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The World Citizen Constitution and Definition and Color of a Civilized Society

The World Citizen Constitution and Definition and Color of a Civilized Society



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Published by Matthew
A must read, please comment.
A must read, please comment.

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Categories:Types, Legal forms
Published by: Matthew on Jan 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Definition and Organization of a Civilized Society
The truest definition of civilization--a civilized society with a civilized government--is aworld without war, for it has become unified by global democracy, not at the hands of acalculating minority, but by will of the People for a more perfect union, drawn together by ideaslike those in the Declaration of Independence. The promise of civilization is the escape from theprimal hunt, and the development of a society beyond, not against primal nature.A civilized government is well organized, having at its core the will of the people. Nolonger do its citizens have to struggle to survive, nor do they work tirelessly to obtainmoney/debt, which they must invest in a bank/racket, and no longer must they save those funds,or spend them on things that are necessary for their survival, thus restricting their available timeand resources to experience the world in their own way.Simply put, if mankind were pitted against nature in competition to create perfection,nature would win every time. Therefore, the only way a more perfect union can be formed is toreference nature as an example. Using the body as an example for government, we can come tosome evolutionary conclusions as to how a more perfect union can be formed. Like by feedingmy body I feed every cell and like every cells procession keeps me alive, civil government iskept alive by keeping its constituents self-actualized.It is within the powers of government to reciprocate to its constituents as the foundationof its constitution, the way a body does to its cells: without reason or exclusion. Impartialcommunication of resources relative to needs regarding populations of people is thereforequintessential in civilized government. In other words, equality, because in the body no one fullyfunctioning aspect of the body is given more power or resources than it requires to function.Given their contribution to society, the individual shall be rewarded with all the availablenecessities to aid their self-actualization: nourishment, clothing, shelter, transportation,information, and health care; all of these are the obligation of a truly civilized government toprovide to its people for their participation in the process alone.In this premise, labor is considered taxation to civil government, and the first half of theexchange process regarding individual transactions between people. By imposing this obligationof reciprocity upon government, and by establishing a system of obliged reciprocation of goodsor services between individuals with entitlements earned, the reason for wanting to work ischanged, increased, and it eliminates the need for money as we know it. Also it stems an entirelydifferent psychology to the world at large: instead of government as a leach or a curse, it is ablessing, and the people of the world are not competing with you, they are serving you just asyou will serve them in return. It is a harmonious cycle, repeated by government as payment forits sustained creation by this process of collaborative individual effort.Participation in society and agreement with the laws and rules of society causegovernment and society to function. And when government as a system comes into adulthood itmust be held to a higher standard than any individual man because it is an ideal of man, it iswhere man finds meaning and it should reflect the highest standard of maturity in mankind.
Under dignified, civilized government the world’s resources are valued with the same respect an
adult has for his or her god, freedom, or the lives of their family. The importance of informingthe public, through media, education, and the leadership of both private and public figures istherefore essential. The World Citizen is society, organized with conscious intent to organize
2itself. Government, given only the powers that citizens grant it, is a source of benefit to society,and can act only at the request of constituents collectively or individually to act at all.
In a mature society, the world’s processes are valued as an adult does, with dignity,
society, love, education, civilization, and government, and in maturity, acts to preserve andcultivate:
, the conscious attention, combined with learning, that takes place in truegentlemen, is necessary for a proper model for the father figure of the World Citizen, and for ageneral standard of decency;
, being an abstraction of a collection of relationships andinteractions to the literal mind, is in simple reality you and me having an interaction or making atransaction;
, having the intent of others in mind, and cultivating that into a creative process;
, taken seriously pays attention to the minds of the children, and their well understoodpotentials are pandered to through different methodologies, varying from school to school andteacher to teacher, the point being to cultivate the minds creative ability, and critical capacity;
can be a promise of transcendence from the game of survival, and from the struggleof the hunt. To have a civilized society, first this measure of certainty must be met: that we arefree, with liberty and life granted not from man, but from god; Government, or society organizedwith conscious intent, is in truth an evolutionary creature of nature, more complex than any of itsparts or constituents, yet not beyond them; Evolution, of government or of species of life, is thecause of death, it is why death matters; it is why the process of life matters.Stagnancy is the only real death in anything. We have the money, the power the, medicalunderstanding, the scientific know how, the community and the love, to create a kind of humanparadise, but we are led by the least among us. It is through an understanding of these wordsabove, not as ideas to be defined and memorized, but as experiential realities that each and everyone of us should communicate to one another through example that we can create the conditionsfor such a paradise to exist.In a civilized world, no one should be without shelter, unless they want to be; in acivilized world, no one should have to starve, unless they want to; in a civilized world, no oneshould be naked, unclothed, unless they want to be; in a civilized world, no one should beuneducated, unless they chose not to be; in a civilized world, no one should have to pay fortransport, unless they want to; in a civilized world, no one should be denied medical care unless
they deny it to themselves; in a civilized world with every opportunity in abundance, shouldn’t
the necessities be free for the taking, and not forced upon you like citizenship; in a civilizedworld even the title of citizenship is a choice that can be amended with the same innatesovereignty that created it. In a civilized world the key words are freedom and choice.Innate sovereignty is the soul and the cornerstone of civilized principles; the one soul thatanimates the many forms of life animates the planetary organism of civilization in self-similarfashion. The one soul is responsible for your sense of self, and is the true wellspring of intelligence. This and this alone is the reason mankind is created equal, not by the nature andcomposition of their flesh, but by the nature and composition of their soul.In a civilized world everyone is recognized as equal generally by innate sovereignty, andspecifically by their deeds. The way to recognize one for their deeds is simple; evaluate themwhen they request their deeds be assessed, provide compensation to the individual for thosedeeds relative to the deed, and guarantee individuals the ability to purchase items and exchangegoods without debt or monetary influence.
3By providing key opportunities for self-actualization, and by making citizenship acontribution to society away, the individual can chose to be not only self-actualized, but acontributing member of society. This makes labor a choice rather than slave labor, and it alsomakes life a game rather than a chore.
The World Citizen Constitution
Part. 1.
―A civil society invests its resources in services and opportunities for the common good, and a just society ensures that no one is excluded from access.‖
 --Hathaway Ferebee
Section. 1.
Based on the principle of benefit reciprocation obligation, (the agreement that
whatever I do as ―work,‖ which benefits someone, obliges someone to reciprocate with
servicesor goods in exchange) and that being a working principle fundamental and inherent in allsystems of exchange, and subconsciously underlying all peoples sense of justice, we canorganize a system of government for the productive people of the system, and hold governmentto the same and higher standards of reciprocity as between people.People have the choice to participate in society, or to be independent. Therefore it iswithin the realm of possibility that a majority of the people will not participate in society, andthey are welcome to do so. It is by choice only that one applies to have their labor evaluated.Perhaps the most honorable way of living would be to work without applying for theevaluation of labor, simply doing for naught.
Section. 2.
Taxation, debt to banking institutions and all forms of capital debt are herebyunconstitutional and unnecessary by any authority. The first half of the exchange process and thefirst act of benefit to society is the act of labor, whatever it may be. That labor, once observedand evaluated by a managerial officer of the Just-meant Claims Office [see part 4], isreciprocated equal to a jobs overall difficulty, rarity, and benefit to society, objectively
throughpersonal observation. However sometimes a managerial officer will be greedy, and want to seemore in what someone has contributed. However,
because the officers are paid by howgenerously but justly they grade the work of people, this can only be a positive form of greed,one that benefits a citizen instead of harming anyone else.
 The benefits of citizenship are reciprocated by society, through society, to society; allcitizens will have granted to them the available necessities to help self-actualize them. The worldorder must therefore be formed to establish an abundance of food through ideas like gardentowers in cities. Initiatives to cloth the public by request and evaluation of necessity throughindividual inspection shall also be established to ensure everyone is clothed. The developmentand utilization of all houses built shall help to establish a no homeless policy of government: nohome will be vacant. And the necessity of information, transportation, and health care shall be

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