.
Gemini Sexuality May 21 - June 20
The Gemini woman is imaginative and adds excitement to her sexuality. The Gemini has astrong intelligence and wants to be free to explore her sexuality with her partner at she is the signof mutable air. The Gemini woman will not have a problem meeting men as she makes friendseasily because of wit, talkativeness and cleverness. As the Gemini is quick to learn, she makesand puts the man in a more dominant role during sex. Also the Gemini woman likes fantasywhich would liven up any sexual experience. However, the Gemini woman does not likecommitments which may be appealing to some men who are anxious to get into a relationshipwith such an exciting woman. The Gemini woman will not date a married man as herintelligence will let her know the shallowness of such a relationship. But the Gemini woman willmore often than not, marry more than once during her lifetime of experiences with men.The Gemini woman does not like to be bored which is a plus for men who consider sex not to bea mundane activity. In this bout to seek excitement, the Gemini woman needs to develop a strongsense of compassion for her lover. The Gemini woman will only be satisfied in a loverelationship if the man provides most of what she needs so that she can relax some of the energyof constantly thinking about new ways of doing things. Two key words to understand thesexuality of the Gemini woman is that she craves excitement and would like to integrate hermental satisfaction with that on a physical realm which may be too overwhelming for some men.
Sexuality of Women Zodiac Sign of Cancer June 21-July 22
Women born under the zodiac sign of cancer is nurturing in her sexuality. Men who likes to taketheir sexual sensuality slowly will be pleased with the patience of a woman born under the signof Cancer. She is shy but have a very high sex drive full of surprises. Members of the oppositesex will find it difficult to resist a woman born under this sign. The woman born under this signis more physical than verbal which is a trait that most men would like to have as part of awoman's sexuality. Also visual stimulation is not sufficient for the woman born under this zodiacsign and she will want the physical or sexual encounter above talking or seeing. This woman of sexuality will likely use her walking, smelling, cooking and smiling to attract her man.
The woman born under the sign of Cancer will want to take care of her man much like amaternal and nurturing person. She can easily find a man but has a problem getting rid of onebecause as a nurturer, she does not want to hurt his feelings or lower his self esteem. Thekeyword for a woman born under this sign in regards to sexuality is understanding. Her sexualpartner must be secure enough to overcome the insecurity that hovers around women born underthis zodiac sign.
Sexuality of the Leo July 23 - August 22
The woman born under the sign of Leo is likely to be endowed with good looks and can easilyattract a man with her sexuality. Like the Aries, however, she is likely to dominate her man andsome men find this no problem in the area of sexuality. The woman Leo is charismatic and is aperennial optimist which is also attractive to most men. The Leo woman craves attention anddoes not neglect her need for sex with pride or vanity making her man feel like a king in theprocess. The Leo woman in her charismatic state is ultra feminine and do not hinder her romantictendencies in sexuality.The Leo woman usually will not want to wait to get married. Luckily, the Leo woman has a goodchance of keeping her marriage together is she learns that she is not the most important person inthe sexual relationship. Leo women do not accept divorce easily and may have a difficult time if it was to happen. The Leo woman tends to fall in love often but tends rarely to love because of her fascination with love itself. The Leo woman tends to like heavy foreplay before sex as sheenjoys playing, touching and hugging. In this respect, the Leo woman may appear to bedominant in what she wants as part of a sexual relationship. The Leo woman though fascinatedwith sexuality needs a slow build up with foreplay before the actual sexual commences. The LeoWoman loves the nature of pleasure.
The Sexuality of Virgo August 23 - September 22
The Virgo woman is quite critical of her sexual partner. He must be a perfectionist without herhaving to hint or give him clues as to her erogenous zones. The Virgo woman is a hard workerand she only expects the best in sexual partners and sexual relationships. Because the Virgowoman expects her man to know it all in the sexual stratosphere, she is thought to be a bit on theprudish side. As the sixth sign of the Zodiac, the Virgo woman is Mutable Earth meaning thather sexual preferences can change on a whim. But as a perfectionist, the Virgo woman is hard toplease sexually. The Virgo woman is adamant about her sexual health and do not want toexperience stress in her sexuality.As a giver, the Virgo woman is constantly looking for ways to benefit her sexual partner and isoften attracted to men who are in trouble or in need of a sexual savior. Although the Virgowoman is highly devoted to her man, she tends not to cling to him. The Virgo woman knowshow to attract her man and to seek love and pure passion without complications. The sexuality of the Virgo woman flatters and convinces a man that she is the one for him using her body to sendhim message of her sexual majestic performances. As a woman of a youthful quality, the Virgois eager to please and eager to learn which would be a quality that most men would want in a

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