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@Michael_Palmer - A Heartbeat Away Prologue

@Michael_Palmer - A Heartbeat Away Prologue

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Published by Michael Palmer
A HEARTBEAT AWAY Copyright © 2011 by Michael Palmer
A HEARTBEAT AWAY will be released on 2/15/11.
Pre-Order Now: http://bit.ly/hFSgzK
A HEARTBEAT AWAY Copyright © 2011 by Michael Palmer
A HEARTBEAT AWAY will be released on 2/15/11.
Pre-Order Now: http://bit.ly/hFSgzK

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Published by: Michael Palmer on Jan 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The lst thing Eddie Gostowski ws thinking bout on Thursdy eve-ning, the twenty-second o My, ws tht he ws going to die.For the rst hour or so o his 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. shit s  securitygurd or the NYISO ower distribution gint, he hd been thinkingbout the Ynkees, nd wondering i they hd enough itching to winthe Aericn Legue Est Division gin. For the second hour, he hddebted whether to buy  owers or cndy this yer or his beloved Mry’ssixtieth birthdy.Eddie hd been trolling this rticulr control cility or ost o the eleven yers the New York Indeendent Syste Oertor hd been in existence, nd nothing out o the ordinry hd everhened—bsolutely nothing . . .not once. He understood his jobnd he understood wht ws t stke should the NYISO soehowshed its entire lod t once— ssive blckout o lost indescrib-ble roortions, engulng everylce ro Albny to New York Citynd Long Islnd. It ws his job, long with others in the chin o virtu-lly il-se checks nd blnces, to ensure such  disster never oc-curred.But nothing out o the ordinry hd ever hened t his controlcility—bsolutely nothing . . .not once.As he hd every night t this tie, Eddie set  tier or  teen in-utes nd rered to tke  n. But  rst, one lst check o things. Ittook hi  ew seconds to relize tht severl o his guges hd gone
out o whck. The unnned substtions serving Mrcy to Albnynd Albny to Leeds hd gone of -line.Curious.Eddie begn ticking of  ll the ossible exlntions or the weirdhening, nd ce u with little. I the gugeswere right, nd therews no wy they could be, there ws no longer ny ower going to thecitl district, which surrounded nd included Albny.Still ore bewildered thn lred, Eddie oved to his let. Hisequient told the se story or other substtions. Dunwoodie toLong Islnd nd Rvensbrook in Queens hd lso been tried. Goe-thls nd Frrgut, controlling the ower to lrge ortions o NewYork City, ws down s well. Assuing the redingswere ll correct,thewhole syste ws unstble, nd the lrgest city in the country wson the verge o soething ssive nd horrible.Eddie’s  rst ove ws  cll to the nerest nned sttion 150iles north in Albny. Seven rings nd n nswering chine.Even n exlosion t the cility in Albny would not cuse this sorto ower loss. Since its incetion, NYISO hd been closing looholesin its syste to the oint where n lost inconceivble nuber o events hd to occur siultneously to cuse ny jor degree o rob-les.But incredibly, those eventswere hening.As r s Eddie could tell, his control sttion ws now the onlything stnding ginst  blckout tht would engul ost o esternNew York including Long Islnd nd the ve boroughs o New YorkCity.He rced to the hone, got the eergency nuber o the FBI ro chrt on the wll, nd begn diling.Tht ws when he elt the oint o  knie ress ginst the bck o his neck.“Set the receiver down, sort,”  n’s husky voice sid in n c-cent tht sounded British.
The knie oint elt s i itwere going to slice stright into Eddie’ssine.“P-lese. Tht hurts.”“Wht’s your ne, sort?“Eddie. Eddie Gostowski. Plese.”“I’ going to lower the knie, Eddie, but unless you do exctly s Isy, you’re  ded n. Got tht?“Yes.”“I SAID, HAVE YOU GOT THAT?”“Yes! Yes! Now l“Oky, sort, we don’t hve uch tie. You’re going to turn roundnd look e in the eye. I you uck with e in ny wy, ny wy t ll,I’ going to slit your throt. Is tht cler? Oky, now swing round.Eddie did s he ws ordered. Towering bove hi ws  nsixoot three, ybe ore, with shoulders tht seeed to block out theroo. He ws dressed in blck—wtch c, jens, nd  turtleneckwith blck greseint covering his ce. His eyeswere drk nd cold.In his hnd ws  bowie knie—brod nd curved t the ti—teninches long t lest.Behind the n nd to his right, rs crossed, eet rt, stood second n in identicl dress nd greseint.As rightened s he ws, Eddiecouldn’t get the notion out o hished o the disster tht would ensue should the brownout tht ws l-redy in ef ect be llowed to rogress. As i resonding to his thoughts,the big n lced the ti o the bowie knie beneth Eddie’s chin ndlited his ce u.“No rguing with e now,” he sid. “I wnt you to use whteveryou hvehere to tri this unit of -line.”“But—”The huge n drew the rzor-shr blde cross Eddie’s gullet like violin bow, slicing oen  shllow gsh ro one side o his jwboneto the other.

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