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Published by sumeet.chaudhari

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: sumeet.chaudhari on Jan 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Organization Name
WebsiteCareer Fair Brochure Overview
AnarenBoston ScientificVictaulichttp://ww
Founded in 1967 by Hugh A. Hair and CarlW. Gerst Jr. as a supplier of microwavecomponents and subassemblies to thedefense electronics market, today's Anaren(Nasdaq: Anen) is a major innovator of standard products and custom microwaveand RF technology. With five facilitiesworldwide, our company is organized into twooperating groups, each one targeting a major industry sector: 1) Space & Defense Group 2)Wireless Group Our products are the result of innovative engineering, design, materialsprocessing, and world-class volumemanufacturing -- and have in common our core competency in high-frequencyelectronics. Anaren's custom products aresold directly to OEMs, whereas our standardcomponets are sold/serviced through our worldwide network of technical field-salesrepresentative
For more than 25 years, Boston Scientific hasadvanced the practice of less-invasivemedicine by providing a broad and deepportfolio of innovative products, technologiesand services across a wide range of medicalspecialties. These less-invasive medicaltechnologies provide alternatives to major surgery and other medical procedures thatare typically traumatic to the body. In less-invasive procedures, devices are usuallyinserted into the body through naturalopenings or small incisions and can beguided to most areas of the anatomy todiagnose and treat a wide range of medicalproblems.
Founded in 1925 and based in Easton, PA,the Victaulic Company is the world's leadingISO 9001 certified manufacturer of mechanical pipe-joining products - couplings,fittings, and valves in excess of 4,000employees worldwide. Today, Victaulic pipingsolutions can be found at work the world over - in small to large commercial and industrialHVAC and fire protection applications, safelymoving large volumes of wet and drymediums in industrial piping, oilfield, andmining operations, and at your localmunicipal water and waste water treatmentplant. What began as simply a faster, easier and more efficient way of joining pipe hasevolved into a whole new approach to solvingpiping solutions, setting the global standardfor piping, efficiency, and performancereliability.
As the leading online design and printsolution for consumers and small businessesaround the world, Vistaprint relies ontalented, quick and skilled Analysts, SoftwareEngineers, Marketers and Creatives todeliver the consistently high-quality resultsthat make our company so successful. Someof Vistaprint’s most popular products includebusiness cards, postcards, invitations, T-Shirts and more. As part of our effort to stay aleap ahead of the competition, we arecontinually looking for talented studentsmajoring in computer science, math,engineering, or business to join our team.Vistaprint is looking to fill both full time andsummer internship positions.
MIT LincolnLaboratoryhttp://ww
Lincoln Laboratory was established in 1951by the Massachusetts Institute of Technologyas a Federally Funded Research andDevelopment Center, with primary emphasison application of advanced electronics tonational defense. The primary focus of Lincoln Laboratory’s activities is advancedtechnology for surveillance, detection andidentification, and communications. Theseactivities are supported by a strong programin advanced electronics technology. Radar,communication, electro-optical systemsanalysis and engineering, RF circuits andantenna technology, digital design,information network architecture and design,digital design processing, softwareengineering, and mechanical engineering areareas of major interest. For more information,visit www.ll.mit.edu
ISO New EnglandInc.http://ww
ISO New England Inc. plays a vital role inmeeting New England's electricity needs. Asa regional transmission organization (RTO),serving CT, ME, MA, NH, RI and VT, it meetsthe electricity demands of the region'seconomy and people by fulfilling threeprimary responsibilities: Minute-to-minutereliable operations of NE's bulk electric power system; providing centrally dispatcheddirection for the generation and flow of electricity across the region's high-voltageinterstate transmission lines; and therebyensuring the constant availability of electricityfor New England residents and businesses.
Mercury ComputerSystems, Inc.http://ww
At Mercury Computer Systems,headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, you'll havethe opportunity to collaborate with and learnfrom some of brightest minds in the computer industry. For over 25 years, we have beenproviding solutions to challenging computingproblems that capture, process and presentdata for defense electronics, homelandsecurity and computationally challengingcommercial markets. To learn more andexplore a co-op position with us visitwww.mc.com/jobs
General DynamicsElectric Boathttp://ww
General Dynamics is the world’s foremostdesigner and builder of nuclear submarines,arguably the most complex machines madeby man. The company’s industry leadershipextends back over a century to 1899 when itproduced the first practical submarine for theU. S. Navy. We develop and apply state of the art technology to the design andconstruction of nuclear powered submarines.With a team of highly skilled and dedicatedemployees, we have successfully takensubmarine technology to a new level.
College ProPaintershttp://ww
Learn how to run a business and gain real-world rewards as a student entrepreneur. ACollege Pro Painters business is primetraining ground for developing managerialand financial skills that apply to any career,and you’ll leave with a proven track record inthe real-world of business.College Pro willtrain you during the spring on all of theaspects necessary to run a painting business,including teaching you about paint andpainting, marketing, estimating, people hiringand management, customer service andfinancial management. We teach, supportand coach you both in the classroom and outin the field, while allowing you to gain hands-on experience in a lot of those elusive skillsthat future employers are looking for.

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