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1912 The Watchower and Herald of Christ's Presence

1912 The Watchower and Herald of Christ's Presence

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Published by Timothy Riches
The Watchower and Herald of Christ's Presence. Edited by Charles Taze Russell, first president of the Watch Tower Society. The magazine is now entitled The Watchtower and published by Jehovah's Witnesses.
The Watchower and Herald of Christ's Presence. Edited by Charles Taze Russell, first president of the Watch Tower Society. The magazine is now entitled The Watchtower and published by Jehovah's Witnesses.

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Published by: Timothy Riches on Jan 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(c) Copyright 2001 Research Applications International. All Rights Reserved.
",.,,-...¯, ,,:.’.-.,.,.,.’%".21"-.
";.i’ ’, °,’:,.?.,., ~,,,, ..,
The newspaper syndicate lmndhng Pastor Rus-sell’s sermons, behewng that the World Tour of th6Foreign Missions Investigatmns Committee, of whichBrother Russell is chairman, would lnrmsh interest-ins ’ ’copy’ ’ :[or their list of patrons and newseditors in general (which we reahze to mean a stillmore extensive promulgation of Present Truth), havegotten out a very attractive pamphlet, descmotlveof some of his successful meetings at home andabroad, and containing illustrations which have ap-peared in the press of the world, together withvarious 1terns
Brother Russell’s lnsto~), said tobe desirable matter in NewspaperdomSince first the "round-the-world trip" was men-tioned in the columns of Tile \Vatch Tower, con-siderable interest has been manifested m th~ move-merit by the dear friends in various ])arts, behewngwith us that it is no unimportant step in the Harvestwork, furnishing, as it does, a still greater opoortumty to proclann the Gospel "in all the world fora witness "It has occurred to us that we could not presentt(i our readers anything of greater Interest thanthis Souvenir Announcement, hence we ha~ e adoptedit for this issue, and have encased the whole in aspe(’lal \Vatch Tower cover. \Ve trust that our effortszn this respect to please ma,~’ be successful
"’~mitt fan’o
,t~ ooton
itt mat*~
~at ~
ol~ato m*, ~b
Upon the earth d~stress of nations with perplexity; the sea and the waves (the restless, discontented) roarlng; men’s hearts failing them for fearand for look*as forward to the things com*ng npo~ the earth (society); for the powers of the heavens (ecclesiashcism) shall be shaken .....ye see these thi,gs come to pass, then know that the Kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Look up, lift up your heads, rejoice, for ~aur redemptiondraweth nigh.--Luke 2I :25-28-M. [ 4 9 4 3 ]
I ~HIS announcement is dedicated to newspaper Editors and Publishers,!~ ~1[ and we hope it may encourage some of even greater zeal in their~’~| ~-~tl efforts in serving their constituency. The first article, "The Press andin| itlk~ IIthe Public,’ while not bearing directly on Pastor Russell’s proposed
° ¯¯ .¯¯.
[[~j~| ~" II tour, is mserted because it, in umque tyle, excellently describes certam~,.~] ~)~-~/} [ prevailing conditions, which, whenproperly appreciated by Editors,~ ]| UI~ I!make asy the solution of certain vexatious questionsof the past.]~: -~---~/~/Approximatelyifteen hundredEditors are at present publishing~~-~weekly Pastor Russell copy,
n various countries through~~1]Press Associations, News Syndicates or Lecture Bureaus. In aspecial endeavor o serve the interests of the Editors receiving theirservices, the American ecture Bureauand Press Association invited Pastor Russell to makea Round-the-Worldour, hoping hus to enable him to give his manymillions of readers thebenefit of his keen observation and wonderful powerof description whenapplied to thepresent status and prospects of Christianity in heathen lands.Pastor Russell is at present on his regular Autumnecture tour in Great Britain.He is due in New York November 24th. After spending a few days at home, hewill begin the Round-the-World our by leaving for the Pacific coast, sailing from SanFrancisco for HonoluluDecember 3th. Small interior points, as well as many eadingcities, are to be visited in Oriental and African Countries; and the Pastor Russell party isdue in London ext March, n time for Pastor Russell to fill his regular British engagements.The International Bible Students Association assembled n general annual conventionat MountainLake Park, Maryland, Sept. 1- 1 I, 191 I, appointed General Wm. . Hall,U. S. A.; Robert B. Maxwell, Mansfield, Ohio; E. W. V. Kuehn, Toledo; Prof. F. H.Robison, Ontario; J. T. D. Pyles, Washingon, D. C. ; Dr. Leslie W. Jones, Chicago, andPastor Russell, as a committee o investigate the subject of Foreign Mission Work--as othe present conditions, methodsemployed,doctrines taught, disbursementof funds, etc. The first six gentlemennamed o as contributors and laymen. At the first meeting of thecommittee,held at the Waldorf-Astoria, NewYorkCity, Sept. 25th, for organization and adoption of plans of procedure, Pastor Russell was maae chairman, and Prof. Robisonsecretary. The International Bible Students Associationexpects this committee,upon heirreturn, to report without fear or favor all important acts that wouldproperly have a bear-ing upon heir policy respecting future support in person or by purse.Thespecial sermons y Pastor Russell while on this tour will be stirring "copy," con-taining muchvaluable information interestingly commentedn from his, an independent,standpoint. Webeg leave to venture the one assertion that this "Round-the-World our"will be instrumental in bringing from Pastor Russell’s Pen the most remarkableand valu-able writings of the age on past and present "Christian Endeavor" n the Foreign Mission-ary Field. On page fifteen detailed information is given showinghowPastor Russell’swritings reach the Press and the people.

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